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Politiken: Royal Internet Bloopers

Showing how hyper-aware both editors and the general public can be about exactly how headlines, articles, photos and ads all become formatted for a newspaper, magazine or website, Politiken takes a humourous poke at some of the royal-related juxtapositions that have occurred on even a smart publisher's watch. As with any appearance of gentle satire, Politiken's writer still manages to take the piss out of Fred's lust for hot cars and babes; a light ribbing of Joachim's past post-divorce indiscretions; and Daisy's horrible nicotine habit. Warning: this shows a particularly Danish sense of humour; jokes herein may not translate well.

The Back Page article by Peter Jørgensen, 16 January


Queen Margrethe celebrated her Jubilee this weekend, and from the back pages sound, of course, hearty congratulations.

Hurrah hurrah hurrah.

We have also looked into the archives and found a small gift in the now familiar category "When internet headlines are really badly positioned".

Just a nice little one, as readers over time have not actually fallen upon many impressive examples of royalty bloopers, but some pieces become that, and while the past week has ticked in more, so now it has become a cheerful little round up of a week in the royal house's character.

The first example has Frederik in a rare dual role both as a motive in the article and ad [for helping a starving and thirsty Africa via the Red Cross]. The ad's message rings a little hollow when BT's article is about the prince's new racecar.

Isn't it beautiful? Thanks to Gordon Thomas Jehu for the contribution.

Never too showy

The above is actually almost the only one in this game that stays within the original concept - namely, articles and ads that collide.

The genre has in recent years spread to a large extent also to act on the articles and photos positions relative to each other, which can be just as funny.

Those we take just a few of them - only one more with Frede and cars in focus.

It's Bo Wolff, who has posted an article discussing Frede's new family car.

"They should be good enough to run many times, if everyone can fit in it," writes Bo about the little blue Fiat [from an unrelated article] on berlingske.dk.

Ah, it can not

In this mobile time is the funny coincidence that also started to appear on various smartphones and tablets, as this one about Joachim, hoping for a girl.

And while probably hoping that big brother is not looking his way too much.

Thanks to Hanne Askou for the contribution that balances on the edge.

But they can take what is dished out, since they are stalwart princes.

40 a day for 40 years

Since it's the Queen we have just celebrated, let's take a few jabs at our nation's mother.

As with the coincidence of the Fyens Stiftstidende newspaper headline is the obvious habit of her cigarette consumption, and also on tv2.dk the same topic collided with the Jubilee last week.

Thanks to Pia for the example of celebrating the Queen for 40 years of faithful service to nicotine.

She's damn tough enough. Not everything that occupies our field of vision is related to smoking cessation, wherever we look there at the moment.

No, the Queen, she knows how to be a realistic model.

It's unhealthy to hold it there for too long

And then the queen takes two hits from the alternative papers.

The first from MetroXpress, which in the course of last week, also wrote about the Queen.

They also wrote an excellent story about pee on the main railway station, and the editors chose to put the two stories side by side.

What a way, it could easily have been the whole story, because Margarethe had made no other choices since daddy died 40 years ago.

Full of resin

But she could have chosen a different path if she really had not wanted to bother with a queen's life.

Handball for example.

As you could read the other day in Aarhus Stiftstidende newspaper, so lacking is SK Aarhus in a profile on the team, one might well call it Margarethe [due to the proximity of the photo to the unfortunate headline].

Hats off to a career change.

No closed doors

Also the next entry is submitted by Bo Christensen and gives the impression of a royal family that is opening up more and more up to the public.

On the women's site alive.dk, Frederik and Mary share something about themselves, and alive.dk has really made a scoop of a super couple, who, as alive.dk writes, 'set new standards for royal openness'.

I wonder if Fred really does have good sex manners?


Something he can at least in the bed, the family has grown to four cubs, so with virility, nothing is wrong.

This makes the box smiths at eb.dk not. Until the recent birth of twins, one could at eb.dk read below, slightly cryptic box.


["Here Mary's twins pressed in and out," reads the headline, next to an amazed Christian.]

Nobody can compete with Ekstra Bladet.

Eb.dk is in general always a guarantor for some odd setups.

And since newspapers (and their readers) love sultry stories, the 'ordinary' stories often end in bad company.

As these two examples of the poor Queen. And the women with the shit ["Therefore we see a woman with the runs"] and breast milk ["I can squirt my breastmilk 3 metres"]. Ah yes.

Foot-shaped hat

And then we take just a repeat from an earlier version of this series.

Snatched from dr.dk is Fred with a foot-shaped hat ["Mary is among the world's best dressed"].

Well, at least he has a well-dressed wife.

It's a jungle out there

Before we finish, we take just one trip to the British royal family who was blessed with a giant wedding in the past year.

Speculation about the bride's sister and the groom's brother both before and after the wedding were many, but there is no steam in the rumors about Harry and Pippa, although some networks pretty consistently tried to keep them alive.

Here an example from tv2.dk where extra link to the story gives a whole new dimension to their dating life.

[Headline below that one annoucing their secret dating life: "Prince Harry to train in torture scenarios"]

"I think putting together the two pieces of news directly is indecent. Should a date with her to be torture?" asks Dennis Bo Panum.

As it was yesterday

Finally, our reader Bo Pedersen had a very old clip from politiken.dk lying around for a while.

It's a bit silly. Even Henrik would never think of it.

["Lived with his dead wife for four months"]

In return, we feel called to conclude by reproducing photographer Jens Dresling's divine image of the pair in the summer for comparison. Not because there is some mysterious coincidence in Dresling's photo. They are just getting along well.

It still seems like they enjoy themselves, these two, 44 years after the wedding.

Congratulations on that.

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