Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well Played, Frederik!: Takes Xian and Izzy to Performance of Cirque du Soleil's Alegria

Nice move, Daddy Derf! Freddles takes his two oldest sprogs to a performance of Alegria by Cirque du Soleil on a snowy Sunday last weekend at the Forum. Nice low-key outing with Far and he's good about doing this sort of thing. Gets everyone out of the house, away from the baby twins (and More), and out to enjoy spectacular performance artistry. Well done, Fred. He has an artist's soul, our future king, and he seems determined to make his kids appreciate the arts. No Madam La Boganista around to lean into Christian and wonder about hair colour stereotypes or to grab the children by the wrist and increase their stress levels. Everyone seems pretty evenly keeled as they exit the car without fanfare, and not in special police parking zones as is Mary's wont. Just a nice afternoon at the theatre and special attention from Dad who is looking more and more worse for wear.

Video: Local Eyes

Two days later, since Daisy's now relaxing in Norway, Freddles as regent received the Prime Minister of Rumania at the psychodelic palace at Amalienborg, admittedly, in a less flashy room. Doesn't little Derfie almost look manly and human and future king-like when his wife-bot thinggie isn't around! More please!

Photos: Christian Meyer, Kongehuset


  1. well done Ferddles! it's good he does these outings with his kids. Isabella and Christian have their dad's features...especially Bella with her pretty blue eyes.
    Her sister Josie, not so much ..poor thing

  2. Mary probably stayed home with Anja figuring out her new ugly clothes for when they go to Chile. Mary is sooo happy Marge Large isn't going so Mary can try to be a superstar in Chile. Haha Mary S.A.. is full of super hot chicas. Mary will look like cold porridge next to them . hahahaha Derf will be in heaven baby it's summer in S.A! less clothes on the hot babes!

  3. Yrma is no match to the hot tamales Latinas of Chile. Those ladies know how to strut their stuff shakin' what their mama gave em!
    Heck I see a lot more attractive women at my local supermarket than yrma is and she's the one with money to spend on botox. Natural beauty Yrma ain't!

  4. Fred looks so handsome and you can tell he's into his kids, no over the top behaviour. The 3 of them seem very much at ease. Interesting that he rarely takes the children out with their mother.

  5. if Mary is in desperate need of attention while in Chile she can always go topless like lazy Kate ..worked like a charm for Waity. Look for a secluded swimming pool, call the paparazzi and voila she'd be all over Australian news. They'll be the only lousy place interested in Mary's boobieeees.
    But Mary would need to find the pool boy to apply sunblock on her breasties as Fred wouldn't touch those pancakes anymore

    1. Poor pool boy... he will need a very big tip or a month in the loony bin after fondling Yrma's mosquito bites...

  6. Good for the kids. Alegria means Joy in english, but with Yrma the show wouldn´t be that happy. Nice of her to stay at home and let the kids be free with daddy. She is going to Chile, they had a Miss Universe: Cecilia Bolocco. Pretty women in Southamerica, Yrma is going to be mad. It´s close to Tasmania. What about flying back that way and visit her devils? (I mean her relatives and friends)

  7. The kids look so much more relaxed with fred Than yrma

  8. Yellow and purple? Horrible!

  9. oh mi tosh !! the blonde beauty with the red bag is perfect for Fred! She's so his type! is she part of the delegation or is she Danish? Cece do you know please?
    so did Fred get lucky lucky lucky?! oh to be a fly on the wall! lol

    Next thing we see is Mary going full blonde. can you imagine how horrid and washed out she would look?
    but really hope she does try and go blonde. We need more Mary comedy material to laugh at.. Uncultured backward Mary is so bloody easy to ridicule.
    Thanks Mary for making it easy for us to poke fun at your low class wannabe asssss. More funnies please!

  10. Frederick semble très heureux quand LaPrada n'est pas derriere son cul !!!