Monday, September 9, 2013

Yrma La Douche in London For Søren Jessen's 50th Birthday: The Gift That Keeps On Giving: In Wake of MENA Visits, Madam Celebrates The Decadence of the 1%

LOVE the blonde lady's "bitch, please" look!

THANK YOU MARY DONALDSON for being such a ridiculous and clueless jackass that you would go from your poverty tours of Jordan's refugee camps for Syrians displaced by war, and of Morocco's centres to help women escape prevailing misogyny and violence, to putting on a flapper's dress and heading to one of the world's most expensive cities to celebrate a noted playboy's 50th birthday while your children are once again parentless since Derf is in Argentina chasing blondes meeting with the IOC during their 125th Session, partying under a Gatsby theme, one that if you'd ever bothered to have read the book, would indicate that you have such a stunning lack of self-awareness as to pretend to be one of the hopelessly ignorant and doomed one-percenters dancing on the labours and efforts of the little people you purport to care so deeply about. You are such a stupid hypocrite, Mary!

You are indeed the gift that keeps on giving!

Søren was the bloke who lent Mary his jacket one chilly evening in London in 2008

As two singletons, Jessen and Julie Mølsgaard were a natural pairing for Mary's 40th birthday

Video: YouTube/Billed Bladet

Article: BT

See the Photos of Mary at a Crazy and Soaked Jet Set Party in London

This weekend the country's future Queen was out for a fun and wet party in central London.

The party was held at restaurateur Soren Jessen fashionable restaurant 1 Lombard Street, on the occasion of his 50th birthday. And of course the party had a theme, that of Gatsby.

Therefore, Mary pulled up in evening wear, which she probably would not have chosen if Queen Margrethe had hosted the party. For Mary wore a thigh-length, white dress and with a thin, black lace overlay. In fact, the dress was so short that the Crown Princess tightened her exposed thighs when she got into a car. In the long, royal locks, the ruby tiara was replaced with a double silver chain and around Mary's neck were several long, black, pearl necklaces.

Guests included many with a Danish touch such as the former Countess Christiane Wedell from Frijsenborg Castle, Christina Tholstrup, daughter of Kiki Tholstrup who is now married to Roger Moore, and restaurateur herself, and they were all dressed up so they could easily have been extras in the film 'The Great Gatsby'.

Mary was accompanied by her and Crown Prince Frederik's close friend, Julie Mølsgaard, one of the royal couple's most discreet and closest friends.

It was also Julie Mølsgaard who in the past and in the deepest secrecy showed Mary the life as a future Dane and Crown Princess. Just as she showed Mary around in Copenhagen and not least shielded her from the press.

In the pictures of Mary and Julie Mølsgaard together, one can see that Julie Mølsgaard still takes her role as Mary's shield seriously. She holds Mary by the hand as they walk down the restaurant's stairs, keeping her clutch shield end up against the photographer's flashes when Mary and she entered the back seat of the waiting car.

Confirmation that the Danish crown prince couple have both been reduced to children who must be controlled by others who know better.

A look that speaks a thousand words. Proof that Mary is only tolerated out of courtesy to Fred. She wouldn't have friends in DK if she and Fred divorced.

Ever faithful if not very relaxed Julie Mølsgaard takes control of her charge as they leave around 11pm.

Trying to pull a Kate Middleton, Mary?
The birthday boy Søren Jessen

Baroness Caroline Fleming's ex-husband Rory Fleming, heir to the James Bond book empire. Someone partied hard with the red wine - least it matches the outfit!
Countess Christiane Wedell in green, and unidentified friend. Christiane is a psychotherapist in London and the divorced twin sister of Bendt Wedell, richest landowner in Denmark and Friend of Fred. Bendt is godfather to Princess Josephine and his mother Irene was a Friend of Daisy.

Fireworks over central London says nothings too good for the richest of the rich!

Yucky! Interactions with angry poor people are so unpleasant. Thank goodness the coppers do the rich's bidding!

