Monday, January 16, 2012

Margrethe 40: Prince Henrik's Speech to the Queen

Video of Prince Henrik's speech

A loving and admirative speech, kept professional and tuned to the theme of 40 years of rule. Prince Henrik didn't indulge in any dalliances in French nor of overly flowerly language for his beloved bride. Short, sweet and to the point. Well done!

Dear Queen, Dear Wife, Dear Daisy

I offer a warm welcome to all who are gathered tonight at Christiansborg Castle, an ancient symbol of the Danish monarchy. The purpose is to celebrate the Queen of Denmark's 40-year government jubilee. The monarch, who is also the 53 in a monarchy, there are over 1000 years old.

That the current ruler we celebrate tonight, my dear wife, make my joy even greater. We have over these 40 years shared many good and exciting things together, but also some difficult challenges. But always with dedication and sensitivity.

Dear Queen, dear wife, dear Daisy: I am the first man in the kingdom to admire you, and I also tonight interprete for the entire company and across the nation who say congratulations to the Regent.

I welcome many members of our family from near and far, to heads of state from the north with strong family ties and friendship, welcome to the Danish government and representatives of the official Denmark.

All we will together with the Danish people celebrate a queen who has dedicated his life to Denmark and Greenland and the Faroe Islands. A ruler who has shown the greatest capacity to carry out his mission in life: to work for Denmark with "God's help, the People's love, Denmark's strength."

A woman who has had an exciting process for four decades with an inspiring energy, a great skill and considerable success.

Happy anniversary as we all will make festive because we think you deserve to be celebrated. I ask everyone to rise and join me to participate in a toast to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

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