Monday, April 4, 2011

Billed Bladet #12: Schackenborg til Grønland

So while Mary continues to lay low, doing ab crunches and sweating out those last, lingering twinsie pounds, BB bores us with full coverage of their tv awards party. Snore. Except! Our darling Marie et famille manages to star in major photie spreads from their royal visit to Greenland, Denmark's most important territory, a place torn between its social problems, grand history and environmental degradation. For Danish royals to visit is indeed a very special event, and continues to focus attention on this complicated land. The choice of the regal, engaged Schackenborg family instead of the insufferable and unsettling crown princely couple is a wise choice, and one surely to please the inhabitants of this country. Joachim and Marie were gifted with a visit to Greenland as a wedding present, and it is fitting that this close-knit young family decided to share the experience with their two older boys, sensibly leaving the baby back home. A ride in a couple of dog sleds was a part of the agenda, not unlike what Unca Fweddie did just before his fateful meeting with Mary Donaldson. Hope those things aren't cursed!! The family were presented with specially made seal fur outfits to help them withstand the extreme cold. This is not an honour that has been bestowed on the crown princely couple. The boys were incredibly relaxed and interested in all aspects of their first visit to Greenland. Marie and Nikolai shared a sled while Joachim and Felix took the other one. Marie displayed touching maternal instincts with the two boys who are so lucky to have four parents who love and care for them very much. Contrast to four royal children with two parents who can barely be bothered! When BB broke the news to Mary that their issues would suffer without royal coverage waiting for her highness to get back to sample size, Mary blessed the published photos of Greenland thinking that there is no way anyone with Mediterranean blood could withstand Arctic cold without a red, runny nose and a sour look on her face. Mary underestimates Our Marie! Cherished with the love of her husband, the support of her stepsons and the warmth of the Greenland hosts, Marie was fully engaged in her visit to this outer realm. The fashion stakes this week go to Marie with her handsewn seal fur outfit. Made by locals, this outfit enabled Marie to withstand -25 degree Celcius temps. That's actually a very cute hoodie anorak! Princess Marie was in Copenhagen to inaugurate a new animal hospital. What a couple of cute Newfie pups! A fitting outing for our animal loving princess. Nice form at the operating table, too, (on a stuffed bear)! Mary's sausage fingers can't elegantly hold small instruments for sharp, precision cutting. She'd have to be Photoshopped live! Meanwhile, Marie's LIW's husband, Oscar Davidsen Siesbye, took his redhead son Alexander and a school chum to the circus. Oscar is now the owner and manager of his family's famous open-faced sandwich shop in Copenhagen, Ida Davidsen, where you can order a smørrebrød named after all members of the Danish royal family - except Mary! (No one can yet figure out how to make breadless, filling-less, water-based, yummy sandwiches.) Diana's wedding dress designer Elizabeth Emanuel tries her hand at designing for Kate's big day. Goes in the opposite direction from poofy, crinkled, ruffled taffeta and chooses slinky, strapless lace. I don't think it'll fly, but for the first time, we see an image of Kate that is very grown-up and sexy! Ms. Emanuel reveals that Diana had a back-up dress for her big day back in 1981. It's basically the same style, but more ruffles at the hem and a straighter line to the sleeves. Off topic, but doesn't she look great for 57? Daisy in a blue mood. Daisy handed out watches at the Watch Ceremony recently in Copenhagen. No other reason for such a silly "article" except to announce to eagle-eyed readers that her mood is blue for a very good reason! *cough*MarytwinsMarybogansSlurpppppsonsMaryDeadFred*cough* Caroline Fleming came back to her Valdemars Slot from London with her three children recently for the baptism of her sister Duddi's first child, Marie-Louise Margareta Iuel Albinus. They'll call her Duddeline! Duddi's real first name is Louise. Lots of aristocratic friends were there including LIW Caroline Heering's younger sister Marie Louise with her husband and baby Alfred. Marc Høm is a photographer.

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