Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bien Jouée!: La Belle Princess Marie Visits Children's Hospital in Odense Under Her Patronage of University of Southern Denmark

"I'm so glad it was you who came. I was super worried it would be the other princess!"
What a nice relief that Marie went out in to the world recently. It allows us to put Madam's Girly Show routine on Izzy's First School Day to rest. For the time being. You know she's cooking up something next!
Under the patronage of the University of Southern Denmark, Marie visited the country's only children's hospital in Odense on Fyn. She charmed her hosts and the flower girl and had fun with some of the little patients making crafts with recycled materials. Marie also got to meet a newborn baby. Nice day! The outfit is perfectly appropriate and the hair, well, let's just say it's a great cut when it's styled. She's obviously not got a hairdresser on permanent retainer for her less formal duties - and ultimately, that's a good thing!



Photos: Mikkel Hindhede


  1. I like her hair. She looks calm and put together without being overdone. The hair is styled enough, but not so perfect that she becomes unapproachable.

  2. The little girl who gave her the flowers looks completely besotted with Marie. Truth be told, I'd be the same. She looks kind, empathetic, and thoughtful, not to mention great with children. What a difference!