Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sportif!: Derf Hits Copenhagen Fashion Week Pre-Parties In a Rorschach Fair Isle Jumper, Revealing Inner Thoughts and Victimhood

The patterning does to a marvelous job of disguising the man boobs

Monday, Freddles headed over to the WoodWood boutique in Copenhagen in advance of Fashion Week. Looks like he tried on some of their new clothes. Did he walk away with them as freebies, a la Madam? More interestingly, what on earth does that particular personality pattern/Rorschach reveal about our boy? Are those compasses pinching Fred's nipples with the Boganson testes at the neckline? Or are those Donaldson tribal sex totems Mary arranged through the designer to cover Fred's pixie self, the sartorial version of spraying him as if she were a cat? Or is that a look at Derf's chromosomes, with their addiction and victimisation traits at 1,000,000x, in a form of coded, scientifically-based billboard shaming? Or did MoreMore dip her cunt in ink and make prints of the presque-zizi? Or is it a pity gift from WoodWood spelling out in an ancient Polynesian language 'HELP! I'm married to a monster!'? So many questions!

Article: Se og Hør

Fashion Model Fred: Smart in Hipster-Shirt

The Crown Prince has taken an early shot at Copenhagen Fashion Week in one of the hottest shops around.

Crown Prince Frederik can not wait for the official start of Fashion Week tomorrow. Yesterday he visited the Danish fashion business WoodWood in Grønnegade in the center of Copenhagen, where he checked out their new fall collection.

Then he was photographed as a little uncertain posing in pink pants and a gray shirt with a colourful print.

WoodWood quickly threw this picture of their celebrity client up on Instagram.

About whether Frederik has a future as a model at WoodWood's catwalk or whether he just bought the kit, which has a total value of 2,550 kroner, the story doesn't reveal.

On the way out the door, he had been able to greet a real top model - the ever beautiful 44-year-old Helena Christensen, who also visited WoodWood Monday afternoon.

If you want to look as smart as Fred, you can buy pants and blouse in the store in Grønnegade 1.

Girl, you know I love me some FREEBIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo: WoodWood via Instagram


  1. are those prints of the frozen embryos mary hasn't yet planted in her womb? scary

  2. Rorschach inkblot test meets low fashion meets enabled prince.

  3. Looks like Fred's got a little wood in those pink pants hey hey hey!

    1. Yes, it does! This is a freebie that should not be taken by Mary.

  4. Just to add, Mary should not be taking ANY freebies!!

  5. Fred and the greedy skank imported from Australia really don't know when to stop. One day, they will regret it is too late to stop.

  6. I am new to this, so apologies for seeming slow. Fred is an unwell person, that is plain to see, and has deteriorated at a rapid rate. Inversely proportional appear to be Mary's spending, plastic/cosmetic procedures and copying of Kate Middleton's style. This 'princess' Mary act has no substance whatsoever.

    Seriously, where is this train wreck going to end? Fred in a wheel-chair cowering under a white sheet, Amanda Bynes-style, being carted off to hospital? Or does he like things just the way they are? In photos, Fred and Mary look indifferent to each other. Children aside, the foundation of the relationship appears to be one of enablement.