Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Ships That Pass In the Night: The Mary and Fred Shows On Two Different Continents: Yrma to Davos, Derf to Hong Kong

Hilde Schwab: "Look, miss, I can't just give you cash, please stop bothering me!"
Mary: "Wow, someone's a bitch today, you don't have to be so rude."
Philippe: "Don't make eye contact. Look away. Pretend to be listening to the speaker."
Hey y'all, Madam MoreMore is in Switzerland today trying to rub shoulders with the world's bigwigs. She's scheduled to be at the big annual World Economic Conference in Davos from 20-24 January to pick up freebies, feel like a big shot and try to snag some endorsements (if La Comtesse de Freebies knows instinctively that she needs a revenue source after a divorce, then this is interesting news indeed). Mary is nothing if not a big time grifter. She wants the stuff AND the noteriety.
No wonder she asked Mathilde to be Izzy's godmother. She knew that hitching her wagon to the sweet, unassuming Duchess of Brabant's star would eventually yield gold, and indeed despite the cut-off age of forty, she finally got an invite to Davos, no doubt courtesy of her empty friendship with both Mette-Marit (Xian's godmother) and Mathilde (who is on the Schwab Foundation's board along with Quincy Jones and Muhammed Yunus, Maxima's micro-finance buddy). Both women exhibit a kindness and gratitude that is sorely lacking in Mary herself, but can be used against them so that Madam gets whatever she wants. And she wants money and celebrity. Poor Philippe - he can't even look at Mary! And neither can anyone else Mary's photographed talking to at Davos. Check out the article below - where people were just being polite, Mary - and Berlingske's writer - interpreted that as real interest.
But when it comes to the execution, naturally Mary is one big FAIL. GAH, could someone put her in anything other than the executive secretary's uniform of black clothes, fake Chanel jacket and that g-ddamn Marianne Dulong jewellery? Along with the dated hair cut, she just looks so junior league. How embarrassing. She was probably mistaken by the money and power classes as being someone's assistant. Bringing down Denmark's stock is one of the most unintended consequences there is. Thankfully, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the Prince of Wales-approved Ida Auken, Environmental Minister, were there to help raise Denmark's profile amongst the assembled guests. When the Danes are constantly confused with the Dutch, you need some amazing women to turn that impression around.
Photo Gallery: Berlingske
Article: Berlingske
Buzzing With Ideas
For Crown Princess Mary, participation in the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum has been a great learning experience, which has given her new ideas for her work in developing the Mary Fund. So says Crown Princess Mary after the last intense days at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos. She has participated in numerous sessions, heard about the major trends in the world, economically and politically, and especially met young international leaders.
Crown Princess arrived at the annual meeting in the Swiss mountain village of Davos, after she had been previously invited into the world-renowned think tank network, Young Global Leaders. Being with the young global talent has made an impression. "I have met so many dynamic and smart people who come from all backgrounds and from all parts of the world. These are people who have sparked things and made a difference."
Some of the young leaders of Young Global Leaders have made meteoric careers in giant companies, others have shown tremendous capabilities in research, and others have rendered humanitarian work, which has helped vulnerable people.
United openness
The group of young leaders by the way got a meeting with the founder of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab which has been enriching. And along the way, the open and frank discussions came as a surprise to the Crown Princess. "All the meetings have been marked by great openness, and all have shown a willingness to share, which surprised me. This meant that contact was quickly made and an exchange of ideas."
For the same reason, the Crown Princess is extremely positive about what she experienced at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, which on the surface is known as the meeting place for the world's power elite. The annual meeting puts political leaders and business executives from the world's largest companies each year in a congree during the last week of January. And so it is again this year, where 50 heads of state and government have visited and where no fewer than 1,500 senior executives from the business community have turned up. In City Hall, the temperature of the state of the world is taken, speeches are given and in some cases projects are undertaken between themselves all supervised by a massive media presence, which in a few hectic days makes Davos the world's navel.
Idealistic view
The World Economic Forum has also an idealistic and humanitarian basis, which is formulated in the organisation's slogan that reads: "Committed to Improving the State of the World". In short, it's about making the world a better place.
Exactly how was the starting point, as Klaus Schwab founded the organisation more than 40 years ago with the hope that dialogue and conversation would be a way to overcome tensions and confrontations in a turbulent planet. And the same principles apply today, even if the organisation has in the meantime risen to perhaps the most powerful thinktank in the world.
The idea of ​​the Network of Young Global Leaders is just that they need to engage and relate to some of their contemporaries' most pressing challenges. And that basic idea was what Klaus Schwab talked about when he spoke of the Crown Princess and the group of young leaders.
One of the ideas behind the annual meeting is to bring decision makers from different fields, and therefore politicians and business people are not the only ones who have been invited. The same leaders from humanitarian organisations, religious communities and NGOs.
This particular joint meeting which can sometimes result in the formation of partnerships - for example between companies and humanitarian organisations to help in a particular area - appeal strongly to the Crown Princess. The Mary Fund rests on exactly the same logic.
In recent years, the Crown Princess helped to form more successful partnerships between its own fund, Danish companies and organisations such as Save the Children. In Davos, she discovered to her delight that many were concerned about the purpose of the Mary Fund. "It made an impression on many that we are working to combat loneliness," she says. "Maybe they wondered about that at first but then realised the importance."
Great interest
On the whole, the Crown Princess saw a great response when she talked about the fund. "When I stood up and talked about the Mary Fund, I met a great interest. There were several people who asked if the Mary Fund shouldn't work internationally," said the Crown Princess with a smile.
Whether it actually is a possibility she will not quite answer. Here and now she is proud and pleased that several of the Mary Fund's projects have come out throughout the commonwealth. Whether there will also be trips abroad remains to be seen.
First, she will return home and reflect. "I have so many ideas in my head. Now I need to get them sorted out and thought through." That she had a new inspiration in the meeting with the talented young global leaders is evident and it is hardly the last time that Crown Princess will set sail for Davos.
What body language! Just smile tensely and look past Mary and hopefully it will be over soon.


