Monday, January 16, 2012

Margrethe 40: Christian and Isabella Are a Handful

Even the tabloids are noticing it. Poor Cousin Haakon does; just look at his face exiting the minivan above, averting his eyes, clearly stressed by having been in close quarters with the Clown Princely Couple and their eldest kids. In this article in BT, the writer tries desparately to 1) make it seem like Christian is normal and 2) use Izzy as a scapegoat for bad behaviour. These poor children are too young to be solely responsible for their behaviour. Their parents are the ones who are responsible. Derf and Yrma are just too distracted to provide these royal children with the guidance, discipline and loving attention they need to grow into tolerable creatures. It doesn't help that a series of sexy, young Danish nannies have had the majority of child-rearing thrust onto them. Too bad the children don't have a good, stern, British governess who could be trusted to raise them correctly, but such a force in the household would attempt to demonstrate far too much control over Madam La Boganista's schedule and shed far too much light on Mary's superficiality and lack of concern about her children.

There was a spark to Prince Christian worship service in celebration

Normally, it's Princess Isabella who is jumping and dancing, standing on her toes and spinning around. Or even showing her bottom by lifting up her skirt when amongst a crowd.

But today it was Prince Christian, who jumped around like a happy kid beside his father when they entering the Christiansborg Palace Chapel.

Ever since Christian got out of the van that had transported him, his father, his mother, sister Isabella and the Norwegian Crown Princely Couple, Haakon and Mette-Marit, the church was started in the little prince. He cut grimaces, stood on one leg and made the whole thing a joke. See the pictures.

Perhaps he just enjoyed coming to church? Or should he have just have burned some of gunpowder before festive worship service began? Because when you're in church, you must sit pretty. And be quiet.

Christian is ok, for he has been to church many times in his short life.

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