Monday, September 30, 2013

Yrma In Odense To Open A New University Hospital: Looks A Bit Sobered, But Picks Up That Microphone With Ease: Can You Hear Me, Now?

"I'm back, baby!"

Returning to Denmark triumphant from her world stage debut Awake the first morning of true gender equality around the globe due to her powerful 2 minute speech in Central Park Jetlagged and poopy looking from a lack of meaningful, positive attention from either Mr. Bach or the mother-f*cking WORLD, Mary headed out to Odense to open a Hospital + Innovation Congress at the Radisson Hans Christian Andersen Hotel where fairytales come to die. From a stage with Bono and the President of Malaysia to a building with sick people in the countryside in the span of two days. Life's a bitch.

At least someone measured her wasp waist on camera so that all the jealous bitches can read those low numbers and weep! A sister's got to get something out of an early morning visit to the provinces!

Video: TV2 Fyn



Photos: Frank Weirsøe


  1. Too bad no one is watching the ribbon cutting except a paid security guard. Could that be because Denmark has a population smaller than the city of London. Some kingdom huh?

  2. Yeah, no wonder Mary wants to become a big star somewhere else. By somewhere else I mean Australia, although I think she'd take the US if Australia didn't want her. Denmark's too small for Mary's delusions!

    1. Agree with that. Problem is if Denmark doesn't pay any attention to her then her odds of anyone outside of Denmark paying any attention are nil. Just like having to talk over the audience in Central Park. The US doesnt give a rats ass. If Australia knew her better they'd be indifferent too. The Australian press has been so manipulated by her BS they're still buying her shitty PR

  3. Why she touches her hair all the time? Does she has extensions?

  4. Ok, so you don`t like her behaviour, but who in their right mind calls her ugly?! What kind of world do you live in if you comment on her "manly body" etc. That is ridiculous! Even worse, commenting on her children`s looks! That has got to be the most pathetic way of venting your frustrations. Would like to see the ugly faces with the ugly bodies attached to them writing these UGLY comments, haha!