Monday, August 26, 2013

Bien Jouée!: The Schackenborg Foil to Boganborg: Princess Marie Goes About Her Danish Duties, Bringing the Family Along When Appropriate!

Happy to be en famille when working for Denmark!

In increasingly stark contrast to her ridiculous sister-in-law's attempts to feed both her own ego as well as the Aussie photo agencies and to passive-aggressively taunt her weak husband, la belle et calme Princess Marie continues to balance her young family's needs with her responsibilities toward Denmark. What a treat to see a Danish princess fully engaged in her duties, firmly and happily ensconced on home turf, and bringing along her charming family when the event merits such!

Marie is diligently doing her duty bringing attention to not just Danish events, but also Jutlandish events. The Jutland Princess! Those Copenhagen snobs can't even believe it, but this is what makes Marie so well loved and completely beyond reproach. She is giving love to regions of the country written off as too small, unimportant, or worse, too backwater for a royal's attention. Pshaw! Marie knows exactly what she's doing. She's working both the provinces and the capital, content with her rural life, and her occasional urban experiences, widening the expanse of Denmark for those who don't know what is west of Valby. Brava, chère Marie!


Today, Marie had an event with Nordic Gold, viewing their new jewellery line and handing out awards! Super cute top and adorable interaction with the young flower girl. The new haircut looks great here!


Over the weekend, Marie and Joachim took lille prins Henrik to Marie's Tønder Festival. This is an annual event for Marie to which she is very faithful, and it's a good first year for Henrik to attend, being just old enough to enough some music and of course, a nice ice cream treat. Certainly, Athena is still too young, non-toilet trained and perhaps fussy to attend while Maman is working. Nice, thoughtful touch to have lille Henrik wear the festival t-shirt!

Earlier, Marie and Joachim still had custody of Nikolai and Felix, and so took all three boys to the christening of a boat for the Nydam Society at the Nydam Bog for which Joachim is patron. Dedicated to the discoveries that remain a significant theme in the relationship between Danish and German cultures in the border region, this is another "home turf" occasion in which the Schackenborg family participate. This family understands the importance of togetherness, noblesse oblige transference to the next generation, and history lessons for the children. Bravo!



  1. I would say Marie is contend with her life, her roles as a mother, wife and princess, and what she's got. Contentment makes her looks and personality radiant.

  2. well done Marie! She's so lovely and down to earth. I really like her blue blazer + jeans combo!

  3. Marie is fantastic! Very good looking, well dressed, sweet, etcetera. It´s very nice to see Pictures of her.

  4. Marie travaille beaucoup et bien et le plus souvent avec sa famille
    Derf et Yrma ne font pas