Friday, April 29, 2011

Mary Seethes: The British Royal Wedding

Congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

BT Photo Series from Westminster Abbey

The dress was very lovely, a nice mix of traditional and feminine, a bit Grace Kelly meets Maria von Trapp via Princess Margaret, in effect. The tiara is lovely, suitable in history and size. The makeup was atrotious, too harsh, but her hair, though down (risky! the wind?) behaved. William's red uniform added the right touch of pagentry, although his posture was awful. Pippa will have many suitors to choose from soon, the sexy sashay in the cleavage-bearing dress will do the work for her. The Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and Mrs. Middleton all looked very lovely.

Daisy wore the same blue dress coat and antennae hat she's worn for the twins' christening, her 70th birthday balcony appearance, and a visit to Aarhus in 2010. Maxima looked stunning, sister has a knack. Mathilde looked appropriate but very shiny in her teal satin suit. Maria Teresa was surprisingly boring in what looked to be an off-the-rack suit. Sofia and Letizia looked terrific. Victoria's dress was very poorly made and too snug (I hope she didn't fire her incredible stylist who finally got her looking like a sophisticated grown woman) - hopefully she is preggers! Zara, Lady Helen and Serena (in a very flattering short 'do) looked amazing. The York Girls must be punking us. Sophie looked great considering she took such a hard fall when riding yesterday (hence the last minute choice to wear a red satin homage to the Sydney Opera House last night at the Mandarin Hotel dinner). Lady Sarah Chatto continued her understated winning streak in a pretty and dark gray outfit.

All in all, very British, very stiff upper lip, and Kate will be more than fine. She is a vastly different woman from Diana; she's a great choice from a man who seemingly can't get his mother out of his head. Catherine has dignity and a mature grace. Congratulations and all the happiness in the world to William and Catherine!

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