Monday, February 4, 2013

The Regent Couple: Daisy Worships At the Deaf Church, Henrik Heads to Vietnam

Out, bogan, out of Denmark! Satan take heed! Good will triumph over evil!

Prince Henrik has been in Vietnam since last week, soaking up the local colour, perhaps seeing old friends in the town of his childhood, and enjoying a little time away from Denmark while the country has a conniption over his claim to want to share Daisy's title in a recent Point de vue interview. Ah well, you do what you got to do. He even had the time to buy a painting, perhaps something he can redecorate the palace with, as he admitted he likes to do in that same interview. The Danish Embassy in Vietnam has updates on their Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Daisy spent Sunday at De Døves Church with the deaf community. What a lovely church and what a fun service that must have been. The congregation sings with their hands! Compliments to the queen on her remarkable match to the interior decoration with her choice to wear one of her 40th Jubilee outfits, and bigger compliments to her for spending time with a seldom recognised segment of society.


Photos: Uyn Li (Henrik), Scanpix (Daisy)


  1. Glad Daisy is doing more outreach like this bringing attention to our disabled community. Good job Daisy!

    oh and she's wearing my favourite outfit of hers..Queen M looks lovely in white.

  2. Henrik looks ridiculous! such a frivolous man. and stop whining about your lack of kingly title. silly fool.
    Our Queen gave you enough status. Enough elevation not to get your head too big!
    what's the word? too pigheaded ? bigheaded ? whatever ! Henri just don't get too big for your breeches!

  3. Daisy is quite a vision in white. Looking good your Majesty!

  4. A DEAF CHURCH? such a nice concept!
    now I want to go to a service there too. does the church have a website?

    Cece does Daisy know how to do sign language?

    1. I don't know if Daisy knows sign language. The church has a website, and there is a link to their Facebook page there:
      Yes, you should go and sing with jazz hands!