Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FAIL: Princess Mary Boganson Not The Saviour of The Brown Refugee Poors: WHY Did the Danish Refugee Council Think It Was a Good Idea To Send a Cold Narcissist Into Misery's Playground?

"Um, what do I do with it? Why don't you just give her to your army of nannies?"

What a complete and utter failure. When you send a greedy, vacuous, cold fish to a dusty, chaotic refugee camp to interact with the displaced locals at a princess party, please do know that you are going to lose a lot of credibility. Kay? Please then do not push ridiculous stories about how The Precious herself was in VERY HIGH DANGER during an "uprising". (Funny how Marie's September visit to Kenya was just recently cancelled out of "security concerns". Did MoreMore call in a bomb threat?) It just makes things worse for you, not good for your intended beneficiaries, and all Madam needs for a poor photo opp in advance of her Looker Me! homecoming to Sydney in several weeks. It's bad enough that an elected official is tweeting about how mother effing brave this vile creature is! #areyoukiddingme? #syriafail #drcfail #McCannGroupwin
Mr. Bach and the Danish Refugee Council should know by now that little Mary Donaldson is not going to help them personally or professionally. Mary's in it for Mary. Mary chose as godfather to Princess Josephine a man who had bestowed his Constantinian Order upon mass murderer Bashar Al Assad who is the key person responsible for this epic mess in the Jordanian desert, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. This should not be a photo opportunity for the world's most awkward woman who packed her little silver ballet flats but forgot the empathy! Her engagement and wedding rings should have been left home on the dressing table. Too bad someone didn't slip them off her fat finger - guess that's an impossible task in the dry heat. The platinum alone would have contributed loads of money to sustain these poor people for a bit longer in more liveable conditions.
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Photos: Keld Navntoft


  1. The first photo you can see the ruby ring. The poor girl is being held by a woman who thought her own engagement ring not good enough and so added two more diamonds. Oohhh... Just think what else that money could have paid for you know? By the way, did Danish government pay for Mary to stay in five star luxury resort like in Africa? These are bad priorities and a cold hearted woman. Why Denmark why?

    1. Is the ring- story true? I never heard this before! I thought the red-white-red presents the Danish flag..

    2. Yes !!!!!!!!! Look at engagement pic. 3 stones- ruby diamond ruby. Danish flag Now diamond ruby diamond ruby diamond. 5 stones. First pic. Never is enough for Mary

  2. She doesn't look like she has too much empathy for these poor unfortunate people. She looks more concerned about showing off her ballet flats and her diamonds and rubies. Does she get it............refugees who dont know where their next meal is coming from should not have her jewelry shoved in their faces.
    Why are these poor kids making paper crowns to honor this narcissistic bitch who doesn't give a rat's ass about their misery. I don't think this type of PR really helps Denmark. Why isnt she in the kitchen helping to feed these people or at the medical tent helping to soothe those in pain. There must be so much suffering there and she seems oblivious. It doesnt even look like she tries to communicate with these people other than through her Starmaker posing
    She can't even pretend like she cares. Give her some good acting lessons or keep her in Denmark. Also its starting to look obvious that Fred can't stand her as they rarely appear together. He has the ability to empathize. Send him or the Schakenbourgs or don't go at all. This is a PR nightmare

  3. These pictures tell a thousand stories...............of a woman who cares more about her makeup than the displace people. Dummy Mary is photographed biting her nails and not touching children. Who thought the "Princess party" was a good idea?? Duh, no way! Stupid stupid stupid. Meanwhile Minister Bach keeps kissing her back side. Yuk!

    Look at the close up of Mary's face. She has lots of zits! She is under serious stress in her life. that is the opposite of Mother Icon, Miss Perfect image she sure does love to sell the little people. Go back to Denmark little woman with your diamonds and ugly shirt.

  4. This vile creature only parades herself in a designer outfit and handbag in a refugee camp for a photo shoot to promote her smelliness. This vulgar bogan's disgusting behaviour will lead herself to a big downfall on her ass.

  5. It is a shame that someone who is as uncaring and unconcerned as Mary Bogansen turns up there sporting her hundreds of thousand of dollars worth of wedding rings to shine in the faces of people who do not have a roof over their heads nor hope of same in any near future. Whoever in the Danish monarchy mill that put the stamp of approval did not think out that parachuting the trash piece of the Danish royal family is supposed to do what exactly, help the poor people amd make them feel better? In the meantime a$$hole gets into her Gulfstream and buggers off thinking that she is such a saint and samaritan. Almost as bad as when she and Derfie hosted William the beaver-toothed and Kate the vacuous to show their 'support' for the starving in Africa. Same deal - parachute 'em in and out in a day just in time for the weekend.

  6. She might as well have worn a tiara and arrived at the camp.