Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Margrethe 40: "I have not made it about myself"

"...unlike my daughter-in-law, Mary Boganson!"

Beautifully spoken in four languages, Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark welcomes visiting journalists on the occasion of her 40 years on the throne in the first video. Subtext: I will be the last articulate and multi-lingual monarch. Side note: her accent in each language is gorgeous! Her French is especially impressive. The video of the press conference is in the link below.

TV2 interviews Daisy.

Never had a plan

Margarethe explains that she considers the task as a ruler to be a task that you have until you die.

"It is in itself in the position you have. When the old king dies, becomes the new ruler. It is required that you keep for life. It is an obligation that I feel very comfortable with."

("Deal with it, Frex!")

Advice to the young Margarethe

If Margarethe could give some advice to the young woman who became queen in 1972 - or perhaps to his son to take over from her - it would sound like this:

"You must go into it fully and completely with everything you have. Year round and throughout your life with the confidence that you could handle it."

(She does not specifically address Freddles as her heir. Joachim, in waiting?)

Not all friends living large and beautiful

The queen denies that she should be without knowledge of general Danish life.

"I know more about it than people actually think I know. It is not something to exhibit, for then it's not common. I definitely know people who do not live large and beautiful."

(She is not a snob like Mary Donaldson who avoids stinky peasants as much as possible.)

Margarethe: I do not use a mobile phone

The Queen laughs when asked if she really does without a mobile phone or the internet.

"It's very peacefully done, and I use the phone when necessary. I feel fine to be without a cell phone. I like things the way I have them, thanks!"

(She will not be parading an iPhone on official engagements like materialists Mary and Fred.)

Living in the moment

Margarethe explains that the best moment in her time as a ruler is now; it's because she tries to live in the moment.

"I have it in that I was happy for the time in which I lived. I have lived in the moment."

(Not planning any Looker Me! Tours to the US or Australia any time soon.)

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