Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bien Jouée!: Princess Marie Fires Personal Trainer: This Is How You Do It, Mary!

Now THIS is how you handle bad publicity!

Last year, Princess Marie contracted the services of Marc Skovsbøg as her personal trainer. Marc was to help Marie get back in shape after the birth of her second child in January 2012. There were photographs taken of Marie and Marc walking across Amalienborg Square last August, presumably from Marie's apartment in one of the four palaces, to the gym located in another of the palaces.

Marc Skovsbøg is a professional body builder, competing when he can. He was tested for illegal substances recently, got fired from his fitness job and has openly confessed to the media. The response from the palace was immediate: Marc has forfeited his right to work with any member of the royal family by taking illegal substances, and therefore has been fired from his job working with Princess Marie. This isn't just a strong and swift PR response. This is also contractual. It would be very difficult for the palace to fire Marc if there hadn't already been a clause in his contract allowing them to take swift action in response to an untoward situation for the royals. That means the legal language was premeditated and included in the contract not just for giving away royal secrets (I would imagine Amalienborg is very well versed in taking the offensive), but for personal transgressions by the outside party, a most royal and proper clause to include in the contract language. Brava Princess Marie for having the foresight to have a personal trainer - a rather low level, not even full-time employee - sign a contract that protects the royal brand from tarnish. Incredibly astute behaviour and quite professional. We'll never see that from "marketing and PR professional" Yrma Boganson. You know Lene Balleby doesn't have any role in this action except to put out a press release and respond appropriately to press inquisitions. She is a puppet and will do whatever the court tells her to do. Luckily in this instance, she is working for the Schackenborg tribe, who are on the up and up, and not the Dumble-Derfs, who don't have a clue.

Photo Gallery: PPE (August 2012)

Article: Ekstra Bladet

Princess Marie Fires Her Doping Trainer

Marc Skovsbøg's time as a personal fitness trainer for Princess Marie is definitely over. The princess has given him his pink slip, after Ekstra Bladet today revealed that the coach has been caught by a doping control.

Ekstra Bladet confirms the court's communications director Lene Balleby saying that cooperation will cease immediately. "The fact that Marc Skovsbøg has taken illegal drugsmeans simply that he is no longer fit to carry out his function as a personal trainer for Princess Marie," says Lene Balleby.

Today, Ekstra Bladet could announce that Marc Skovsbøg was fired from Fitness.dk because he was felled by a drug-testing that showed illegal substances in his body. A fact Marc Skovsbøg himself confirmed.

"It is true that I have been tested positive. There were some things on the list that I was not aware that you could not take," says the now former royal coach. According to Marc Skovsbøg, it was a substance in a dietary supplement that caused him to test positive.

"I had taken something called Craze and that was what got me. And the worst thing was that I went doping controls in the meeting. I've been clean for three previous tests and would like to have my fourth. So I asked them to test me. That was what was so stupid."

But despite the confession and explanation, it doesn't help dear Marie. Now the princess is in search of a new coach who will help her lift weights in the gym, as BET at the time stood at Amalienborg.


Photos: Hviid & Winther


  1. Mary wouldn't fire him! she'd probably hump Marc instead! bwhahahahahahaha

  2. Mary looks so starved for a man's attention she would probably hump anything!
    From the pictures Fred just doesn't pay her much attention ... they're sooooooooo over!

  3. Mary is better matched as a wife of a steroid junkie like Marc S! That's the right partner for Mary.
    She can help him run his personal training biz.
    She will be more happier going back to civilian life. None of this headache from the press. But unfortunately for her soul, Mary is a classic gold digger more interested in piling up money and expensive gifts, wearing designer wear and royal jewelery than finding happiness ..
    Mary loves the title and ritzy life Denmark has given her to walk away. She loves it too much! Even if it means staying in a marriage that's more for appearance and convenience Mary will not walk away from her sugar daddy Fred!
    She loves Denmark's riches more than she loves Fred.