Thursday, January 12, 2012

Margrethe 40: BBC & CNN International Interviews for the Jubilee

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik welcome Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and EU Commissioner José Manuel Barroso to Amalienborg on 12 January 2012.

A series of English language interviews with Her Majesty The Queen of Denmark.

CNN International interview by Max Foster discussing the Crown Princely Couple and artistic pursuits

In response to the question of how the queen helps commoner Mary with her role, Daisy replies a propos of nothing and with some verbal stumbles.

"I really like her very much indeed and, I hope she knows that and feels that. Because when you really like people you can help so much more easily. But she's been very competant in the way she's tackled her role so it's been very, very easy to help her along, and I feel very confident in her and I think we've got a very good relationship, indeed. A very warm relationship", Queen Margrethe said with a glimmer in her eye and an evil laugh while twirling her moustache.

CNN International interview by Max Foster discussing her Ruby Jubilee

Keenly aware of making her father proud, the queen talks about how her role has been in large part to continue the family legacy.

"I think it is also important that you are not performing, that you are doing."

Note Crown Princess Mary at 0:12 notice the cameras, then pull a cheesecake pose, bowing out her body to put her secondary sexual characteristics on display while turning to Crown Prince Frederik to ask who the hell this ugly man is who will soon be heading her way down the receiving line - all while everyone else stands stoically and professionally in place to greet their guests.

BBC Interview of Queen Margrethe by Chris Morris

A bit more stumbling for words in this video, the overall impression is that she has a hard time directly answering the questions and finds solace and satisfaction in the old line about serving your country. This is true that she serves Denmark in a unique way, as all royals who want to keep their jobs must, but in light of the compliments she just showered on the UK Queen, she is unconvincing in trying to make parallels between herself and Cousin Lilibet. The British queen truly interacts with her people, Daisy doesn't, and seems to realise this mid-way through her answers.

It doesn't help that she "thinks" that Crown Prince Frederik shares the same values and perspective.

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