Monday, November 26, 2012

Yrma in Mozambique: Sister Doesn't Disappoint! The Pricey Canon Camera Made Its Apearance in Mozambique Afterall!

As predicted, get ready for a future vernissage in Copenhagen of Madam MoreMore's photographs of The Brown Poors! Although a tussle could be in the works between Madam who would not deign to sell her photos and the Danish charity which would be brought in to sponsor such a show (read: pay for the gallery rental and champagne) for some proceeds. I can see Mary not thinking that the smelly masses aren't worthy of her "art", all the while realising in a wee back part of her brain that her "art" is crap and patronising and the height of the ugliness of white privilege. No, Mary thinks her days of selling herself are over. Ha! Might actually be a good nest egg to build up for the future divorcée that she will supplement with more Aussie product promotion (after Huggies, Dulux Paints, Jetstar, etc.)!

What a cringeworthy sight for both the Danish guests (well, some of them - there are other shutterbugs in their group) and the locals who are obliged to entertain these "off-duty" idiots. Mary's so transparent - how else to get the recording photographer to notice you except to dress as if she were shy and retiring in front of the camera. Hat, sunnies, check. Full-on Garbo gets the shutter clicking every time and Mary knows it.

How grostesque and colonial does Mary look, dragging her court and charity aides along with her, ready to be entertained by the locals. "Dance! Dance!" Shades of Leni Reifenstal in The Last of the Nuba (and beyond, chillingly)! These Danes are from the tip of society in one of the most wealthy and developed and civilised countries in the world, and here they are, allowing themselves to be fawned by the poor locals on a non-essential side-jaunt of their trip. It's all forced, unnatural and not spontaneous. How inappropriate and self-centred for Mary to parade around in her ridiculous get-up with a long lens camera ready to go (not to mention quite a padded bra). She doesn't even really bother to make sincere eye contact, relaxed body language or show human decency; she can't reciprocate the kind tolerance that her hosts show her. No, she just plasters on a fake smile, claps at people she thinks are silly and funny with their jumpy dancing, then leaves with a few key shots to entertain the masses generate more publicity for herself back home. This is how Madam sees poor, brown people: for entertainment purposes and to record, so that people back home can fawn over her just as Africans, in their infinite patience and kindness, must do for the visiting "princess". That is called using people without seeing their humanity. Most un-royal, Mary!


  1. Look at this pathetic woman dripping in jewelery and her expensive camera..
    Just playing mindless tourist, right Mary?
    Another wasted trip! She's so damn fake!!!

  2. Totally Agree!!
    Do we see any other royal women prancing about with a camera making people posing for photos?! Saw photos of Mary on this same trip lining up people she wanted to photograph! How about putting away her camera and look and act interested in the people? Because we all know by now Mary's public persona is just one big fake act!
    These Africans are not her props she could manipulate to shoot in the best angle so she could one day hold an exhibition to flaunt more of her ugly face.
    It's this woman's rudeness and showing off that we can't stand!!
    So much loathing for how she conducts and carries herself...what a fool!! Her advisers are as stupid as she is with complete lack of common sense.