Friday, August 23, 2013

Sportif!: Derf Sails and Talks Dirty With Mates in San Francisco: Further Proof IOC Membership Was Giant Excuse For Playtime

"Wook at me! I go sailing wiff big boys! Yay!"
While his non-hard-working, bad Danish speaking wife-thinggie embarrasses Denmark and insults the Syrian civil war refugees in Jordan with the most grandiose incidence of irony around the issue of social welfare recipients, contrasting desperate, Muslim emigrants to the tiny Scandinavian nation with a desperate, skanky, work-shy, orchid-loving, grifter immigrant, Fred rides his recent Ironman victory high all the way to San Francisco, in California, USA, to "observe" America's Cup races in the beautiful bay there. Guess Mary really did succeed in swapping out the young, buxom blonde nannies with older hags, 'cause otherwise our boy would be deep c diving at home!
Do neither of these idiots realise that there are four children alone in a psychedelic palace with no one but young Danish women and underpaid staff to mind them? Hopefully, Auntie Marie made her way over to the children's palace for plenty of cuddles. Fred, go home. You're doing nothing for Denmark by sailing and talking dirty with your mates. There are sailboats and beer in Denmark. Go home and help Izzy with her first experience with homework. Huh? With Madam in Jordan, more time to hit the clubs after the kiddos go to bed and meet new friends.
Psst: careful with your wedding ring. You have a tendency to lose them in the US when you attend sailing events there! (Have the hotel search your nightstand immediately after you check out, and discretely mail it back to you in Denmark.)
Article: Oracle 
Three years ago His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark took the helm of Jimmy Spithill’s RC 44. Sailing with Spithill this week as a guest onboard ORACLE TEAM USA’s AC72 was an entirely new experience.

“It’s so different from monohull sailing. These boats are like big birds that fly really low to the water. It’s definitely amazing,” said Crown Prince Frederik.

A competitive sailor, Crown Prince Frederik recently skippered a crew of Denmark’s Olympic legends at the 2013 ISAF Nations Cup. He also completed his first Ironman – the 2013 KMD IRONMAN Copenhagen – a day prior to traveling to San Francisco.

As an athlete, he quickly recognized the skill and physicality required to race the AC72.

“There is a lot of focus from all of the crew – the AC72 demands attention as everything happens in a short time span and the stress level can be quite high,” said Crown Prince Frederik. “The experience of the crew is evident in how they work together.

“I’m very thrilled to have been able to be here and to join the team onboard – I feel very lucky.”

Crown Prince Frederik will be watching much of this year’s America’s Cup from his home in Copenhagen. He is also a member of the International Olympic Committee, and he will be attending the IOC’s annual general assembly during the Cup, but will be paying close attention.

Photos: Guilain Grenier/Oracle Team USA


  1. It is impossible not to notice that Fred is a million times happier when he's traveling and doing sports than anything else. Why doesn't he negotiate an exit package with the government and leave Denmark to Joachim and settle in the States or wherever he wants and does this stuff all damn day? He is wasting everyone's time in Denmark with pretending that he can be king one day. Doesn't Marge know that Joachim is better suited?

    1. As with Queen Elizabeth the whole idea of monarchies should die with the current ruler. I do not think that the British people will stand for the thought of the serial liar, conniver and manipulator Charles and consort Secretariat to be their 'King." I would hope that the people of Denmark will also wake up from their trance and realize that the idea of King and commoner is abhorrent to any thinking rational individual. These institutions do a brilliant job of marketing to their 'subjects.' The monarchy should go away when Marge does.

  2. Why do people need a minger bogan to represent them?

  3. Sport, plaisir, vacances mais pas beaucoup de travail au Danemark