Monday, February 11, 2013

Verbier, Day 1: FAIL: Bogans on Parade: Just as Ridiculous and Ill-Organised As You'd Imagine: Preening Mary and Crying Miracle Twins: Brought To You By LEGO

Psst, Mary, careful, you might pop a stitch with all that facial straining!

This family is so predictable and totally chaotic. What a bloody mess. Isn't the whole point of a scheduled photo session with the royal children so that the photographers present could take photos of the family posing and everyone looking well dressed and cute and standing relatively still so as to project an image of a happy royal family ready for fun later on, out of the gaze of the photographers? Yeah, not from Madam La Comtesse to PR Fails. This session is further proof that for Mary, everyone else in the photos is a prop in The Mary Show.

The babies are crying part of the time and carried nearly the whole time as if to control them, even after the family decides to play on the little plastic sledges they like to use every year. You can't easily control children at this age. Did they not time this session to coincide with their best time of day? Who could imagine how stressful it is to grow up in a home with Mary in it? Mary of course cannot cope with crying babies, nor with being anything but the centre of attention (psst, Mary, be careful - when you look at your children when they are not being perfectly boring blobs of dough, your jowls really come out!). Yrma is of course the child in this gathering of the nuclear family, the members of which who barely know each other. Yrma is the one who plays on the sledge, and Izzy is the one to do the pulling! And further like a child, she mugs for the cameras, with self-consciousness and fake posing with her daughters. Nothing dignified or royal here, folks! Gah! Why for the photo session would she be so clueless and immature to allow for such a scene? What PR/marketing executive? The one who failed at the Apple/Buzzle/Llove campaign with Siimon Reynolds, supposing.

Bring on the Schackenborgs for Wednesday's photo session down the road in Villars-sur-Ollon! Let's see the grown boys, and lille prins Henrik on skis for the first time, and precious little Athena in her snowsuit trying to stand like she seems to be trying to do in her first birthday photos.

Photo Gallery: Pure People

Time Lapsed Video: YouTube - frightening! The whole megillah in speeded up format.

Product placement! This holiday brought to you by the Lego corporation!



Photos: Martin Høien/Billed Bladet, Albert Niepor/Scanpix


  1. Josephine sure is an unfortunate looking mutt! she's just not cute! thanks to Mary's ugly genes

    poor thing!

  2. sorry Denmark we are stuck with the ugliest royal family ever...
    of all the modern royal families Mary and Fred and their brats have THE ugly factor - they're just a good looking family.

    Except maybe Vincent ..he's the only one with potential

  3. Why do Mary and Fred need to pose like retards ? it's one thing to go on an expensive holiday paid for by the public but it's a whole other level of vanity and arrogance to rub it in the people's faces ... The very public whose backbreaking job is to pay for their Wasteful rich lifestyle.
    These mofos are without conscience!
    They need to understand that royalty today is not absolute anymore. The public will decide if their freeloading behinds get to stay or go!
    France, Italy, Greece got it right by getting rid of their monarchy. Denmark is not far behind. And it will be the absolutely right call then to turn republic and be more democratic.

  4. of all the modern royal families Mary and Fred and their brats have THE ugly factor - they're just NOT a good looking family.

    if the tax payers are spending money on their upkeep at least give them pretty people to look at. not these half morons half brainless hillbilly types ...yuck! Fred you are such a loser bringing us this clown show. All because you chose a racoon as your wife

  5. Mary and Fred have pretty much given up on looking like a couple . They don't even try to fake it anymore . no interaction here. complete disconnect !
    They're as cold to each other as the icy snow they're posing on..
    And the farce goes on!
    are we Danes happy to just keep on paying for this fakeness ?

  6. Fred and Mary do not even make eye contact once! They really are over!

    1. married in name only ...Mary you popped out 4 not so cute kids so your usefulness is pretty much done!
      time we ship her back to the tasmania devils.

  7. I've been looking at your site for a while now and have been wondering if Mary ignored you at a birthday party and that's why you're so bitter all the time? Your bias is blatant. But I guess that's what the web does - gives any unbalanced person a microphone.

    1. LOL oh Look Cece!! LOOK! ^^ another one of your many admirers!!!!
      Isn't it nice to know these little critters are all lounging about salivating over your words?! hahaha ... do throw them a bone or two Cece ..they're dying for you to pay attention to them LMAO!!
      as if!!
      thanks for stopping by Anony4.00 ..aka Mary's farting butt .. rofl !

