Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday: The Miracle Twins Turn Two!

What a difference a year makes. Twins in 2012. New ones below the jump.

Today is the second birthday for the Miracle Twins, Vincent and Josephine. Two years since their birth. Two years since their mother in clown makeup and their father in a depression beard and mein took them home. Two and a half years since their father nearly lost his lease on life. The bubs share a birthday with Elvis, David Bowie and Stephen Hawking, but will they share an ounce of their charisma, musicality or intelligence? Time will tell. For now, they are cute little munchkins.

Princent seems to be both all boy and all Fred at the same time, as much as a contradiction as that seems to be. Josie is all Mary in looks, yet seemingly with a sweet disposition, original facial features and a normal weight.

Mary photographed them at home in an attempt at solidifying her position as a 'royal photographer' in anticipation of the exhibition of photos of The Dark Poors in Copenhagen (proceeds to The Mary Fund). Hell, even Prince Andrew did better photography work than this! The quality of the photos aren't too bad this time - compare with Xian and Izzy's outdoors photies that compete with the sun - but neither child seems able to look at their mother. How can she get that close up in their faces and not have them focus on her? Very telling that they've already learned by age two that eye contact with Mary is a dangerous thing. They also probably don't identify with Madam La Boganne as a mother, but as the strange, mannish photographer who swans around them occasionally. The comely, busty blonde pieces who pick daddy up off the floor, nurse him and sleep in his wing of the house are most likely the women who share the title 'Mor', not MoreMore.

Princent looks a little like Pavlos and Marie Chantal's boys with his longer blond hair (though cuter - those Greek children were not exactly pretty very young). A nod by Mary to them, or the celebrity trend to have little boys look like little girls until they're old enough to want a change? Poor Josie seems to struggle with hair growth, trending toward grampy Papa 'Half-Mast' Slurppppppppppppson's thinning pate. However, she still managed to channel some of Mary's boo-boo-pi-doo, Mae West, showgirl posing. We wish you kids well, you're going to need lots of love and attention. Let's hope your Far and the nannies are giving it to you! Watch out for your weird Aussie rellos and try to spend extra time with your lovely Schackenborg cousins.

Photos: Yrma La Douche


  1. boganturnedprincessJanuary 8, 2013 at 8:16 PM

    Danish income tax rates and VAT are one of the highest in the world. While loads of hardworkers in Denmark try to make both ends meet and have to budget their household spendings, Her Lowliness Princess Bogan hailing from hobart, australia squeezed out 4 brats in 6 years so as to secure her lifetime meal ticket for her low self and her bogan clan, and goes on shopping/spending sprees and luxury holidays totally at those taxpayers' expense whenever she feels up to it.

    This minger is a total waste of space and public funding which could have gone for better use for good causes. Hopefully, she has finally passed her sprog-bearing days and won't squeeze out anymore to sponge off those long-suffering taxpayers.

    1. Amen!!! couldn't have said it better myself!!

  2. Im sorry, but these photos are breathtakingly ordinary. By all means take photos of your children and keep them for yourself, but for all the world to see? She is really quite delusional about her abilities. What a huge ego.

  3. Nice Blackberry photos Mary!!January 9, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    Bloody wannabe ! who does she think she's kidding with these amateur cell phone shots?! Her ego is as big as rundown Hobart - all bloated with a heap of broken down toilet on the side...

  4. The Children Will Be All Right!January 9, 2013 at 9:36 PM

    Vincent has potential ..in fact it's apparent he'll be better looking than his brother ..

    Josie on the other hand, poor thing is saddled with Mother Mary's unfortunate looking genes ... Lookswise, she's Aunt Jane in the making but she's far down the pecking order she won't garner as much attention.. .. For future ambition, she could be a happy go lucky Bondi surfer girl in honour of her mum's stellar past!
    (yeah right! more like a drunk whoring past, aye Mary?)

    ok in all seriousness, you'll be alright Josie ..Far loves you and will stand by you. One thing about your Far Josie is that he may be missing half his brains but he loves you kids. So run to him whenever you need a kind and caring hand.
    Because your mama ...well, you kids are just tools for her to have access to Denmark's finest things. She only puts on a performance to act like a mother when the cameras are flashing. Behind closed doors, the nannys take over while Mary plots more Prada shopping while obsessively counting her daily calories... (gotta stay skinny now!)

    And with all that madness, I bid you good luck churren!!

  5. Very telling that mommy and daddy can't be in the pictures with them.....

  6. La Prada fait des économies de photographe pour s'acheter de nouvelles robes ...

    Cette femme ne pense qu'à elle et les enfants ne sont là que pour conforter sa situation ..... mais attention rien n'est gagné

  7. You people are all horrible. Jealous much?