Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bien Jouée!: The "Children's Princess" Marie Visits The University of Southern Denmark's New Student Centre

Billed Bladet has made a shocking revelation. I'm sure The McCann Group Copenhagen is still trying to figure out how to deal with it appropriately, and not by Madam's suggestion of arsenic in the lady's théière. (Who has time to drive all the way out to Schackenborg, anyways? That's where the Danish peasants live, and ain't a one of them brown.) But several recent events prove it to be true.

BB has finally been able to employ the headline that one of it's copy editors came up with about twelve years ago, in anticipation of young Frederik's strapping bogan coming to Denmark to show off in true princess mode, her true maternal nature. Except that the strapping bogan didn't come with a maternal nature. So, headlines were awkwardly deployed until one day there was no more doubting that the second wife of the second son was indeed the rightful carrier of the title. She's soft! Caring! Nice! Sweet! Feminine! The editors couldn't hold back any longer, even in anticipation of the nasty calls from Amalienborg decrying the "mistake". Hey, BB's got to sell rags, and this is right up the alley of kind, elderly royalists, plus it's just the damn truth: Marie is the Children's Princess.

Video: YouTube/Billed Bladet

Article: Fyens.dk

Princess Marie Took A Peek At New Student Centre

Princess Marie inaugurated Odense's new student centre in the former music library at Brandts.

They have worked hard to be ready for the day. But when Princess Marie strolled down the red carpet on Monday afternoon at Brandts, it was a proud bunch of volunteers who welcomed her to Odense's new student house.

The former music library is reborn as a central meeting place for the city's students. With modern decor, colorful bardesks, soft sofas and plenty of room for a party.

"These have been tough weeks, but when I see how fine our house is, I am really proud. I hope it will help to make Odense a great student city, and get the students to realise that they must be in our city when they are finished", said Ida Tanita Sørensen, president of the Odense Student Association.

Along with Mayor Anker Boye (S) and Professor Jens Oddershede, Princess Marie was ushered inside where it was taken care of tour and served local specialties from Funen at a reception on the 1st hall.

The real protagonists - the city's many students - were of course there to see the building for the first time while the music played on Amfiscene: Tower, Christian Hjelm & the Roux Spana Beat Trio.


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  1. Marie has really grown on me. I admit I dismissed her at first, but the truth is she's pretty natural in this role. She's soft and kind and sweet and doesn't seem to be arrogant or think of herself as an international superstar. Good on ya, Marie!