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Billed Bladet #15: Last Pre-Christening Issue!

"Mary's Beautiful Family Celebration". Funny now that we're all past the christening and can compare the reality to these predictions. BB says it will be lovely, Mary's happiness, paints portraits of this large, "happy" family, but what we say on Thursday, 14 April was publically painful, especially on the heels of Fred's escapades with a pretty young blonde at a local nightclub two nights before the twins' big day, and especially for Mary. Supposedly without knowing what was going on yet, BB publishes a cover with a wide-eyed Mary and a look on her face that says, "I've got it all!" and a rather clear-eyed, if still pale Frederik, resisting the loser hubby label. They don't quite look like a happy family, do they?

Final details on the christening. Funny photo of the Sluuuuuuuurrrrrrrpppppsons getting out of a crown car in Copenhagen, the Dumpling trying out a sexy black satin suit.

This photo of Amber actually makes her look pretty. How hard has she fallen! Mary's brother has quite a large hoop earring, will he or won't he wear it to church? He joined Fred and Xian at a football game soon after arriving in Denmark. The back of Christian's head is frighteningly flat still.

Cute reminder of other recent royal christenings, including a very pretty Alexandra with both Nikolai and Felix.

Izzy's expression says it all! Also, Norwegian and Greek babies in the upper corner.

No Danish royals this week in fashion, but a pretty Charlotte Casiraghi in a summery dress.

BB has started with the inane comparisons between Catherine and Mary. Good luck!

"I Was a Royal Nanny". Ann-Alicia Thumbo is now married with a son of her own. She was in service to the Schackenborgs until Izzy was born, then had to make the transition on her christening day. The photo on the second page was of her and Felix at Kancellihuset on the day of Izzy's baptism. Different line of work behind the scenes!

Joachim and Marie attended another event in their South Jutland area, at the Guldhorn Centre. The golden horns were a major archaeological find in the area. They are two horns made from sheet gold from the 4th century and copies are in Copenhagen at the National Museum. These two are doing a great job of putting a focus on the history and activities of this quiet region and hopefully that will result into more tourists visiting the region.

"Gusto Fred" went to London recently, just before the christening, for meetings in conjunction with the SportAccord Conference. Including one with the sexy, and actually sporty Katarina Witt, former Olympian and Playboy model? Hm. BB's Trine Larsen - who usually gets the Marie beat - found Fred and sat down with him for a quick one-on-one. The one question not asked, "are you interviewing for your second wife, or just a mistress?"

Nice Hermès purse, Trine! I guess BB has rewarded you nicely for all of your sugar stories on the Danish royal family! Wow. That's some serious hush-and-keep-the-storyline-going bribe, er, bag.

"We haven't been invited". Fred reveals that it was indeed the Heads of State who were invited and given that so many other crown princes are attending with their wives means that naturally, those heads of state had the ability to pass on the invitations to whomever they wanted representing them. Daisy will be attending without Prince Henrik, sparing the Danish crown from international embarrassment and shame from Fred getting a tongue bath lung cleaning from a bogan in satin & bunions in Westminster Abbey.

"It's Good to Be Here". Subtext: It is always good to use my position as the head of the Danish Olympic Committee to escape the wife and kids and get out of town and meet new honeybabes. Fred does look well-slept and ready to go in this photo! Kind and sexy women who like food and positive interaction with others are actually fun to be around, who knew!

The Danish pink press is showing ever more interest in William and Catherine! What I didn't scan from the magazine was a four-page article on how Danish tv has sent a team of reporters to London already to cover the two weeks leading up to the wedding. Mary who!?

Royal Greenlandic Bubbles!
Frederik: "These pants were made by Knut."
Nikolai: "How do you work this Game Boy?"
Joachim: "This is from the Danish Taxpayer."
Marie: "You don't get to pour your brother any more Schnapps!"

Royal Mailbag includes a photo of Daisy's birthday in Aarhus in 2006 with Mary and Fred in the distance. Mary looked so absent and diminished that day. Well, look for a slight repeat: Daisy is skipping town just after the christening to leave Bogansons behind in Copenhagen to do whatever it is that Bogansons do, and to have a private birthday at her home Marselisborg.

An advert from the tv-pages for an Eastertime showing of the show Circusrevyen with Ulf Pilgaard as Daisy and another well-fed actor as Prince Henrik whose corporality has not been unnoticed by the costumer!

Naughty tongues want to give Marie hell for revealing what everyone already knew - despite having full permission of the DRF PR machine - that she would be a godparent to one of the twins. Now, BB has confirmation that Gustav will also have one of the positions of honour. Good! The oldest two children have the Greek cousins (Pavlos = Xian, Alexia = Isabella), so with a Berleburg cousin, there is a sense of balance restored. This photo of Gustav and his girlfriend Carina was taken at the wedding of Prince Nikolaos last August. This blurb says that Gustav's parents are also coming to the baptism, but they won't be at the dinner afterwards, as that is just for young people. Hm, bet Papa Sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrpppppppppson was there!

Ballerina Rose Gad took her three children to the premiere of the film Rio. Rose's husband is Holger Foss who is a longtime friend of Frederik's and who went to Harvard with him and on an adventurous road trip across the States afterward.

Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott also attended the premiere of Rio with her two sons Ludvig and Holger. Mary is poor little Holger's godmother.

Joachim and the boys, along with J's BFF Oscar Siesbye Davidsen and his son Alexander, went out in Tønder near Schackenborg to enjoy a day in the sun for a big line dance party in the streets.

Those gorgeous Spanish infantas recently went on an outing at the zoo with their grandmother the queen, mums and dads, and family friends from Jordan's royal family. Kudos to Letizia for dressing them so well and so appropriately to both their ages and their positions. Nice to see a royal mum who knows her kids aren't "normal" in a social sense. Those girls will be heartbreakers, but watch out especially for little Sofia to grow into the real beauty of that family.

Preview of next week. The advertisement of next week's supplement with all of the "loving" details of the christening. Just in case there was any doubt how BB funds its salaries! Work it, Mary! More fakeness, please, can't quite make the rent, yeah, that's it dahling, keep it up, sales are climbing.

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