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10 Years Ago Today: The Danish Royal Court Officially Puts the Noose Around Derf's Neck and Engages Him To Miss Mary Donaldson of Hobart

24 September 2003

Exactly 10 years ago today, Daisy tightened the noose around her weakling oldest son's neck and had the Court send out an official communiqué stating that her darling Freddles would become betrothed to one Miss Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. Looking back on the events leading up to the 24 September announcement, it's pretty clear that it wasn't anything close to deep, abiding love and respect that brought Derf and Yrma to realise that they should spend the rest of their lives together, loving each other, creating a family and pro-actively serving their nation to the best of their abilities. Nope. Daisy had a divorce to cover up - in one of her greatest miscalculations ever, as if anyone in Denmark would have cared for more than 10 minutes - and the Aussie bogan still hadn't gone home, but seemed amenable to being polished up for private and public consumption.

We all know Mary high-tailed it to the Slip Inn on the night of 16 September 2000 when she heard that acquaintance Beatrice Tarnowski's visiting royal friends needed some "easy" company while in town for the Olympics. (Beatrice knew what she was doing - she called her pal Andrew Miles, the Sex Advocate for the City of Sydney, and asked him to bring along people like his roommate Mary Donaldson, long rumoured to be one of the cheaper Potts Point menu items, to entertain some of the royal men.) Mary herself had just been dumped by 17 year old rising Sydney Swans star Ryan O'Keefe after a one night stand (guess it's true what some of the boys from Taz said about Mary: that she's such a stale root that they compare her to a Holden Commodore - "boring, but does what you want it to"), so our girl was out for a good time with monied, titled men. His inner bogan and her outer bogan met cute!

Our boy Fred had just arrived in Australia after spending the previous few weeks in military training, so his generally weak, party-boy nature was further weakened making him ripe for some hard-core Mary Boganson Succubus action. In fact, true to form Mary and some of the other girls convinced Derf and Cousin Nikolaos to have them rub their chests - within a couple of hours after meeting for the first time! Cousins Felipe, Joachim, and Martha Louise witnessed the whole ugly scene. No confirmation about whether or not our lovebirds spent that first night together, but apparently, Mary talked her way past the bouncers at the party for the Danish Handball Team where she caught up with Fred again. The next morning, Derf was seen by one of Mary's roommates eating cereal on the sofa in his boxers. The bogan venom was just starting to course through his veins.

Fred spent a few more holidays in Australia with his new booty call, including the second visit in late October during which time he was summoned home to be near his dying grandmother, Queen Ingrid. This is when Mary's ease in lying and luck in timing helped her seal the deal - she spoke "eloquently" (Fred's dumb, so it's not like he'd notice) about her love for her own grandmother and how sad she was when the one died early, and how she's so grateful for her surviving granny. Bullshit. She had no problems throwing out granny's letters to her into the green wheelie bin that a detective went through, finding credit card bills with outstanding balances, old photies of Mary with various low grade celebrities, including a kind of cute one with Sarah O'Hare, and receipts for outdoors clothing purchased online from California. Mary was working at Young and Rubicam in Sydney when she and Fred met, but not long afterwards, she got Fred to work his contact Chris Meeham, husband to Danish sailor Michaela Ward, to give her a job at his real estate company Belle Property.

But by December 2001, Mary was ready to make her move to Denmark, really sink her claws into Freddums, so off to Oxford she went to spent Christmas with her dad, maths professor John Donaldson and his new wife Susan Moody. Mary made a dash to Copenhagen just before New Year's Eve. This is evidently when she surprised somewhat unpleasantly our boy Derfie. He panicked, and sent her to live with friends out in the country for the rest of her stay. Well, she had every plan to stay forever.

This is where stories diverge, but this is what I think: Fred was actually horrified that his antipodal booty call had made the mistake of crossing the equator to be near him as if they were a real couple, and out of his panic and after consultations with Danish friends who were unable or unwilling at the last minute to house Mary for an unspecified amount of time, he put Mary up at his family's apartment in the Marais district of Paris from about the end of January through April or May when Mary found her way back to Denmark. During her time in Paris, Mary evidently worked as an English teacher at Transfer Business School near the Opéra. This is entirely probable since being an English teacher is the easiest way for a foreigner to make ends meet in a non-English speaking country. All under the table, no papers necessary, paid in cash. It is entirely plausible    that Fred called one of the Berleberg cousins who lived in Paris (Richard's brother married a Frenchwoman and they have lived in Paris with their children for ages), and asked what to do and through the support staff network that they and friends employ and rely on, found out that lots of English speakers get teaching jobs, and so they had conversations along the line of 'oh, Annelise said that she knows the lady at Transfer'. Entirely possible. Mary HATED Paris through her own admission, and I don't think there was time for her to have had much, if any, plastic surgery (the first nose job to narrow her bridge was in Oz). She was still living on Pa's offerings, and whatever she may have done teaching-wise, which probably was a gig she worked very part time on for maybe a total of six weeks, although Fred's largesse with the apartment meant she lived rent free, the biggest financial hurdle.

