Friday, August 12, 2011

Prince Christian's First Day at School


Let this be a warning to all parents who don't want to be tough on their kids, or who can't bring themselves to tell their sweet babies "no", or who only show a modicum of affection with them when cameras are around and then banish them to the nannies' quarters when the doors close and the guests are gone, or who refuse to teach their children the importance and skills of self-discipline and composure when sharing the company of others, or who don't convey to their offspring a spirit of loving generosity and shared sacrifices to instill compassion and make sure the little buggers grow up to be kind, decent citizens of the world, or who ignore very real yet easily addressed developmental issues because of parental problems with narcissism or substance abuse. This madness is real, people!

This article with video from BT says that Christian started his first day of school at Tranegårdeskolen in the exclusive suburb of Hellerup and looks forward to playing football with his friends, including LIW Caroline Heering's daughter Rosemarie, ie., this school choice is more about Mary than Xian. Well, the conversation with Xian in front of the palace went more like this: BT "Are you going to play football at school?" Xian "Yes, I am!"; BT "Do you already know some of the others at school?" Xian "Yes, I do!". A chip off the ol' Mary Donaldson block. Adds to the charm of an untucked shirt ("Boganson chic"). Suddenly, it becomes clear that the Krebs' School entrance exam might have been a bit difficult for Mary's boy. Mary would probably prefer that he attend Sandy Bay Grammar School, just like mummy! Look for a year of Xian boarding at Geelong down the line...

Berlinske has this article where Xian replies to an inquiry that what is in his lunch pack is a secret. That's after Mary reacted to the question of what is in his lunchbox with a "wow, so personal!" reaction. Not really, Mary, it's quite innocent with a child. But it taught Xian to shout "secret!" at the press. What does Mary not want us to know by teaching her child to be all tease-y, faux-shocké with the press? Xian off to school with MoreMore's thimble-sized thermal bottle of wheatgrass juice and a celery stick in order to stay thin? Or is Mary's childhood lunch of processed foods and gray meat rearing its ugly, Taroonian head with a cheese and vegemite sandwich? Or will Mary have worried more about the twittering inquiries of other parents to their kids about what Xian ate and had Chef fill up the kid's bag with foie gras, a rocket & courgette salad with a mille feuille for dessert? If it's the latter, you can bet Xian will learn the fine art of lunchroom trading and get that other kid's turkey on ryebread faster than his MoreMore can sniff out a shoe sale.

"Oh my God, stand still."

"He's going off-script."

"Jesus Christ, what is he doing?"

"Is he peeing!?"

"That's better. Smile, honey!"

"What? There's no problem. My child is adorable and soooo normal. Did you notice my cute dress? Like this taste of my upper thigh region? What?"

"See? Look! Just fine. Totally under control and not fidgety AT ALL. SEE?"



  1. He's a kid - give him and his parents a break. Oh, and get a life. Surely yours must be really miserable since you have to be spend it spewing such hateful nonsense about people that you don't know.

  2. More great commentary, Cec!
    You've been nailing it lately!

  3. To the other, kinder Anony: much obliged. Thank you muchly for the cultural precisions! xx

  4. You are so-o-o-o-o funny, you sound like the ladies in the Royal Dish forum.

    Do you have any opinion that lilleprins Henrik is unable to walk by himself? Joachim and Marie are always carrying him; and the photos and video from Graasten 2011 look suspicious.

  5. Hi Bianca, thanks for the compliments. I suppose lille prins Henrik is carried so much because he is mummy's first baby. Most first children don't have to learn to walk too early because they get used to being carried by their doting parents. Once he gets a little brother or sister, he'll be walking much more on his own! We do know that he can stand and walk on his own. Check out past BB issues posted on this blog, especially the one of the turkey baster twins' christening. Henrik walks between his papa's and older brothers' seats in church.