Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lille Prins Henrik Visits La Petite Prinsesse

Sweet little Henrik accompanied his grandmaman Françoise Grassiot and grandpapa Alain Cavallier and Far Joachim to see his mother and new little sister at Rigshospitalet on 25 January. Looks like Joachim is carrying in some clothes for Marie to wear when she leaves hospital tomorrow around 11am local time. Perhaps they are some new things courtesy of her parents, or at least chosen by the very elegant French grandmother. No doubt Marie will leave hospital looking fresh, happy, and contented, the polar opposite of the tense, overbearing control freak Mary in horrid, cheap-looking, puke-pink satin ruffles and clown makeup, shooting nasty looks and mean comments to the Australian reporters present. Only a bogan narcissist would think that the Australian wildfires of last year would steal her "miracle twin" thunder!

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