Sunday, August 28, 2011

Princess Marie in Copenhagen for Double Duties

Since the Danish Crown Princess, Madam la Vice-reine d'Afrique, has decided that the simple pleasures of Danish royal waving did not suffice to relieve her heartburn in the wake of "Greedy Mary" magazine covers and Marie's pregnancy announcement (and instead flew post haste to the miserable climate of the African Horn to generate some "Diana treatment" with black children), the lovely Schackenborg princess filled in at a jewellery fair after her scheduled visit to the increasingly popular Cooking Copenhagen food festival. Who's provincial, now!?

27 August, Marie attended the Nordic Taste event at the festival and tasted some of the best regional food from Nordic chefs and restaurants, including oysters from the Schackenborg Slotskro, the local inn in Møgeltønder where Marie's cousins stayed during the 2008 wedding. Marie is on record from a 2010 interview for her love of her region's oysters. Nice to celebrate and show support to the local foodies!

29 August, Marie attended the Copenhagen Jewellery Fair to hand out the prizes for the Bella Nordic Jewellery Award. Lovely in an elegant black dress, not hiding the growing bump, Marie mixed and mingled with the equally elegantly dressed vendors, designers and collectors. No wonder Marie was sent to this event; this crowd is a far cry from the shaggy, shabby, sartorial ennui of fashionistas that Mary once mixed with during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Among the displays was a new tiara by Flora Danica, one that celebrates Marie's French heritage with three lillies. What an ideal present and one that the little girl baking in Marie's oven will appreciate receiving on her 18th birthday! Here is BT's gallery of photos from the Copenhagen Jewellry Fair.

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