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BT: Who Was Hot, Who Was Not at the Jubilee

BT runs an article with slideshow today on the ladies of the Jubilee celebrations. Discussing outfits and styling with some fashion industry insiders, BT gives you the run-down on their choices for best and worst dressed. Let's see who made out. Hint: there's no mention of Mary.

18 January BT article by Lotte Scharf

The Slideshow of Gala Jubilee Dresses

Fantastic slide show of guests at both gala evenings, including Danish aristos, ministers and other high profile guests


It's not always that the old adage 'clothes make the man', fits to a tee. In any case, six of the female guests at the two royal gala celebrations over the past weekend dressed in prom dresses that they should have let stay in the shop. The dresses did not flatter the wearers.

So believes Chris Pedersen, fashion expert and chief editor of fashion magazine Cover.

B.T. has asked him to cast a critical but loving gaze at the many evening dresses that the female guests showed up in for the two large royal gala celebrations, one in the DR Concert Hall on Saturday evening and at Christiansborg Castle on Sunday evening.

"In fact I'm not decidedly aggressive about any of the dresses, because many of them are of the subtle kind," says Chris Pedersen.

Therefore, he has mostly remained as to how the individual gowns have dressed ladies, or what colour the dresses are in and how they highlight the figure or skin.

The hot and the missed gala dresses

Winter Pale politicians

Here, especially Pia Allerslev, culture and leisure Mayor of Copenhagen, and Lene Espersen, former chairwoman of the Conservatives, [both features in the accompanying slideshow] have received criticism for choosing dresses that make them look even more January-pale than they already are. But the Countesses of Rosenborg, Camilla and Josephine, Anne-Mette Rasmussen and Lars Barfoed's wife, Vibeke, get constructive criticism about their dresses.

Praise for lace dresses

In contrast, the fashion expert is ecstatic with five other female guests' choice of dresses. In particular, the Queen's dusty green lace dress and the Prime Minister's purple dress that both ladies wore on Saturday night to DR's celebration concert in the house, get roses along the way.

"Helle Thorning-Schmidt's purple dress could have gone on the Golden Globes red carpet. She looked wildly classic in it. And the green color, on the Queen's lace gown, had was absolutely wonderful, says the fashion expert about the country's two leading heads of state.

Hot as Hollywood's Grace Kelly

But it was the Norwegian Crown Princess's white gown that Chris Pedersen was so enthusiastic about. Mette-Marit in this dress was cool, but very beautiful and with exactly the sexy charisma of the former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, later Princess of Monaco.

But all in all, there was no doubt that the female guests had made much of their clothing at the two gala celebrations.

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