Day Two:

Meanwhile, Derfie has decided to come out of hiding and take off to Hong Kong for a week "sailing in dragon class competitions" called the Prince Henrik Silver Trophy. No doubt the palace has already sent advance instructions to the hotel to arrange for "nice, rovery Asian radies" to be on standby for "massage" and "other calming treatments". Kind of yucky and kind of sad that Derf has to go halfway around the world to get loved up. He'll be gone 23-29 January, missing Mary's return home on the 24th. Don't expect many tears until he gets back and is reunited with his beloved (children) and gets the Donaldson punishment treatment (5:17 & 6:11)!

Photos: Urs Jaudas, Mirko Ries


  1. What is she doing there? Does she knows something about Economics? Well, if you (Denmark) pay 2.000 DKK for a blouse, 3.000 for your pants, 4.000 DKK for your purse and 1.500 DKK for a pair of ballerina shoes, and go to Africa to give 100 DKK to the poors, you shouldn´t be in Davos. You should be in jail. Read "The princess" a short story from Antón Chejov, is Yrma portrait.

  2. She was invited to participate, so I don't see why you are making such a fuss. Does anyone know if Fred was invited? In any event, she loves the attention which is exactly what you are giving her. Don't.

  3. It is absolutely pointless for this hideous woman at the conference. She is there, but she will never be respected and regarded as one of them by those big guns at the conference. She thinks she can rub shoulders with the real movers and shakers of the world. Whenever she speaks in her bogan english (the only language she is really fluent in) or with fake posh accent, she immediately shows who she really is - an uncultured, offensive wannabe with poor education and limited knowledge of world affairs.

  4. You are all so harsh on her! She fell in love with Fred, who just happened to be a Prince (he did with her too by the way) and they married and had a family. If she wasnt working and instead was a full time doting mother you would be criticising her for not working. If she wore dowdy clothes you would criticise her for not taking pride in her appearance. If she avoiding public duties, you would criticize her for not representing Denmark properly. She comes from a good family and completed a double degree which is more than alot of people. She came to the other side of the world, learnt a new and very difficult language, and immersed herself in the culture and people. You never see her acting inappropriately. She is doing her best knowing that while she is living her life her every move is being scrutinized. If her marriage is in trouble, they should get counselling. Simple. If it isnt then that is wonderful.

    1. I agree. I think you are harsh. She's not been photographed with no knickers on or unpregnant like Charlene. You should be harsh on someone like Prince Albert, what a lazy creep he is... just saying

    2. That woman obtained a so-called double degree from a lowly tassie university which is always ranked at the bottom tier in oz. It just proves she has never done well academically in her life and shows why she is still officially monolingual after 'learning/speaking' danish over a decade. I believe all the other participants in the front rows are multilingual and highly accomplished in their own ways and our skanky narcissistic bogan really stuck out like a sore thrumb among other real movers and shakers.

  5. Ha! I love the fake conversation between Mosh and Frau Schwab because you can imagine that actually happening. You can absolutely see Moshy being a rude, passive-agressive biatch to someone, then as soon as a self-respecting person pushes back (appropriate behavior, btw), then Moshikins would pretend to be the injured party. She is a nasty, bogan, foolish, shell of a human.

  6. You know something? People shall be honest. Who is Yrma really? Nobody knows, even her. She is lost in the person she invented for her fairytale. She is all the time acting, possing for flashes, trying but failing. She is also lost in Denmark, because she doesn´t speak danish (amazing after eleven years living here), doesn´t understand the culture, the people, and couldn´t handle the poor personality of her husband. She was smart, but now she has to be stupid to match with him, and that is killing the real person growing in her ten years ago. Yrma is empty, is like an empty giftbox with -sometimes- nice wrapping paper, but inside NOTHING. Too bad for Denmark

  7. Where's Fred? Matte-Marit and Haakon are there together and the Belgion CP couple are there too. Mary just looks lonely, bored and out of her depth.

  8. At least Mary is there due to her own work with the Mary Foundation, most of the other royals are there on the coat tails of their partner. One in paticular spends more time holidaying and attending fashion shows or parties in France, London and anywhere else but at home.

    1. LOL! "Her work" ... a foundation set up to raise the PR profile of Her Lowly Bogannesse? CP Mathilde is on the board of the very high profile Schwab Group and CP Maxima works directly with international microfinance groups. MM has her issues with self-esteem incorrectly expressed with lazy jetsetting, but she tries to be present at everything she does do. She is loved and supported by her smart husband and she is modern - she tweets and with Haakon has a FB page to let people know what they are doing. Mary pretends that FB and Twitter are beneath her when the reality is that she has no idea how to really reach out and raise her PR profile, even though that is what she wants more than anything in the world -to be famous and the new Diana but she fails miserably. Mary's an idiot.

  9. This is a woman who cannot even pronounce "lineage" correctly, as you can hear in the Danish jewels documentary. What a joke for her to be considered a Young Global Leader. It's so pathetic that her bio is mostly about how she is head of her own foundation. The court set up the foundation for her and arranged for its funding. Are we supposed to be impressed? How ludicrous is it that Mary was seated next to Christine Lagarde. From what I understand, when Christine Lagarde was 40, she was working as a real lawyer--in fact, she was partner--at an international law firm. Meanwhile, all Mary has to show is her foundation, which exists solely as a vehicle of self promotion.