Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Princess Marie of Denmark is Pregnant with her Second Child

Mille felicitations to Princess Marie and Prince Joachim on the announcement of the upcoming birth of their second child, and the prince's fourth. According to the official announcement made by Joachim's private secretary Kurt Bache, the child will be born at the end of January 2012. Don't be surprised if the baby is born a bit earlier or later, as Danish court pronouncements are notoriously and intentionally "off".

PLEASE LET IT BE A GIRL! A beautiful, French-speaking girl!

BT has this gallery of Marie during her lovely first pregnancy.

Berlingske has this article accompanied by a video of Marie and Joachim leaving hospital after lille prins Henrik's birth.

Billed Bladet has a "spot the bump" gallery of photos.

Billed Bladet also has Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary's reaction to the announcement. Fred said, "it's really great news." Mary chimed in with "we're looking forward to it on their behalf." On their behalf. Good grief! What largesse!!!

Funny, there is a rumour going around that the couple are having a girl. But they haven't actually announced any gender, and don't yet know (or aren't revealing) the gender. When Billed Bladet asked about the baby's sex, Prince Joachim said that he'd love to have a girl! AS WOULD WE, JOACHIM. DEAR GOD, PLEASE LET IT HAPPEN. After all, we need a girl to marry off to either young Prince Gaston, the future pretender to the French throne (version Orléans), or to either young Prince Louis or Prince Alphonse (future pretenders to the French throne, version Bourbon) or to one of the sons of Belgian Crown Princess Mathilde. Then again, even if it's another handsome boy, there are plenty of women heirs in that generation. With four male mini-Joachims, we can cover Spain, Belgium, Norway and The Netherlands. We've got to spread Schackenborg seed over all of Europe before the bogan genes get to the rest of the continent!

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  1. I love the way you turn a phrase. Thank the stars we have someone to monitor all these "goings-on". Tell me, do the Danes miss Alexandra? After all, she was their main prinsesse for many years. I would imagine that they do, now looking back, comparing her to the awkward, jaw-wired Mares. :/