  8. You are right. There is no love around anymore. Yrma and Fred must be sincere with themselves and try to start again. She looks like a clown with all that makeup on. These scenes seems to me like the last ones of their comedy. I don´t care about how cute the kids are. Is rude to talk about that. Queen Victoria wasn´t pretty, but was the most important Queen of the British Empire and the grandmother of Europe. Sissy was the prettiest one and you know how she ended.

  9. Why do on earth this danish version of Addams family keep parading themselves in public? A chronic drunk with grey skin, a narcissitic minger and four plain kids with tendency to misbehave and seek attention in public. In reality, this bad bunch of bogans are eyesores.

  10. The first photo shows something is seriously wrong with her face. Those deep long lines stretch from her mouth to lower jaws are not normal laugh lines. Her not-pretty face is officially screwed up by too much injection and abrasive works done on her paper-thin face. This silly old cow is going to get her come-uppance very soon.


  12. Notice the nannies waiting in the background to take the kids as soon as the cameras stop. mother of the year Mary only pretends to be a mum when there's a
    photo-op ..

    her own kids don't even seem drawn to her because Mary is not raising them. Mary is not their primary caretaker. it's the nannies who are raising these kids. so the future of the monarchy rests on the nannies and that may not be a bad idea because Mary is a disaster and a moron. what the hell is she gonna teach her kids being a big idiot herself?!

  13. they just dont look happy at all. No interaction.
    Yrma posing
    No love
    Children left to themselves
    Not nice pictures to watch

  14. this vain beetcch had to have her full face of make up on just to pose on the snow!
    Only a vain shallow cow like Mary would do this.
    She has pounds of makeup and eyeliner on it's a wonder the cold didn't make it start flaking off right off her decrepit old face!

    Mary's no use to Denmark. All she is, is a vanity posing show that won't quit.
    Stupid beeeetch is still ugly no matter how posing and preening she does.

  15. quite an unattractive bunch! Mary and Fred and their ugly muppets . so pretentious with these photo sessions . no other family does this to the puking effect Mary puts on ..

    now Letizia and Felipe and their two beautiful daughters, that's a gorgeous (and well behaved) family there.

  16. I actually think that Josie looks cute now. She is the spitting image of Mary as a baby, but let's face it, Mary is the best looking of all the Donaldsons and was a cute kid. Mary isn't beautiful now despite all her treatments because let's face it pretty is as pretty does.

    1. errr if Josie's hope is to look like the Donkeyson family later in life, good luck to the kiddo!

      But Josie and siblings won't need that much luck. Mor Mary will teach her kids how to be good opportunists and maximise their gold digging skills ...or teach them to just stay as freeloaders in Denmark for the rest of their lives. Hopefully Danes have gotten clever way before then and send them packing to get jobs and pay for their own shieeet ...

  17. Yrma ressemble à une vieille poupée de luxe avec son maquillage, son visage s'affaisse, elle louche, elle n'a rien d'une princesse héritière

    Le couple ne fonctionne plus du tout et les enfants des clowns que l'on force à se faire photographier ....

    Je plains les Danois d'avoir ce couple de guignols à supporter

  18. It looks rather chaotic.
    And yrma posing - had her attention ón her self / the cameras In stead of her children.

  19. So are we Danes happy to know Mary's hat alone cost DKK 2800?!! Mary the dickhead had to have a hat with fuzz ball made of silver fox fur! wow ! way to go Mary ! in these hard financial times you go spending obscenely while the average Dane tries to make ends meet!

    what a greedy frivolous pig you are Mary!
    F U biaatch!

    1. that's almost $600 USD for some stupid hat? Mary's sense of entitlement is disgusting!
      She represents nothing but a greedy greedy waster!
      she is not a good woman. always spending! selfish greedy monkey

    2. 2800 kr for a hat
      And She is not even pretty

    3. 2800 kroner times three!!! This hat, the one Izzy is wearing and the one from last year which is different. How many mother-f*cking silver fox hats does a person have to have!!!!!!

    4. that's just a disgusting amount of money to waste!
      Mary is such a high spending c*nt !!!!!!!!!

  20. I feel very sorry for Fred. He must feel trapped, on so many different levels, and especially now being married to her with 4 small children. And how obvious is she holding the Lego bag, a little free advertising I presume. Such a farce. I'm sure that Fred is a loving dad to his children though. That seems apparent. She must have such a huge ego. I remember reading once something written by someone who knew her in Sydney. She knew exactly who Fred was. Was a total opportunist. And here she is in verbier, 12 years later.