Go to jail you thugs! You won't kill our party spirit!
Billed Bladet photographed Mary before the party. Wow, what a difference, you can really see that she partied pretty hard. They even photoshopped her a chiseled face! And lookie who she is with! Her former Georg Jensen CEO flirt, the new Temperley London CEO Ulrik Garde Due! Kate Middleton LOVES Temperley, Mary LOVES Kate, er, Kate LOVES Mary, and Mary LOVES Garde Due who LOVES his Temperley paycheque. For Mary it's a perfect circle! Look for Mary in LOTS of Temperley soon. Mary is collecting quite a few flirty boy toys these days, isn't she? But Garde Due stands out since he is in the luxury goods business. Mary LOVES luxury goods (even though she pretended luxury was "riding my horse".) Really, what's a ballet dancer gonna give her besides chapped skin? And Ulrik is miles cuter than James Packer and that creepy Søren Pind!

Mary's fake boss at Navision, Peter Warnøe was also there (far left in white shirt). Peter also owns the Verbier chalet where Derf and Yrma take the kids every February.
Yrma enjoying Garde Due's company in New York in 2011, much to the chagrin, judging by his side eye, to Crown Prince Frederik!

Photos: Linnea Wolfsson and Novak/, All Over Press; Lars Laursen/Billed Bladet


  1. Did you know that your blog is featured on in an article?

  2. Mary has a nanny! Blondes for Frodo, a team of oldies for the children and now Julie is hired to be uglier than Mary and take care of her. What a stupid farce are these people. Mary should be home with her children but I don't think she likes them much

  3. I did NOT need to know that Mary gets Brazilians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That tells me that even though she and her husband haven't been in the same room for weeks, that she might be getting it elsewhere ...

    1. Yea funny that she has a hair free labia but underarm stubble and sweat. Weird priorities on a weird girl. At least she is wearing undies, even if it's a G string.

  4. Another ridiculous outfit and cheap-looking accessories for a ridiculous creature whose name is mary donkeyson.

  5. In my opinion Fred and Mary are quite immature and grotesque in their conspicuous consumption and partying ways, and give very little back for all the benefits they receive. The status of their relationship is irrelevant to this issue. When compared to other royal couples of their age group, such as the King and Queen of Netherlands, or Felipe and Letizia of Spain, they really disappoint in so many ways. Fred's own brother does so much more than Fred. And Marie works and does not even receive an appanage. It's quite disgraceful.

  6. What a perverse and evil blog. You, the blog-owner really presents yourself!

    1. So, it is evil and perverse to tell the truth of this donaldson woman , but it is perfectly fine to sing the praises of her photo-shopped pictures, narcissistic behaviours and believe those lies and stories span by the deluded media and her PR teams. Got it, you work for that hag.

  7. Some people are saying Mary looks drunk. I think she looks STONED ... Rich people parties are known for being loose with morals and passing pills and powder around on silver trays. I hope this is not the case and Mary was smart enough to just keep it to glasses of champagne. But she was not smart enough to stay home with her children. It was not necessary for her to fly to London and leave her children to play flapper for a few hours. Send a present next time and remember you are future Queen.

  8. Holy scuz bag batman. What a weird and odd looking bunch. I swear the more money the weirder these people look. The men all look effeminate and the women all look the same with their fishlips and stunned empty eyes.
    The fact that Mary is even at an event like this instead of looking after her kids says volumes about her priorities in life. No one has seen or heard from Daisy in a while. I hope that she is not too broken with pain to know what is going on, but someone needs to get both Mary and Fred into a room and bitch slap both of them. They are a disgrace to Denmark and an insult to the wonderful Danish people.

  9. What a shame for the Danish crown!

  10. Fred and Mary should divorce because it's obvious that their marriage is a farce no matter how many PR jogging photos they try to deceive the public with.

    1. I seem to remember from a poster on the Royal Dish site that according to the terms of the redone prenup, Mary gets $1 million cash, a home in Copenhagen and Derf gets absolute custody of the children. The poster said the prenup was reconstructed due to the shellacking Joachim got in his divorce, so Daisy put her foot down, no more 'open ended' contracts.
      I agree that the farce should end, just curious to know what man would possibly be interested in damaged goods like Mare, maybe some rich Aussie. She's 40 but is beginning to look like early 50's.

    2. The details of the post-nup have never been made public, so no one knows anything related to a cash settlement, homes or custody. We can only assume the new agreement favours Derfie more than Yrma.