Friday, August 9, 2013

FAIL: Yrma at Copenhagen Fashion Week: The Presque-Zizi Is Back And Mary Still Wants You to Associate Her With Kate, Or Diana, Or ANY Member of the British Royal Family, But With No Member of the Free Press!

It's baaaaaack!!!!!
 Copenhagen Fashion Week kicked off with Yrma La Douche and the bald Presque-Zizi in fine form! Lots of Kate Middleton-associations with an additional Diana one for good measure, mismatched freebie clothing from Signe Bogelund Jensen, eyes darting in all directions except for making eye contact with any person actually talking to her, rogue reporters asking how many damn shoes she has to the chagrin of Madam's security officers (never mind that security should only be used to protect her person and not to keep her thin-skinned ego from being bruised by relatively softball questions related to how she spends tax money - or how much she takes for free, whichever the case may be) (shades of when royal staff member Per Thornit manhandled a reporter when she dared ask about Mary's association with coke-queen Rigmor Zobel), wedding ring fiddling even though she's now enlarged the ruby ring with additional diamonds to suit her delusions of granduer, and best of all, the formal return of the presque-zizi looking engorged surrounded by expensive purses (see the hilarious article below) and newly bald to take advantage of the shiny sateen with which it no doubt has direct contact, and enjoying its new rain and sun shelter in the form of Mary's Miracle Twins mummy tummy! Rejoice, peasants!

Article: Ekstra Bladet

PET Protected Mary's Shoe Secret

This far and no further. Some questions are so crazy that the guards must break in.

There are secrets that are so big that none other than PET is the right organization to protect them.

Ekstra Bladet saw yesterday how the service is extremely staunch when it comes to protecting Princess Mary against the fact that her deepest secrets are coming into the light.

It happened during her visit at the fashion fair in Bella Centre, where Ekstra Bladet asked at the occasion in question, the very real question of how many shoes she really has.

"Hahaha", Mary sounded nervously about the issue.

Then security array and numerous mix of private guards, courtiers and PET people came running and shouting 'Nooooooo' at Ekstra Bladet's shout out.

The large bevy of guards made ​​sure that no mortal came near Mary, who followed a carefully planned programme between stalls.

Mary only differed from the route in one place. It happened when she ended up at a giant shelving unit filled with bags.

She seemed paralyzed as she stopped and her eyes minutely scanned the many rows with the welcoming bags.

Ekstra Bladet would have liked to have asked her about her bag fetish, but after the first seemingly impertinent question, we no longer came anywhere near the blue-blood.

"Hi, yeah. Hahaha. Um, could you maybe shut it, I'm trying to admire something shiny!"
"Look at the weird things this dress is doing to my otherwise nonexistant chest!"

"What? TOO orange? Is that a thing?"

"Shoes? How many shoes? Sorry can't hear you! My goons will teach you how to speak to me properly!"

"I'm sorry, my contract said I'd be greeted with not only short people, but also freebies. Where are the freebies?"

"Hold pose for photographers, 3, 2, 1. That should give 'em what they like!"

"Can't understand! Not listening! Wait! Did you say freebies?"

"Thank you for being both shorter than me and not scared like the usual kids. What sort of sedatives did they give you? I need some for my older ones."

"Yeah, look lady, not really listening, looking for my swag bag. Where's the free swag?"

"Maybe it's over there? Could you all stop talking and look for it?"

"I like that one a lot. Would Kate wear that?"

"I can haz freebiez?"

Messaging going on here with wedding ring fiddling?

"OK, ladies, I really can't go on not looking at you, so since you're not giving me freebies, I think I'll leave now!"

"Psst, have you seen my freebies?"

"Hahahahaha hahahahaha I don't really like touching, but I will take this freebie!"

"Check out my mismatched freebie outfit! Kate would TOTALLY wear this, doncha think?"

"I love that a shortie escorts me every year. Makes me look heaps taller!"

"Honey, I'm trying to have a conversation here. Can you look at me and not the shoes, please?"

Overacting to greet someone who's name she probably never bothered to learn, like when she was so happy to see that woman who came up to her in Australia who Mary'd never met before - but cameras are around so the show goes on!

Hanging with Julie Mølsgaard who was recently with the family in Tisvildeleje and has been on the Mediterranean yachting tours

Fake! Unrelaxed! Self-conscious!

This model is "Mary's friend" Jean Ahlefeldt-Laurvig who is married to a close friend of Fred and Joachim and who works at Georg Jensen (freebies!). But Mary's not even looking at her!

Is this Rigmor Zobel!? Isn't that the FU Zobel strut?

Mary's the only one laughing. Is she making fun of the model?
Everyone clapping for the designer except for Mary and her minder. Figures.

"Kate wore an outfit like this once. It's very Kate evocative, don't you think? Kate will probably be calling me soon for post baby body tips. No, really. We're super close!"
"Hey, Mary. You're clothes are see-through. Did you notice?"

"Notice? Honey. I'm no amateur."


It's like they are SOUL SISTERS!


  1. No no no - you've got it all wrong. I think you'll find it's Princess Diana copying MARY. Outrageous and unoriginal! As for bringing in the Heavies when questioned about her massive shoe hoard, I think you will find that she was reluctant to answer these questions so as not to upset those in the world less fortunate than herself. Finally, Mary would never never never never never never never never never take freebies.

  2. Does Mary have some sort of syndrome?

  3. She looks like a dried-up old plum. Those lines on her face and lack of elasticity make you wonder if she has reached menopause.

  4. Thank you again, Cece, for your intriguing insight.

    In defense of the blue dress with the rope feature. It is a cute dress on its own. It's Mary, as usual, who ruins the line and the look of an outfit.

  5. Vulgar woman looks dirty with the fake tan all over her manly body.