Thursday, February 21, 2013

Royal Scandals: Is The Media Preparing the Danish Public For More?

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Olga of Greece, 1922

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting little photo gallery of "Royal Scandals" buried on the front page of conservative broadsheet Berlingske's website today, 21 February. With no accompanying article to provide much perspective on the purpose of this slide show, the reader is left with the images of royals and demi-royals throughout Europe who have met with scandal to one degree or another. Naturally, the Charles and Diana divorce and public mud-slinging is included, as is the tragic tale of 'Fergie', the former wife and forever albatross of the Duke of York. Additionally, there is mention of the current imbroglio that features the Spanish royal family via the most likely shenanigans of Iñaki Urdangarín; that of Princess Madeleine breaking off her engagement with Jonas Bergström; that of the Swedish king and Queen Silvia's father's Nazi connection; also there is Märtha Louise and her husband Ari Behn since she communicates with the dead and he writes controversial books.

The Danish reader may think that no Danish royal would be included in such a feature since the royal family in Denmark is considered irreprochable, if not slightly artistic and intellectual - traits that are treated with general disdain among the citizenry, but as delightful traits in royals, gently underscoring their difference from the mere mortals who fund their lifestyles.

But alas, inserted between the ugly reminders of what the British royals have experienced - and survived - is that old tidbit about Crown Prince Frederik - the father of Daisy, not her son - who was engaged to Princess Olga of the Hellenes in 1922, and from whom he ultimately separated, only to finally marry Princess Ingrid of Sweden in 1935. Chatter has it that the wildly tattoo'd Frederik was too much of a hard-drinking sailor for the more couth Olga. What a precursor to the future King Frederik IX's grandson and hard-drinking sailor who didn't mind the uncouth Mary Boganson! There was precedent for Derfie to leave Yrma back on the docks in Hobart, but Derfie and Yrma aren't the strong personalities of King Frederik and his eventual wife, Ingrid, who together addressed the king's alcoholism. Interesting reminder for Berlingske to give the Danish public. Moral to the story: Derf, you dumbsh*t, you'll never address your problems on your own, and neither with Mary in whose interest it is to see you continue on as a weak-spined, bland pudding.

Then there is the other cautionary tale of non-royal Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg and his first fiancée Elvire Pasté de Rochefort. The extents of the "scandal" here are that they were engaged in August 2000 with a wedding planned for 12 May 2001 in Paris, but then the families came to loggerheads over the details of the pre-nuptial agreement. Elvire's father went so far as to speak to the Danish media that the document was too far out of favour of his daughter's concerns and needs. It was revealed as well through genaeological research that Monsieur Pasté's family had purchased the "de Rochefort" suffix to their family name (itself already changed from their original Greek patronyme). Gold digger alert! The wedding was postponed (expressed from Benedikte's press office as an untangling of "security concerns"), then cancelled in July 2001 with the couple permanently parting ways via a press communiqué. Moral to this story: the current generation of King Frederik's grandchildren have also had the will to cut off insalubrious and noxious incomers from participating in, and inheriting, their royal legacy. (To be fair to Elvire, it was her father's actions that caused her separation. He overplayed his hand with no expression of noblesse oblige.)

So, what's Berlingske trying to achieve here? Remind us of past "scandals" related to broken engagements that really aren't anything more than cautionary tales of Danish royals protecting their brand, so to speak, so that current royals may learn from them? No one died! Life went on! How normal and healthy is it, after all, to break up with someone with whom you may not have a happy marriage? Further, is the photo spread also supposed to prepare us for future "scandals"? Remind us that the Danish royals will survive, especially with fewer bogan commoners around to ruin everything? Iiiiiiiiiinteresting.

Photo Gallery: Berlingske

August 2000

Photos: Seeger Press


  1. Divorced or not, this donkeyson woman will run out of her luck one day and get her comeuppance.

  2. This bad marriage between CP Frederik and CP Mary, will cause more future trouble for the Danish Royal “firm”, than the trouble a divorce would cause.

    The CP’s all ready show us, the Danish people, the effects of their bad marriage. That’s why I believe true royalists will support a divorce between the CP’s. True republicans however will prefer the bad marriage as it shows us the theater Danish royalty is – and with very bad actors.

    The price for a divorce must be the abdication of Frederik and his ancestors from the Danish throne. I believe however it’s a price Frederik will gladly pay.

