Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bon Anniversaire, Kære Prinsesse Marie!

Happy birthday to Princess Marie who today turns 37. Naughty Madam MoreMore must have sent her flunkies to hack into the website of the Royal House: they have her birth year posted as 1973, making Marie 40 today. Oh, Mary. Don't rely on cheating to win.

BT and Billed Bladet haven't forgotten the birthday of the second wife of the second son. They each have a photo gallery of Marie photos that reminds us how natural and relaxed she is, and how this is the unfussy Danish princess who enjoys eating, interacting with her gorgeous children, and participating with a full heart into all of the activities that go along with being Joachim's wife: the racing, the agricultural life, the royal duties.

Below are links to some early introductory videos with Marie, most of which are in English. One is the episode of Kongehuset Indefra that featured the Schackenborg tribe (including insight into the disciplined but loving relationship that Joachim has with his children and Marie practising a speech). There are also a couple of clips of 'Prinsesse på vej', the 'Marie-mentary', which was filmed in English (DR no longer has the video available). Included here are an interview with one of her older brothers and a discussion of what makes a princess with Joachim. These videos are very insightful and show a delightful young woman embarking on a very special time in her life.

One of these days, Danish journalists will notice her for the quiet and important support she gives to the royal house and the nation and a little tribute piece to her will grace a newspaper's pages. What a lovely contrast to the odious Yrma she is. Looking for good news about the royal house? Here it is in Marie. Brava, Madame! Longue vie à vous!

**UPDATE** Birthday photos: Pure People

Looks like Marie & Joachim hit the town to celebrate her birthday. At Zen nightclub, they partied with Britt & Oscar Davidsen Siesbye. Britt is Marie's lady-in-waiting and godmother to lille prins Henrik. Oscar is the son of fabled chef Ida Davidsen and owner of her legendary restaurant that turns open-faced sandwiches (smørrebrød) into works of art. (One of the resto's bestsellers is the "Princess Alexandra" named after Joachim's first wife. Marie also has a sandwich named after her, as does Crown Prince Frederik and Joachim. Lady Mary Boganson does not, as all the appropriately rotten and spoiled ingredients would stench up the place and customers would flee.) Looks like the bustier Marie is wearing is the top half of the formal gala gown she wore in Monaco!

Photo Gallery: BT

Photo Gallery: Billed Bladet

Video, Kongehuset Indefra: YouTube

Video, Joachim & Marie Interview, 1: YouTube

Video, Joachim & Marie Interview, 2: YouTube

Video, Joachim & Marie Interview, 3: YouTube

Video, Prinsesse på vej, clip: YouTube

Video, Prinsesse på vej, clip: YouTube

Birthday Notice: Danish Royal Website



Photos: Pure People, Zimbio, Steen Brogaard


  1. Sweet Marie: Have a happy birthday! Danish people loves you. We are very proud of our prince Joachim and want him to be our next King. You are doing great!

  2. Marie looks amazing! She just seems genuine lady with a sweet charming personality. She's really coming into her own as a mum and a step mum and patron of her charitable work.
    Continue to be yourself Marie - sweet, comfortable with people and low key not affected by all the royal boohahaha insanity. you will win more hearts that Way!


  3. really great interviews! I enjoyed them now just like I did when we first saw them before their wedding.
    Marie is funny and warm. Not at all arrogant. I think that's really her the real person not a fake girl. Love that about this girl. she's not about the glamour of being a royal but doing a good job and be a good mother and supporting her husband. Just a sweet and a very likable Princess!

    Joachim speaks perfect English!! wow almost no accent like an English man. Cece, why is his English different from Fred? Joachim is more articulate and confident speaking in English! it's how the brothers speak so differently yet pretty much got similar education.

    so glad these two are working out. nice match!

    1. Isn't it amazing the difference between Joachim and Derfie in the speech department? I just think Joachim is the more verbal and cerebral and Fred is more artistic and emotional. Same difference with their French, English and Danish, for that matter. Joachim speaks each as if he were a native speaker (Marie said in the Point de Vue interview that he doesn't have the slightest accent in French).

    2. I know!!! In ALL the languages he speaks, Ferdles always sounds like a mentally challenged student just learning how to talk (no offense to anyone just learning to speak!!)
      But Ferdles when he speaks hesitate and fills his speech with ahhhhs errrrrs ehhh blahhhh blah blah... like he has a vacuum between his ears instead of a working brain. Mary is the same brainfart way when she talks like her duhhhhd husband! two morons match so good!

      definitely Joachim is the one with the brains and an analytical mind. His brother is shallow and dim dull Derfy.

  4. Marie! Tres jolie!!

  5. Mary n Ferdles are a perfect for each other. They're both brainless not smart relying on various media outlets to promote their failing union.

    !!!!! talking to you BB & BT !!!!!

  6. Happy 37th Birthday Princess Marie!

    Stay gorgeous!


  7. Marie is naturally pretty with or without make-up. On the contrary, the aussie bogan looks clownish with make-up or nightmarish without it.

    1. oh Im so happy Marie doesn't use that ghastly white facial paste to make her face look like a porcelain doll.. no sir! no madam! that's Mary's weird makeup tricks.
      Leave the nasty white powder mix to Mary the witch!
      Marie wears makeup the right pretty
      way. Marie has that pretty glow
      without being too overdone. Take note Mary and follow Marie's lead!

      Wishing the gorgeous Princess Marie a very happy birthday!