Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Twins Christening today at Holmens Kirke

Video of the Royal Twins Christening on DR Mary is a genius! Kylie Mathews and Amber Petty are in attendance in church today right on the heels of Fweddie's drunken sex dance with the 20 year old "employee", er "long term friend", er, of Xian's godfather in a loud Copenhagen nightclub. Subtext: "My husband's affairs and hatred of my very presence don't bother me at all! More blackmail booty to balance the shame for me! Plus I'm generous, too! Gave Patty an old frock, just like Carina's wearing the dress Alexandra SWB wore to Izzy's baptism, just dyed pink. And see? I do so have friends of my own. If Kylie and I were really professional escorts with an agency at Potts Point, would I have actually dared invite her with a plus-one to my babies' christening? Don't answer that!" Guestlist: Guestlist to Royal Twins Christening Photo Galleries: Guests Royal Baptism Godparents to Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander Mr. John Stuart Donaldson (Mary's roughneck, republican, fuck-this-monarchy-bullshit brother. AC/DC FOREVER, mates!!) HRH Crown Prince Felipe of Asturias (in abstentia; curious reach out by Fred to re-gain old ties to his once close friend and cousin. Let's see if it works.) HH Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg (Fred's first cousin and a good choice to represent the Berleburg cousins since the Greek cousins had been assigned to the oldest two children. Gustav is needing some family support after his marriage-allergic hausfrau Carina has given a stinging interview to Billed Bladet about his family.) Count Michael Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Bille (a direct assault on the Schackenborg tribe, as Michael is a landowner and partner with Prince Joachim in De Fem Gårde and fellow Potato Association member. It's actually Michael's brother Ditlev who is closer to Fred, and Ditlev's wife Jean is a Georg Jensen supplier to Mary.) Baroness Helle Reedtz-Thott (Hologram Helle has earned this.) Caroline Heering (Mary's LIW, Private Secretary, Holder of Many Secrets and wife of Peter Heering, Fred's lifelong friend and son of Daisy's lifelong friend. Peter is also godfather to Our Izzy.) Prinsess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda HRH Princess Marie (payback for Marie being burdened with Mary as a godmother to lille prins Henrik) HRH Prince Charles Bourbon of the Two-Sicilies (a guest at Fred's wedding and 40th birthday party and a puffy Monaco type. Unexpected choice for an unexpected friend via Henrik.) Mrs. Patricia Bailey (the younger of the Ugly Sisters.) Count Bendt Wedell (richest landowner in Denmark, clearly Mary's choice as he could carve up a measly 500 hectares as a gift to the young girl who could then sign the deed over to the Boganson invaders. Rob Roy Woadbod approves.) Mrs. Birgitte Handwerk (wife of Jeppe (one of Xian's godparents, a former Frogman with Fred), and 2009 Mediterranean yacht trip survivor. Another Keeper of Secrets as her husband "employs" the young blonde who was hanging off of Freddles recently at a nightclub. Mrs. Josephine Rechner (Some inoffensive Australian dug up to play The Old Boganson Family Friend, but more likely one of Joachim's Wagga Wagga contacts.)


  1. Thank you for this, Cece, and for the real snootful of reality you inject in all your wonderful pieces!

  2. Every time I see the name Handwerk, I think Handjob, isn't that awful?