Thursday, January 19, 2012

Royal Sluuuuuuurrrrrrrppppping: Daisy and Derf Get New Rides!

Freddie and his mama Daisy are the happy beneficiaries of Danish sycophantism! Both royals were recently presented with cars to match their personalities and lifestyles!Fred got a hybrid (he's into sustainability, you know) Fisker Karma (Fisher Karma? Watch out, Fred! That Pictish girl of yours is swinging some bad juju your way!) and Mama got a Bentley valued at 6.4 million kroner (a bit over 1 milllion $US) for a steep discount to replace an 8 year old car.

Ekstra Bladet article on the Turbo Prince's hot new car

Check out Frede's Cool Sportscar

While Queen Margrethe is into staid, heavy cars, they fail Crown Prince Frederik's sense of speed.

The Turbo ​​Prince has recently acquired sports car Fisker Karma, which is an environmentally sound speed demon that runs on both electricity and gasoline.

Few people in the world have the car, described as the wildest electric car.

But even if Fred will one day be king, he had to see himself beaten by actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who was the first in the world to get the car.

About Frederik whether has got his car given away or even paid for it, reports the story about nothing. Historically, however, he was quite adept at getting producers to give them away.


18 January Ekstra Bladet article on Daisy's new wheels

Animals Honk For Margrethe

While the rest of the country is hit by restraint in the wake of the financial and debt crisis, there is no crisis to register in the royal house.

Dronning Margrethe har nemlig for nylig haft den helt store pengepung fremme for at være godt kørende i forbindelse med det netop overståede regeringsjubilæum.

Queen Margrethe has just recently gotten a big purse out to promote being a good driver in time for the royal Jubilee.

A brand new Bentley Mulsanne, which was presented late last year, is the latest visible proof that the crisis has not hit the royal family, whose members are growing steadily in apanage year after year.

Escape charges

6,400,000 kroner would be the cost for the general tax-tormented Dane to invest in this impressive and official car. While Margarethe is not generally required by law, however, she escaped sky-high Danish taxes and so could 'make do' with putting down only 1,845,000 kroner for it.

The new Bentley replaces the previous model Arnage, which she received in 2004 to Mary and Frederik's wedding, which will have cost her just under two million kroner.

It was a replacement for her Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II from 1993.

Whether Margarethe threw in her old Bentley in the bargain, is not known.

Crown plate 121

"We do not discuss the nature of our business," says Bentley Copenhagen, which is the only distributor of the expensive brand.

The new Bentley is like the earlier cars fitted with a crown plate 121, which was the first plate Queen Margrethe received at a very young age and she has stuck to ever since.

Her first car was a Volvo Amazon, which she received in 1958.

The Queen drove her own car in her youth, but has for many years now left that part of her life to her chauffeurs who can't complain about their work with the new, expensive dog scoops.

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