Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ka-Ching!: Danish Royals Again Take a Pay Raise In The Midst of National Austerity: Scroo the Peasants!

"HA HA!"

Ekstra Bladet is a scuzzy magazine, but when they talk about the royals, this is what they do best: deal with the facts of number crunching.

Here's the breakdown: they're all getting a tiny raise. Daisy gets almost $36,000 US. The rest of the family splits the remaining 100,000 kroner or nearly $18,000 US between themselves. That is, Fred, Joachim and Alex. Fred gets the lion's share of that remaining 100,000 kroner.

None of them should be receiving any raises as long as the country is experiencing cuts to social services and a wonky jobs forecast with lay-offs having happened regularly for the past couple of years. If your damn royals aren't in it with you, then how else can you trust them?

At least Schackenborg works for their moolah.

10% of Derf's appanage is earmarked for Yrma. You KNOW that is the least of what she gets her grubby paws on. Derf is allotted 18 million kroner, or $3.2 million US. I guess The McCann Group Copenhagen and Australian PR agencies have really upped their prices. What the hell else could they be buying, what with the free cars deal they get and how Madam likes taking whatever she wants from Copenhagen boutiques.

Contrast to Joachim who gets a total of 3.2 million kroner, or just $575,000 US for his family of four. And he pays school fees!

Alexandra gets 2.1 million, or just over $375,000 US. Do not forget, Alex pays taxes unlike the others and Danish tax rates can easily hit 60%. So she is probably netting somewhere around $175,000 US/year. Not bad considering she's raising two young princes who are at the age when groceries disappear the second you bring them into the house, and yet, it's such a reasonable salary compared to the Derfies. She has at least kept several of her patronages.

Also, they all pay VAT at the point of sale, but everyone except Alexandra gets the VAT refunded to them, a horrible abuse of the system, and an administrative nightmare (and huge expense) that is not necessary.

Article: Ekstra Bladet

Here Is The Queen's Salary Increase

The stage is set for the Queen and members of the royal house to get a little more spending money when the new budget is adopted

Queen Margrethe get 200,000 more in annuities from Finance next year, so the total adds up to 72.3 million kroner in 2014. So learns the Ritzau Agency.

There is also a little more money to members of the royal house - they get 100,000 kroner more for a total of 24.8 million kroner.

These are the increases to the annuities to the royals with a total of 300,000 kroner next year.

Crown Prince Frederik gets 18 million and out of that he must pay 1.8 million to Crown Princess Mary.

Prince Joachim is in at Finance with 3.2 million, and his ex-wife, Countess Alexandra gets 2.1 million.

Looking over the past year, the economic belt got excited with a few cave-ins to the royals. Since there was a significant decrease in annuities from 2012 to 2013.

The members of the royal house in 2012 got 25.8 million - thus the neighbouring year's appropriation shrunk by a million kroner in two years.

The same applies to Queen Margrethe, who in 2014 gets 3.8 million kroner fewer annuities than in 2012, when the grant was 76.1 million.


  1. I wish to express my opinion as follows:
    So, stealing from the poor to give to the rich is it? And thereafter praising them for spending the money on themselves and their lavish lifestyles.
    So the Danes are taxed to provide Alexandra with an income and she in turn also pays tax on the monies she receives. I suppose her after tax income isn't that offensive, nor is Joachim's. At least he and his now wife are dutiful and respectful of their roles, and they actually work on their farm.
    But the Queen and Fred/his wife?? Ok, the Queen is faithful to her role. But Fred? And his married into the manor otherwise desperately common wife? I don't think so. What an outrage, how utterly offensive. Where is he at the moment? A two week sailing holiday in the US while she has just spent a week with her favourite Minister in red heels swanning around a refugee camp and a refuge for battered women? I'm so glad I'm not a Dane.

    1. Also so glad not to be a Dane. All of these stupid glad handing appearances still doesn't make up for the fact that they are still taking money from the less fortunate Danes and living in PALACES no less. Derfie and Joachim were born into it and didn't really have a choice, but the bogan, and sorry Marie, all manouvered their way into luxury. I know that this blog treats Marie as a saint but she is still in the same category as waity and the bogan - an opportunist of the first order

  2. 72.3 million dollars for the queen! 18 million for Fred!!! Wow, come on. These are people who even squat national patrimony and live in there - with no rent associated, and eat out almost every night in event X or Y. Is that really needed? Crazy amounts of money. On top of the cost of security. I'm surprised and rather disappointed to see they go about in poorer countries touching poor kids asking for donations to UNICEF and the like.

    1. she get 72.3 million kroners.. not dollar

  3. The spineless man has been on dole since his birth, now his skanky wife and four kids are on the list as well. When will the Danes realise that these jokers have no value on international stage? They should cut their pay by 80% and demand this bunch of freeloaders to pay VAT as well. As the tassie bogan once said Danes are slow, it probably never happens in her lifetime.