Friday, September 6, 2013

La Belle Marie At an Austism Event: The Gentle Children's Princess Strikes Again!

What a natural! Marie continues her duties and overall winning streak by attending the Danish Autism Association's conference. This is one of her patronages and one that is perfectly matched to Marie's sweet and kind nature. Look at the top photo. Marie knows to treat autistic children with more care and gentleness than other kids. She's really respecting this child's space, but still conveying to him how happy she is to meet him. Glory!
How will the McCann Group Copenhagen react on MoreMore's command to the multitude of events Marie is so successfully fulfilling? The more we see Marie being a total sweetheart and considerate professional, full of grace and kindness, the more we know that the story of Mary blowing up at Marie for correcting Christian's behaviour last year, and taking all four of her children back to Kancellihuset in a total huff, abandoning the French-speaking family, the more we know that Marie was most likely in the absolute right for being a part of the gentle village that helps raise children. Mary just gets further and further exposed as the petty, stupid, sensitive weakling she really is - and her own children suffer for it, as in this case when they were denied an evening with their extended Danish family through no fault of their own.
Careful, Mary, what stories you let leak. They may come back to bite you on the back side!


  1. Marie may not be classically beautiful from a physical stand point. But she looks and acts so graciously and sincerely and seems so at ease and at peace with herself and the people she interacts with. I think that's what makes her come across as a truly beautiful person inside and out. Some people like Marie are just put together in a way that brings good karma to their world. Others aren't that fortunate and have to fight themselves in order to navigate even with difficulty in their world. A lot of it is just what gifts we are given in life

  2. And Marie has that amazing French style that's impossible to top. No matter how important she is she will always be able to relate to people from all walks of life. That girl's got a heart of gold.

    1. For clown princess Mary:

      And Mary has that skanky bogan style that is impossible to beat. No matter how narcissistic she is, she is always able to annoy people from all walks of life. That hag has got a face of Botox and collagen implant.