Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prince Joachim on Danish Radio's Café Hack

As reported in Billed Bladet #25, a radio interview with Prince Joachim was aired today on P4's popular Sunday radio programme, Café Hack. Hosted by Søren Dahl, "Hack is a morning program that invites listeners to a café atmosphere, music and entertainment", according to its website. "Every Sunday morning, a special guest is invited who has a passion and a desire to discuss his life and his work."

The show travelled off-site to the Schackenborg area, near Møgeltønder for this interview. They discussed the great archaeological discovery of the Golden Horns nearby, the Five Farms conglomerate, and bits and pieces of Joachim's life, including how much he likes David Bowie's music, especially the song "Heroes". Keeping with the show's Aarhus-based format, a champagne brunch was served to the live audience. Joachim was very relaxed and showed a great sense of humour as he mostly discussed his life and work at Schackenborg.

The prince discussed what it means to be a prince to Denmark and he joked that among other things it means missing his cousin Nathalie's wedding in Germany because he had to act as regent. The host mentioned that since his marriage to French-born Princess Marie, they must speak French together. Quickly, Joachim added, "and Danish!" Even some fresh, local oysters were served, the same oysters that Princess Marie has raved about to Billed Bladet. She has said that she and Joachim like to grab some lemons, chilled white wine and head out to the oyster beds for a treat. Last month, Joachim's Five Farms partner - and royal family friend - Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig at his Fyn estate, Egeskov. Count Michael is one of turkey baster twin Princent's godfathers, in no doubt a territorial move by Crown Princess Mary Donaldson against Les Schackenborgs.

Nice charm offensive from Prince Joachim to a thoughtful and intelligent Danish audience, showing a side of himself that while still regal, is also relaxed, smart, a bit unexpected (Joachim & Ziggy Stardust!) and witty. Bien joué, Monseigneur! All Fred did in a radio interview was get into the booth on a classic rock station and talk about his love for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Dave Grohl. Love live King Joachim and Crown Prince Nikolai!

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