Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Said, LOOKER ME!: Yrma Sexes Up The Mary Show To Take Over Isabella's First Day at School. Izzy Isn't Having Any of It Being a Total Daddy's Girl

"Cameras up here, boys! Fred, MOVE!"

Joizuz! Madam MeMeMeMeMe certainly learned her lesson from the last time she sent a bub off to school. No more shorty tunics as dresses since her thighs have turned to cottage cheese or flat shoes that stumpify the legs. Especially since this latest kid is a total cutie pie and might steal MoreMore's thunder. Oh, no. Mary pulls out a translucent top, new Dulong jools, pricey cobra Louboutins (beware the serpent!) and heavy makeup and newly fluffed wiglets! Can't even put a damn barrette in Izzy's hair, but Mama looks ready to out-pace the posh yummy mummies at Izzy's new school in elite Hellerup. God help us all as Izzy grows into a gorgeous young woman and Josie grows up, too. Thunder stealing is the theme today!

And steal More's thunder Izzy did! Oh, Izzy, you are a star and with school and new friends and nice teachers, you are going to make it! What a daddy's girl. Do note that Izzy was fully connected just to Fred in the video of them posing in front of Amalienborg this morning. They are a team, in sync and Madam is not on it. Mary is a weird ghost to Izzy, who thankfully, is mostly all Fred. Mary tries desparately to pull the attention of the cameras and reporters to herself with lots of chin in the air movements (reduces neck wrinkles) and over-smiling, and touching poor Izzy's hair, and for once, putting Izzy in a bracelet that matches mummy's. But it's so fake, and therefore bad kharma, not the good, unselfish kind. Fred's interactions with this doll were more natural, and very touching. Just when he gives you the ammunition to think that all he cares about is beer and sailing, he goes and shows what a kind father he is. Good on ya, Fred!

Enjoy school, Izzy! Hope it was Cook who packed your lunch and not Mor ("here's your celery stick! Don't eat the whole thing!")!

Video: Berlingske

ME, baby

Me me me

Me me me me me and my sexy mouth!

ME! Hihi!

Now to the real star of this show: Princess Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe!

"Oh, brother is More going to be glad to see you!"
"Far, you're here, right? Don't run off like you often do!"
"Watch her, would you? I think she's about to throw me over to the side because she can't be seen."
"Hi everyone! I'm so excited and maybe a little nervous!"

"My mother kept creeping up to the window with this maniacal look on her face this morning to see if you all were here yet!"
"I'm kind of more into my Dad, anyway."

"You'd think I could use a barrette, don't you?"

"I think because it's a French word, she doesn't bother."

"But she SHOULD. I mean, look at me!"

"This is me being my mother: Me me me boo-boop-i-doo who cares about Izzy's damn hair?"

"It takes a cabal of photographers just for her to notice I even have hair!"

"At least my Daddy's here. He's actually a calming force at home."

"I KNOW, right? But it's true!"

"She's still there, isn't she?"

"Daddy says that spending several hours a week at school will be the best escape from More!"

"Jesus, lady, stop touching me! You haven't touched me this much since I took your mascara and you chased me under the bed!"

"Come along, skat, time to get in the car!"

"Bye everyone! Thanks for showing an interest in my big day!"
 "Remember, darling, let MoreMore and her round shoulders go first. Fewer problems that way."
What do you say we take up a collection and send Izzy a big box of these for Christmas?

Photos: Keld Navntoft


  1. I'm not surprised that Mary wears black and white to completely stand out. Fred and Issy are in colors to match the palace - drab khaki and musty pinks. It's always Mary first in her little bitty mind. disgusting woman..

  2. Izzy and her bogan mother have the same cheap-looking bracelets. Her feet and neck are scrawny.

  3. Mary is so disgusting!!! She's an ugly narcissist who cannot stand not being the center of attention. Get over yourself lady. It's Isabella's big day not yours!!!! Nasty woman!!!

  4. Why does Frederick dress so incredibly badly?

  5. Jeg elsker prinsesse Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe. Det er min favorit prinsessen før Ingrid Alexandra af Norge og Estelle i Sverige. To spørgsmål: hvorfor var der ikke ledsage sin bror Cristian? Og... Hvorfor Isabella fik i korte bukser? Medlemmerne af den kongelige familie du sætte dine bukser mindst under knæet og med trekvarte ærmer. Normalt både børn og rigtige piger kjole elegant,og ikke som mennesker. Så er der også dette at sige: selv de almindelige mennesker bør ikke gå i skole i korte bukser,endsige den kongelige... Mary

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    That's all.
    The fact that you choose to do all this anonymously, speaks to the fact that you are a bully.

    1. You're anonymous. That would make you a bully AND a hypocrit. Shove off

  7. I don't a bully because only comment as anonymous! The other four people who have commented are all anomymous,and does not tell us anything??? Watch what you say! You're the real bully,especially because you also have commented anonimously! I written my name,and that you do not even criticize me? Go to schoot,please! Do not try to criticize,critique others,or yourself,rather! Think hard about what you told me,bully!!!!!!! Mary