Sunday, January 15, 2012

Margrethe 40: Amalienborg Balcony Appearance

Sunday, 15 January. The Daisy parade continues with firstly, an appearance on the balcony at the queen's residence at Amalienborg. The regent couple took the middle spot, flanked by Daisy's sisters and spouses on one side, and children and grandchildren on another side. Cousins and visiting heads of state (Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland) with spouses were situated on the balconies of a neighbouring palace in the Amalienborg complex.

The heavily pregnant Princess Marie made an appearance with all the Schackenborg boys, including adorable lille prins Henrik. Mary debuted a new long Kate Middleton weave along with her usual herky-jerky self-consciousness. The twin props didn't seem to provide the distraction that she may have been hoping for when she decided to conceive them. She seemed to lose her focus and footing with them a bit, but recovered here and there to give her chosen foil Marie either orders or nasty looks. Marie was wise to make her way to the far corner of the balcony. On a pleasant note, it was great to see the royal cousins all getting along so well and so much more relaxed once More-More and her clan were on a far balcony across the plaza!

After the balcony appearance, everyone except Princess Marie, was invited to the Crown Prince Couple's home for a lunch.

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  1. Haha, "Kate Middleton weave" - that actually made me laugh out loud! It's so obvious that she's a KM wannabe.