Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alexandra Opens a Breast Cancer Campaign in Aarhus: Still Keeping a Public Profile and Giving Back

Those Schackenborg ladies are ever reliable! Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg opened a breast cancer campaign in Aarhus yesterday. The 49 year old former princess still comes out of a mostly private life every now and again to work with her few remaining patronages from her days as a royal highness and the high standard marker that Mary could never reach. Good on ya, Alex!

Article: Billed Bladet

Countess Alexandra Opened the Support the Breasts Campaign

The fight against breast cancer this year has been titled "Let us fight together"

300 volunteers from mid-Jutland gathered at Turbine Hall in Aarhus, where Countess Alexandra gave a speech and opened this year's campaign against breast cancer.

This year, "Support the breasts", which belongs to the Cancer Society, celebrating its 10th anniversary, and Countess Alexandra think there have been major advances in cancer research in the period in which she was patron.

"The curve is broken, the dying one percent fewer women per year of breast cancer. It does certainly something to support the campaign", sounded Countess Alexandra's call.



  1. She is my favorite. I love her work, how she raised her kids, the way she took her divorce (without scandals), how happy she is with her new husband, the simply way she dresses, her kind manners and how well she speaks danish (better than me!!!)

  2. Alexandra is a lovely person. Very graceful and enjoying each thing she does, even if is hard like cancer. We are proud of her!!

  3. Nice lady. Example of dignity and work.

  4. Yes, she is great.