Thursday, March 24, 2011

Billed Bladet #11: Swiss skiing adventures

Another issue short on royals this week, but Mary managed to get out of the house and dragged her family to a nearly snowless Verbier to stay for free in her friend/"boss" Peter Warnøe's chalet with the Heerings. Notes from the cover: "Frederik: I don't get much sleep!" "Mary and Frederik on holiday with all four children" "Mary enjoying the holiday" "Proud father: Isabella is adept at skiing". Interesting that the re-branding of Fred as the only parent who is involved with his children, while Mary is seen distantly smiling at her active kids and taking lone walks in town. If indeed two month old premature babies had been dragged along for a three day jaunt to the mountains, then there is more proof that Mary doesn't much care for the nurturing role of motherhood so much as she must make everyone around her suffer for her own twisted ideas of what a rich woman with a public does, even in private. Love how Mary's overdone, fake enthusiasm for her daughter's improvement on the slopes just reminds us of her graduation photo from UTas and her Pictish hillbilly features: double chin, bulbous nose and rat eyes. Get off yer arse, Mares, and actually show your daughter that she's a star, stop faking it with silly smiles, you're just teaching her how to be an arsehole herself. Fred was the one who took Izzy up on the bunny slope to try out skiing. The sweet girl seems to really enjoy it and do very well. Good teamwork. It is not easy for family members to teach each other such things, but the royal chemistry that bonds Our Izzy with her father allows for strong, bogan-free moments. Meanwhile, Mary gives Trine Larsen (who normally is coddled with the Marie beat) a heads up that she'll be heading out to lunch with the Heerings and Peter Warnøe who is back together with his girlfriend Julia Tholstrup. Sweet Izzy is doing great on her skis. Funny that the magazine chooses not to show any photos of Xian. Slowly re-planting the second born into our consciousnesses? Little defective that first one, eh? With no Danish royals in this week's fashion pages, we are treated to an extremely royal image of La Belle Maxima in a flattering soft pink dress and very fancy tiara. Lovely! This is how it is done, Mares! The announcement that the Schackenborg family (sans lille prins Henrik) will be heading to Greenland at the end of March. The trip is a wedding present and the preparations have taken a little longer than normal because Marie's national costume has been handmade. This will be the first visit to Greenland by not only Marie, but also Nikolai and Felix. A fitting visit for a future Danish king and his spare! Funny how a letter about whether Daisy and Frederik fly in the same plane (there's no hard and fast prohibition, but they avoid travel together) with photos of the regnant couple and their bogan heirs disembarking in outer Danish territories, in advance of the stylish visit of the Schackenborg family to the jewel in the crown, Greenland. Joachim will look more a king, I reckon! Also, Xian and Izzy attend kindergarten in the little blue trailers. Just like Ma when she was little. And grandpappy Sluuuurrrrrrrrrrppppppppppson back in post-war Port Seton. From fish scalers to future monarch and still gettin' schooled in a trailer! Wha hae! To Frederik: "We'll draw to see who gets her phone number first". !! Bubbles isn't afraid to let you in on the real Frederik! Baroness Caroline Fleming is back in London with her newborn, already looking very thin, and without her footie baby daddy who has already taken up with another girl. Head up and get on with it, girl. No looking back at him, look forward with the baby. Sweet photo of Alex and son Nikolai taken on the street in Copenhagen. They had a fun dinner together during a mother-son night out. She and Joachim have been brilliant about their boys' media education. Give them a lovely photo, get used to the attention, and get on with it.


  1. I see that Caroline Flemming has the same type of mentality when it comes to pushing her baby in a pram and storing her purse (rolls eyes). Isabella looks so happy in the snow. Why shouldn't she be? She's wearing bright colors and has mom's attention for once. That pic of Mary in the snow is awesome. I love the double chin.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for this latest week's dose of snark!

  3. Dear Girls,
    One question: Why this HATE to Mary and her family ?

    I am just wondering....

  4. Please point to the "HATE", Miss Louise (btw, I like your hat!) instead of burying your comment in an earlier thread than your comment date. There is no hate, just an observation that Mary's eldest child seems to be off quite a bit and that her family is a bunch of bogan hillbillies. It's satire, darling, no one wishes anyone any actual harm. Relax and enjoy!

  5. Alexandra is one of my favorite (ex)royals. Nikolai has gotten so tall. I'd love to see a recent pic of his brother.