Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crown Princess Mary at ECCO Walk In Style Awards

This was the former Princess Alexandra's patronage for years. Now it's up to Mary to be the patron for this Danish shoe company's annual awards event at Copenhagen City Hall (where Frex was earlier with the Danish Handball Champions). Ew, Danish shoes? Madam does NOT wear clogs. Her feet are too f*cked up for that now! Crown Princess Mary of Boganson is sure a mistake has been made and is asking around for the location of the Prada Walk In Style event. Surely, there is a killer, freebie schwag bag at that shindig! You can almost see her shouting through clenched teeth: "Tanja! We're in the wrong place! This isn't it, we gotta scram!"

BT's slideshow of Mary and other celebs at the ECCO event.

The Kate Middleton transformation continues (is she now Kary? Kary-Mate?)! Long, curly, ringlet weave - check! Nearly goth-level, full perimeter eyeliner - check! Matching trouser suit (oddly enough, this look is very Alexandra!). Someone needs to tell Madam that shiny fabrics just add girth. And with Mary's loooooong torso, and the very low-riding crotch on these silly cropped pants, Mary just looks like swimmer Michael Phelps: super short legs and the body of a man eight feet tall. Is she letting the presque-zizi breathe by wearing her pants so low? Or is it because the pants would be too tight around her baby-making mid-section?

Interesting to see that Madam's skin guru (and arch-enemy - or did they reconcile?) Ole Hendriksen was co-host of the runway show along with the editor-in-chief of Danish ELLE. Ole, it was thought, had been banished to permanent exile Los Angeles after DARING to speak openly about how Mary has had success using his skin care products. Even sugary Billed Bladet published something about how Mary was no longer speaking to Ole for implying that she once had something other than perfect, porcelain skin. Maybe they are still enemies and spent the whole evening avoiding each other. I'll bet Mary is the kind of person who has had experience doing just that throughout her life.

And, finally, are those shoes Madam is wearing even Danish?? Leave it to Mary to show up at a Danish shoe company's event in someone else's shoes. Alexandra made a point of always wearing ECCO shoes when she did these events.

Practising "sexy face" looks

Iben Hjejle

Christiane Schaumburg-Müller

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