Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Kurs 3: Bring Out the Gold Coach and Fancy Horses: Dazzle the Smelly Masses with Accoutrements While the Ladies Recycle Clothes

"One day I will own all of this - and all of you!!!!"

Daisy threw a crumb to the smelly peasants and took the 19th century gold coupé coach to Christiansborg for the 3rd and final New Year's Kur. She's taking a page out of Madam's book: blind them with shiny gold things and they'll forget their complaints!

Derfie keeps up the stoic look, ignoring his wife and just trying to get through the event and on with it. You gotta admit, him looking disgusted by the wife-bot and actively ignoring her certainly improves his mein - he almost looks kingly!

Mary looks clad in a brown velvet sausage casing jacket over a baby pink spread of tulle. Could that jacket be any tighter!?


  1. Fred really can't stand his skanky bogan wife. It is understandable that he did not want to interact with her at all. The gold coupe coach is not impressive at all. It is a poor cousin's version compared to those in British RF and Dutch RF.

  2. Queen Margrethe is a show off!January 7, 2013 at 11:10 PM

    how many fcuking days of New Year partying do they need??! what's there to be so ostentatious about?! Queen Marg could use some common sense downscaling from Queen Elizabeth !

    so wasteful and a slap on Danes' face trying to make ends meet!! I dislike daisy almost as much as her pathetic trailer trash daughter in law from hobart .. A ho from hobart fitting!!!

  3. He really is miserable, no denying it...

  4. Yrma thinks she is so fucking special. She is nothing. I really cant stand her.

  5. Yrma is getting old. Fred too. Aging is always the punishment for ego. Long youth to Kate!

  6. Crown Prince Frederik looks effing horrible!! he'd rather have a tooth pulled than be walking next to poison Mary ...
    what a horrible couple, lying to themselves and to the public their marriage is working...What horseshit !

    ...Come on Fred!!!!! just give her a settlement
    and divorce already!! you two don't belong together!!