Friday, February 1, 2013

Copenhagen Fashion Week, Day One: Yrma and Marie at Malene Birger: Yrma Goes Beta With Her Behaviour and Alpha-Wackadoodle With Her Fashion

So Weird Mary made an appearance at one of the first events for Fashion Week by dragging poor Princess Marie with her to the Royal Theatre for Malene Birger's 10th anniversary fashion show. Somebody has had a peasant employee translate that Point de Vue article to her! How red-faced and furious must Madam La Comtesse de Narcissism have gotten when the warm complicity and intimacy of her father-in-law's and sister-in-law's relationship was described to her. Mary knows deep down that she isn't loved by her in-laws, and that Marie is.

Marie is a trooper. Carries on with a strained smile and some distance from Madam, making the best of this outing. Anyone who still thinks that Marie and Mary look alike needs to put down the crack pipe. Naturally, Mary does the talking for the two of them as you can see in the article below. And shows off in her latest attempt at high fashion after that epic fashion fail in Spain the other day: vampire makeup and cape, early-Diana-esque ruffled collar, f*ck-me stilletos (although I might kind of want them), and burgundy gloves and bag because someone has told Madam that a splash of colour makes all the difference. What a sophmoric effect! All their aristo buddies were there: Baroness Helle 'Hologram' Reedtz-Thott, Baroness Caroline 'TV Baroness' Fleming, Nina Wedell-Wedellsborg, and Rigmor 'Snort' Zobel. Stay strong, Marie! It's only for a couple of hours, then back to your loving husband and adorable children and away from the swanning celebrity mind-f*ck that this crowd lives in.

Runway Slideshow: Berlingske

Red Carpet Slideshow: BT

Article: BT

A Parisian spice in Copenhagen. A touch of Hollywood in a Danish fashion market, which by now is so true, controlled and clean, it is almost completely faded. I see Malene Birger, a Danish fashion 'grande dame'. She dares to make it glamorous. The designer who sprinkles stardust over Copenhagen, according to fashion expert Uffe Buchards ode to the 10 year old company celebrating its anniversary is Malene Birger, who launched her bid for fall fashion 2013 with a spectacular anniversary show at the Royal Theatre on Thursday evening.

As per tradition, Birger had strewn both stardust and glamour out of her universe generously. The show was short, but painfully beautiful. Bowie's melancholy 'Heroes' accompanied a deluge of styles that included a wide range of Birger's 'greatest hits' - jackets and pants in men's tailor-cut, billowing blouses in silk chiffon and voluminous dresses that bittersweetly stuck to the realisation that Birger's haute-couture line - Salon - is a thing of the past.

Birger's silk dresses and blouses with sequins in a black/white star pattern will definitely fight for wardrobe space with the designer's furiously elegant dresses in black/white with deep v-necks and silver sequins. Coats on everything from tops in babydoll-cuts and collars will keep the cold rod in style for next winter. And long dresses with stars in gold and black sequin patterns will ensure that women of all ages, sizes and of all nationalities can put on a bit of Birger's stardust in all of life's great moments.

"We're looking forward to this unique show and celebrating Malene Birger. She has done a lot for Danish fashion, and we look forward to see what she offers this season", said Princess Mary to BT in the Royal Theatre lobby before the show.

Congratulations on the anniversary of Danish fashion's 'grande dame' who dresses women so that they feel like 'heroes'. "If just for one day (night) ..."

Photos: Katja Maria Salomonsen, Martin Sylvest Andersen


  1. oh em geeee Cece!!!
    who let Batman out of his cave? really now, what's Batman doing posing next to Marie?
    bwhahahahahaha ...

    seriously what is that cape thingy she's wearing? is Mary ready to take flight? well she forgot her broom and her witch persona is complete!

    my god she tries waaaaaay too hard!!
    Mary Mary Mary always fake and over the top ...
    well thanks for the laugh Mary! at least you're a good source of amusement! heck it's good to have a weirdo to poke fun at in the DRF .. teeeehee!

  2. my god!!! the shoes, the cape, the pretentious gloves, the ghost like white face!! Mary's lost her damn mind!!!
    is her stylist on holiday or something??!
    she looks like a mental patient playing
    words fail me!

    1. lol Mary's been rummaging through Daisy's theater costumes...and came up with this get-up!
      Yah she's been known to do that...Ha..ha..ha ...

  3. bitch has lost it!!!!! tone it down now Mary .... lol ... she really is a clueless twit!

    Marie stay away from that trainwreck!!!

  4. Mary needs to take some style tips from Marie who is looking chic and appropriate WITHOUT SCREAMING LUNACY!!!!

    omfg she's a lost cause alright! she really is a clueless twit! I can't stand her arrogant ass but I'm embarrassed for her. I almost feel sorry for her here.
    Mary you make a pitiful sight!

  5. ode to lost love...AwwFebruary 1, 2013 at 9:40 AM

    Katja looks beautiful!! Where's Fred hiding at salivating and kissing her photo? hehehe
    sorry about you buddy! sing along here Princey ..
    " 'Cause baby, something beautiful's dying
    You lost that loving feeling
    Oh that loving feeling
    You've lost that loving feeling
    Now it's gone gone gone
    woah oh ohhh oh...ohhh oh."

    These two twerps Mary Morey and Ferdles Froyo are so easy to make fun at

    1. HE should get back together with Katja.
      That was true love. HE did propose to her and She Said yes. But daisy ment that HE should find a foreign wife. She must have regreted that!

      Ón the picture it is not that Katja, I Think. Katja solomonsen is a journalist.

    2. HE should get back together with Katja.
      That was true love. HE did propose to her and She Said yes. But daisy ment that HE should find a foreign wife. She must have regreted that!

      Ón the picture it is not that Katja, I Think. Katja solomonsen is a journalist.

  6. Mary really needs to stop using that whitening paste on her face!
    that shit causes cancer!
    But the idiot probably doesn't realise it that some of that whitening cream she's so fond of has cancer causing agents in it!

    what's wrong with the face colour God gave you Mary? Be yourself! Everybody ages and dies! fact of life hunny pooh pooh!

  7. She tries so hard. She has read In fairytales that princesses have porcelain skin. And that fine people have White skin. She just doesnt get.

    She looks like a vampyre.

    Thank You for your blog. I have never Liked Mary.

  8. blood sucking Mary lolFebruary 1, 2013 at 4:06 PM

    pssst Mary! Dracula called and wants his Vampire wings back! oh and to add salt to injury, you're no longer welcome in Transylvania!
    Hah..Hah..Haha she even gets her vampire ass fired!

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  9. They are both dressed terribly.

  10. red lips for Vampire Mary! all that's missing is blood dripping down her double chin!