Friday, February 8, 2013

Prince Nikolai's Confirmation Date Is Set For May 2013

Perhaps British Prince Edward will make the trip to Denmark to see his godson & cousin confirmed! The confirmation of young Lutheran Prince Nikolai will be held on 18 May at Fredensborg Chapel, where he and Izzy were both christened. This is the day before Pentecost, so hopefully Weird Auntie Mary won't start speaking in tongues. The potential is there, because if the Earl of Wessex does show up and brings Sophie, then MoreMore will be alone in the pews with her while Fred and his brother Edward are up front with their godson, and the overbearing chatting and BRF fame-whoring will not stop with Mary towards Sophie, taking some of the British royal thunder away from Team Schackenborg and putting it smack dab on Mary. If Sophie is the Queen's favourite, why wouldn't Mary want to get in on that and eventually procure an invitation to Sandringham for shooting? Anything to remind Derfie that Madam can skillfully work a gun, and to remind Australia that Mary is very closely associated with their monarch.

Let's hope Daisy pulls out all the stops for the confirmation of her oldest grandchild. Nikolai is still in line for the throne, no matter how many desperation sprog-bogans Mary shoots out. This is a very important religious event for a religious queen - it's even important in Denmark among the non-highly religious (it is treated in Denmark as a version of a bar/bat mitzvah with a grand lunch and lots of friends and family). He is the son of the most regal of Daisy's boys, and he is the only grandson to have known the revered Queen Ingrid. Perhaps British royal godfather Prince Edward will make the trip to Denmark! After all, Danish television made a documentary on this young man for his 10th birthday more than three years ago. For a young teenager, he is a rare thing indeed: a naturally elegant young man who knows how to balance his mischeviousness with good manners and personal dignity. He is handsome like his mother with a touch of Uncle Derfie's former cuteness. Let's hope he passes through adolescence relatively unscathed. He certainly has all the tools in his toolbox to continue to make his parents proud.

Article: Her og Nu

Prince Nikolai's Confirmation Date Is Set

The day before Pentecost, Saturday 18 May, Prince Nikolai will be confirmed in Fredensborg Palace Church in the presence of the immediate family. "Not all the details are in place, but the date is fixed", said Countess Alexandra to Her og Nu.

Prince Nikolai was born at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen on 28 August 1999, so he won't quite be the required 14 years old by the time he'll be wearing confirmation clothes.

"When you have a son who is so old that he be confirmed, one can not help but reflect on where one is in life. You are not immortal anymore, but I comfort myself with the fact that Nikolai is one year younger than the others in the class", said Countess Alexandra, who is age 48.

When Prince Joachim and then Princess Alexandra were separated in late summer of 2004Prince Nikolai and his younger brother, Prince Felix, moved with their mother to Copenhagen, where they initially lived in an apartment at Amalienborg before the Countess moved into a home on Svanemøllevej in Hellerup with the boys.

Alexandra and Joachim have joint custody of the children, who attend Krebs' School in Copenhagen.


  1. Important step in the life of this young boy. All the family must be there, except Yrma, of course. His father has the tools to be our King and this cute prince, the next in succession, will make us proud of our monarchy.

  2. Congratulations Prince Nikolai!February 8, 2013 at 9:55 AM

    Congratulations Prince Nikolai!
    What a handsome young man he's growing up to be! A very big milestone that's worthy of a big celebration. Grandma Daisy will make sure of that!

    Denmark is proud of our beautiful young prince. A well mannered, polite smart kid. Good work done by all his parents!

  3. Wait for Infanta Leonor Prince Nikolai!
    oh what a beautiful couple they will make!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. Should Nikolai marry Leonor or Sofia? Maybe Felix should be King of Spain with Leonor. Sofia can be Queen of Denmark with Nikolai when Derf and his children go away! Can you think how Joachim and Alex's grandchildren will be so beaouuuuuuuuuuuuutiful!

    1. There's also Ingrid of Norway ... How close of cousins are they?
      Well way back in the day, royals used to marry their first cousins so marrying a third or fourth cousin today is distant enough to avoid genetic birth defects.
      in their weird world they have to worry about that kind of creepy stuff..

  5. Nikolai is a very fine young man. I look forward to seeing him in his long white robe in church surrounded by his family.