  3. Charles survived, I don´t see why Fred don´t. Queen Margrethe II must accept Katja as Elizabeth II did it with Camilla (long distance with beautiful and sweet Katja). The bogan must go back to Hobart, Hollywood, Bollywood, or Hole wood.

  4. it doesn't have to be Katja ...whoever can make Fred a better man and help him gain more confidence.

    Although admittedly Katja helped him a lot when they were dating. Fred was happy then showing no signs of depression. Katja was there for him helping him with his speeches (he hated public speaking, still does!) giving him confidence before major events. The time Fred was in military Katja stuck by him and he would have married her if it wasn't for Margrethe's pathetic rule of foreigners only for her sons.
    that to me is the biggest slap in the face. here we
    are Danes breaking our backs to pay for their stinky asses and Danes aren't good enough to marry into the royal family? But Mary Nobody Donkeyson somehow passed muster with crazy Daisy??! insane!
    Now look at the outcome of Daisy's controlling way! Fred looks ready to slit his wrists rather than be out in public with Fred. They simply don't have anything in common was all a lie from the start that Mary fed Fred she's this outdoorsy, sporty type. puhhlease ! over ten years of expensive winter holidays and she can't even ski!!!
    Fred fell for Mary's Donkeyson show ...

  5. Katja is the one, she speaks danish. Fred never forgot this beauty. Fred go ahead! We support you!

  6. Freds blonde diet..lolFebruary 22, 2013 at 9:16 PM

    A quick cure to Fred's grumpy mood and his lack of working is to let him have his blondes on the side. Daisy must have told Fred to step away from the blondes and Mary surely must have thrown a fit. So he's been blonde-free but look at the misery he's in!
    Let Fred have his blondes ..Mary doesn't do sh*t for him anymore so Freudles needs his fun and he shouldn't be denied.
    King Juan Carlos has had mistresses from the start of his marriage. Queen Sofia just stays quiet and puts up with it.
    The same with King Gustav of Sweden and his mistresses and his wild sex parties. Queen Silvia just looks the other way and pretend all is well.
    Comes with the territory golddigging Mary! Kings were always known for their cheating and Fred is no exception. Mary bitch doesn't like it? then LEAVE! Get the fcuk out and go back to Holebart. that simple. But MARY WON'T EVER WALK away ON HER OWN . she loves the accolades and status too much to walk AWAY. she has no self respect to save herself from being humiliated. So if she doesn't leave, then Mary needs to just hug her Prada bags and shut her mouth while Fred goes on screwing his blondes.

    Let's call on Fred to entertain his blondes. When he's having his fun Fred looks happy and decent. If that's what it takes then who the fcuk is Mary to deny Fred?? Mary has no business to tell anyone what to do let alone our future king. She came to Denmark with just the clothes on HER back she can bloody well leave the same way.

  7. Fred adores his blondes ..Fred always sad , hopeless now because one woman he loves (Katja ) not with him.
    now he likes many blondes
    but the truth, Fred loves Katja!! veramente !!!

    1. They were right for each other.
      Katja had a unhappy marriage after Fred, because Fred was the one for her.
      But after All She had a divorce.
      Dó the same thing, Fred!
      Mary is not a suitable Crown princess.

  8. bwahhahahahaha another brilliant post Cece !! the captions are spot on. Mary is all about her inflated ego when she's nothing but an empty shell!

    Your work is excellent Cece! keep it up! you're the only one with the courage to call out the DRF as they should. Danish media is too busy sucking up to Mary and her plastic face. Which is a very useless effort!

    I know many Danish people who read your blog but don't comment. I don't comment much myself but I agree with a lot of the comments and your posts. The only way to make changes is by speaking out --- louder and louder. is that correct?

    don't stop til you get enough! bwahhahahahaha my friend Michael Jackson sang that. do you like MJ? if you do you're my friend too bwahhahahahaha..





  9. isn't it amazing that despite Prince Charles going through all that drama and tragedy in his life he's now married to the very rottweiler camilla ?????!...back then it was unthinkable his situation would end up the way it is today especially involving the tragic passing of the beloved Princess Diana.

    so if Fred needs anyone to look to how his story could change, it's his own cousin Charles. Not the tragic part of course but a quick clean divorce for Fred will get him back on track.
    So find your north star Fred and don't be afraid of where it leads you! Good will out of a bad situation. AMEN!