Monday, August 29, 2011

Crown Prince Frederik Gets a Little Taste of Freedom

Now that his wife has gone native for a few days to refresh her narcissistic soul, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has found himself in a strange, new state of mind: one of freedom. He might even be slightly happy, but he's not sure since that's been such an elusive feeling for the last ten years, ever since that bogan wife of his came up to Europe to just pop in on him and see if she could have a place to stay "for a few days". No, Our Freddles has been visited by a feeling of lightness and an odd peace of mind. Those four children of his kind of even look a little bit cute to him. Course, pretty nannies don't hurt, either!

Day One of MoreMore's African regency saw Freddums hosting Danish and Baltic ministers at his home to celebrate 20 years of their own freedom. Mary never let him have company over for a working lunch! Look how relaxed and happy everyone seems to be. The Crown Prince seems engaged and involved - grown-up and kingly, in fact! The ministers seem to be telling him positive stories of the benefits of throwing off the yoke of oppression and enjoying life to the fullest! How inspiring! Little synapses are going off in Freddums' brain. Energy and blood are returning. Mary needs to spend a lot more time away!

In fact Fred started feeling so good, he decided to take ALL FOUR children out for a walk and little cruise around the harbour! The sexy nannies strapped the turkey baster twins onto their full bosoms and out the door they went to the dock at the park behind the palace. What a nice day for an outing all together before the oldest two head back to kindy on Monday and before their mother-figure thinggie returns from picking up black market ivory and tiger skins for Boganson Chrissie presents. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has a little swing in his step, and might even have allowed himself to think that he deserves and truly wants this kind of good feeling in all aspects of his life. Royal attorney Henrik Wedell-Wedellsborg already has a draft divorce resolution drawn up, waiting for the call from the palace.


  1. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today and this was hilarious!! Please keep writing about our favorite Bogan! Cheers

  2. Hi, I'm reading this from Sydney after having viewed many photos of Princess Josephine during her current trip to her mum's native Bogan-land. Does the little princess have Down's Syndrome?

  3. She looks to have something, maybe a milder chromosomal defect.
    We will know in time to come I guess.