  21. I like to hear or read news about the Spanish crown prince couple, who are very busy for their country and the people in it. One commitment nearly every day. In comparison to them the Danish crown prince couple seems to be extremely lazy and mainly interested in a luxury lifestyle.They hop from event to event, from holiday to holiday, from royal wedding to royal wedding - in fact, you can't call that WORKING.
    What a pity for the normal people in sympathetic Denmark! I wonder why there is no broad public criticism of this part of the Royal Family in all Denmark.

    1. spain royals have the trouble now because stupid Iñaki is greedy boy contrast to Letizia y Felipe they try to the best way possible showing temperance and be serious .. very different are the Daneses who get all the money and more money for what .. nada nada nada .. Why?

  22. How very astute of Madam to endorse Lego as the company who provided the Danish CP family with their well-earned vacation in a luxury ski resort. Her skills as a former "advertising executive" have not been in vain, it seems. Thank God the Danish taxpayers are not the only poor bastards who have to subsidise this bunch of freeloaders for their fur-embellished clothing and no expenses spared lifestyle.

  23. If she does this as a princess, think what she would do as a queen. As danish, we cannot let her! Victoria, Mette Marit, Mathilde. Kate, Letizia, no one acts cheap like you do. Yrma is so stupid and think we are too. You are wrong bogan, Queen Margarethe will stop you!

  24. I love your blog
    I just hope that more Danish people would find it and read it

  25. Royal Dish says that Mary might have gotten a mini face lift with threads and that's why her face has those strange pull marks on it. Poor Fred. She is so vain. GUess what Moshie, your jowls are still there! It didn't work! Bwahahahahahahaha!

  26. Their trip this year was very short. Fred was back in denmark for a function on 15 Feb so he wasn't even there a week. I wonder what that means?

    1. ya know the sayin: when the cat is away the mouse will play ..

      Freddles probably had to rush back to get some naughty time in before Mary the hyena rips on his ass ..

      #thingsdonein secret secret secret

  27. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is the best. The comments about her and family is unacceptable. I think they work very hard and the children are adorable. These jealous people need to get a life.

    1. Clown Pissy Mary is forever eating our kroners ..
      kroner for breakfast
      kroner for lunch
      kroner for dinner
      kroner coming out of her rear
      kroners coming out of her ear

      Mary pissing kroners
      Mary sh*ttting kroners

      but she's never happy
      always a complainer
      So Eff her the ugly bitchy moaner!!!

    2. The bogan brigade/sycophants who always use the excuses of "haters, jealosy, envious, etc..." to defend their minger simply because they don't agree with comments that aren't fawning and gushing over her. Do come up with better excuses to defend your argument.

    3. ^^No, actually, while it is clearly true the blogger is eaten up by jealousy, this whole blog is just not very good.
      I love a decent, intelligent critique, especially of of the royals. This is not it. It's not witty, clever or satirical. It is looks-obsessed drivel that lacks class and backbone (and a proof-read & spell-check).
      Apart from these points, the blogger has convinced me (again) with this particular post that she really is a total moron. Has she ever met a real child? If so, she might know that young children do not have timeslots for getting upset. You can't plan for a time of day that your four children are all going to be smiling and happy. If you insult someone's character for that, you insult every parent on the planet.
      This post shows that Cece is not just jealous and hateful but, sadly, a special kind of idiot.
      Perhaps she should change her "name" to Cece Moronson. Because it is soooooo witty and clever adding "son" to a word to make it a name*.
      To the blogger,
      I know you don't tend to post honest feedback without then posing as several other users ripping the critic to shreds, not surprisingly in the same classless tone that infects your blog, but you should know how you make yourself look with your blog - bitter, petty, jealous, yes, but also just really, really dumb.
      * Cece, in case you didn't get it, that was sarcasm.

    4. Cece - You Are the Best!!!
      I Think You Are really clever and Good at writing and funny.
      And above All - I have the same opinion of Yrma that You have.
      A Danish Girl

  28. Despite all the mess and chaos in his life Fred really is a good dad. He tries hard to be happy for his kids.
    In case their marriage tanks and it looks more and more likely that way, the kids will be alright. Fred's kids belong with him as Mary already signed her parental rights away in the post nuptial agreement. what a nice mama aye?
    ..just sign away your kiddies for a cushy divorce settlement. her wish will come true soon enough..................

  29. does anybody know the brand jacket Izzy is wearing?