Friday, January 20, 2012

Daisy: I'm proud of my daughters-in-law

The onslaught of familial love continues! Picking up on Billed Bladet's interview with Daisy for her Jubilee, pro-monarchy broadsheet Berlingske republishes this non-article from sister paper BT to keep the syrup running strong in nearly every home in Denmark. Interesting choice of photo to run with the article (in both Berlingske and BT): Mary looking tense and self-conscious with Daisy turned toward a relaxed and smiling Marie. The article seems to mirror the feelings from that photie: ie, Marie's a sweetheart who is so good for and with Joachim and Mary's a bitch on wheels (and in heels)! Because, really, which gal is the better support for her husband and which one is the gritty high heel wearer? Hm?

20 January Berlingske article

The Queen had perhaps a bit of difficulty in telling them apart at first, but has words of praise for her two daughters-in-law.

Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie are in fact not just two 'very, very sweet and good girls', as Queen Margrethe said in an interview with Billed Bladet magazine on the occasion of her Jubilee.

And her two daughters-in-law are not just sweet and good. They're very good at their jobs, including being a support for their husbands.

"And so they're both a pair of super-mums", continued Margrethe in the interview, where she also must recognize that the two women of similar appearance very surprising.

Although the Queen has a long experience in committing herself on the polished floors, it has been important for her not foist onto her daughters-in-law, how they should behave.

"I would hate to run around and be a walking forefinger. I have a couple of strong in-laws. A couple of girls with grit and backbone and both feet planted on the ground. Even when they have high heels on," a proud Margarethe says.

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