Friday, August 9, 2013

Bien Jouée!: Princess Marie Dazzles With Good Friends at Fashion Week, Debuts Flattering New Hair Style: Looks Even Younger Than Madam

"Salut, Mary! Crazy how I look even more younger than you with my new 'do!"
Compare la Belle Marie's visits to Copenhagen Fashion Week with Yrma La Douche's. Marie is so much more of an interesting, interested and polite and fun person to be around. She showed up at yesterday's show with her bridesmaid Agnete Arnø and her husband, former Fred Friend Christian Scherfig (former director of the Danish Design Centre) who is now firmly on Team Schackenborg. Marie and Joachim went to their wedding in the south of France a few years ago and recently, Marie, lille Henrik, Christian and his daughter caught up with each other in Hellerup over a light lunch in a cafe on a beautiful summer day. That's what normal people do! Not run over cyclists in the street, not spend their time making product endorsement deals in exchange for freebies with Danish and other multinational companies, not authorise a lab to take some of her husband's frozen swimmers and create Miracle Twins to show up the family, not flash her undergarments at a runway show and pretend it's just being 'fashion forward'.
Today, Marie debuted a wonderful, youthful new haircut at a Fashion Week event. Dennis Knudsen is her stylist and hairdresser; Marie and Joachim were recently seen at his 50th birthday. Arriving with her good friend and lady in waiting Britt Siesbye, she was wearing a Fashion Week designer's dress and looking fabulous. Strangers would see Mary and Marie side by side and think that Mary were 15 years older easily. Enjoy your summer, Marie!

"Hi everyone! So, you noticed something different."

"I'll get used to it. I feel good in my new frock, too."

"I'll have to get used to not touching my hair anymore."

Sexy without being overbearing!

"Hanging out at a great fashion event with my bridesmaid Agnete and her hubby Christian."

So, Cath Danneskiod Samsøe accompanied Marie and her party

She's got a look, let's just leave it at that

But Marie listens attentively to these fashion insiders in their house!

And doesn't preen or fake smile for the cameras!

Admiring a designer's work!

Stepping in closer to admire details - flattery!

WANT that clutch.

Discussing the new haircut? (Dennis, get yourself one while you're at it!)

Sharing a laugh with good friends!

Listening carefully!

People pulling in closer in a shared laugh! Sign of affection!

"See you tomorrow for that haircut appointment!"


  1. Marie may not be a great beauty, but she is definitely very pleasant to look at.

  2. Guess this will have 'someone' making emergency appointments to see their plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, hairdresser and inseminator, all the while counting calories like never before.

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