Monday, January 16, 2012

Margrethe 40: The Queen's Speech

Video of Queen Margrethe's speech

God's Help, the People's Love, Denmark's Strength.

Today 40 years ago I said those words for the first time on the balcony here at Christiansborg. Therein I put my hopes, my wishes and my love for my country. With my motto, I would express the obligation I felt to the deed I went to.

The commitment is as strong for me today, but I would like to stress that the obligation has always been driven by joy. The joy is rooted in the warmth that has met me and my family everywhere through every year, in celebration and joy as in sorrow, in the so-called "big day", as well as in everyday life.

Today, I must first and foremost express my thanks. Not only the Prime Minister for the beautiful words to me, they confirm the good and trusting relationship, which I feel has passed between me and the successive governments over the years. So many different personalities and so many different politics, but always with the goal of serving our country and protecting our people.

The same is the role of parliament. For my family and me this is the annual opening of the parliamentary session, a ceremony which we witness with joy. Therefore, the reception given to parliament arranged for me earlier this week was a welcome opportunity to re-emphasise the ties that bind the people's control and the royal family together.

Right from the first day I had my husband at my side. You, my dear Henri, has stood by me and been of encouragement and inspiration for me in the work that we have been two to perform. This day is your anniversary as well as mine. Together we have seen our sons grow up, marry and enrich us with a whole bunch of grandchildren.

Dear Frederick, since you turned 18, you've had a seat in the State Council and the Prince Consort frequently had a front seat when I have been prevented. With Mary by your side, you have represented Denmark in the best manner, both with your parents and on their own, in keeping your country's honour and both of us proud.

You too, dear Joachim, has over the years repeatedly as regent handled many of my duties. You are conscious of your responsibilities, and along with Marie, you are also a support and a source of joy to your parents and beneficial to your country.

Tonight I am also surrounded by many members of my family. Particularly, I am delighted that both my sisters and their families can participate. They've always meant so much to me, and are always a support to me, at home and abroad.

It is a tradition which I attach great importance to that the heads of the other Nordic countries can also participate on an occasion such as this Jubilee. Our countries take pleasure in the links that closely tie us together in our common history and the family ties that have existed for generations.

The realm has always meant a lot to me. Since 1972 the Faroe Islands and Greenland undergone rapid development. The Prince Consort and I have had the great experience again and again to be on a visit both in the last and the previous summers. We have been able to keep up with how both the Faroese and Greenlandic societies have evolved and seen how the new generations have grown up and taken responsibility for their country and their communities.

These ties, which for centuries has connected Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland, have naturally changed over the 40 years. The realm consists of an unprecedented fullness.

40 years - more than a man's age - unmanageable for many years to look forward to for those who are young. But in retrospect it seems to me that they've gone so fast. Today when I look back over the years, it is with deep gratitude, gratitude for the task which has been entrusted to me, and grateful for everything it has given me.

The job I could never have risen to without God's help, but also I could not have done it without the love that I feel has surrounded me from all sides since my earliest childhood.

I ask all to rise, and with me pronounce "God Save Denmark"!

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