Mary's time in Paris, despite her hating it (and what does that say, my God, one of the greatest cities on earth!), probably worked in her favour. It guilted Fred into keeping her as a long distance booty call whenever he wanted but catering to his poor Aussie friend who was miserable in the dark and the cold of the European winter. A girl far enough away to avoid the dreaded "pop-in", but with close enough flight time to enjoy a weekend together.

By the end of April or early May 2002, Mary had convinced manipulated Fred into letting her come back to Denmark. Mary moved straight into the palace, not unlike what Katja had done, although Fred's relationship with Katja was serious and headed toward a sure engagement. Mary spent the summer being photographed shopping all over Copenhagen. You see her for the first time in clothes that she hadn't brought from Australia, so Fred was definitely helping with spending money. They went for weekends to the countryside every now and again. Then Daisy got word of the live in.

In her annual August press conference at the Chateau de Cayx, Daisy explicitly mentioned that she did not know this Mary Donaldson thinggie and Henrik explicitly mentioned that he doesn't have but one daughter-in-law (Alexandra). Daisy ordered Mary out of the palace by the time she returned to Denmark at the end of the month. Sure enough, Fred had Mary packed up and moved to a very pricey waterfront apartment on Langelinie, just up the road from Amalienborg. There is NO WAY she could afford that on her own. Copenhagen's outer burbs are expensive enough, but centre city near the palace on the water? Never.

It has been confirmed that from September 2002 until she moved out in mid 2004, Mary benefited from Fred's maid's weekly visits (how demeaning for an already subservient and underpaid position!) and fun extras like weekly flower delivery (she took COPIOUS notes on how the palace functions, n'est-ce pas?). Mary preferred orchids. Can you imagine the bills for that? Fred is really dumb.

Well, to go along with her new "independent" lifestyle, Fred knew that a phony job would be best so that he isn't so immediately fingered as Mary's sugar daddy. Appearances are all that matter with the Danish royals, not the actual truth of the matter. So, Fred called up his friend Peter Warnøe who always lends him his Verbier, Switzerland chalet. Peter headed up Navision, a Microsoft subsidiary in Denmark and conducted an actual interview with Mary. Lo and behold, she was hired! Her title was Project Manager which is about as vague and meaningless as you can get, and her coworkers remember her only being on the job for a total of about five days.

The rest of 2002 and early part of 2003, Mary travelled a ton with Fred and they even managed two visits back to Oz, one in November 2002, the other in January 2003. In late winter, Daisy was still figuring the bogan to not be good enough, because she arranged a hunt to which were invited the TNT princesses By springtime, appearances must have been kept up enough for Daisy to have been amenable to meeting Mary. Evidently, Mary spent Easter with Fred's parents in Aarhus in 2003, as they were spotted playing golf together on a local course. Daisy no doubt did not like what she saw, but the storm clouds were gathering for Joachim and Alexandra who were ordered to keep their desire for a separation on the down low. Surely Daisy saw Mary as a partial simpleton who could be controlled and appeased through clothes and high living. So she rolled the dice at Cayx in August 2003.

From Netty's old site:

During the yearly press conference at the castle of Caïx in France during her vacation, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark made some remarks that make the press come to the conclusion that Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark will become engaged to his Australian girlfriend Mary Donaldson very soon. On the question what her impression was of Frederik's girlfriend, she said: We have met her, and we are very fond of her. She also said: "I am pleased for the crown prince, I really am." Asked when an engagement could be expected, the Queen answered that she couldn't tell as "We have the right to keep some secrets to ourselves." Later she she also told that: "She would be a sweet daughter-in-law." A member of the press remembered Prince Henrik on it that last summer he claimed he had never met Mary Donaldson. Prince Henrik answered: "She's a year older now, but still lovely." After the first reports in the press the Danish royal court quickly announced the situation hadn't been changed in connection with an engagement or a marriage. Hofmarskall Søren Haslund-Christensen also said that the opening of parliament on Tuesday 7 October isn't put on the programme with a view on an engagement.

Fred IMMEDIATELY sent a fax out from Amalienborg saying that his mother meant that they would be pleased with anyone her son wanted to marry, not necessarily Mary.

Didn't work.

By late August, Mary had been enrolled in formal Danish classes, and JJ Films, a Danish royal family favourite, was hired to follow the Crown Prince and Mary to Rome in mid September to start a documentary on Mary and Fred that could be woven into a larger documentary film on Mary to be shown on Danish television before the wedding. Mary and Fred were in Rome when the court formally issued a Consent to Marriage on 24 September 2003, to be formalised on 8 October at the Council of State.

Marymentary, Part 1 with the 24 September 2003 fax to the press: YouTube

Video of Engagement Interview: YouTube - fascinating watching her form the lies on the spot!

Video post-Engagement including old Mary footage, Part 1: YouTube

Video post-Engagement including old Mary footage, Part 2: YouTube

This is from Netty's old site in early 2004 where Mary is continuing to scrub her past and rewrite the course of events that got her to the ruby ring:

The Danish newspaper Politiken today carried a five-page interview with Mary Donaldson, fiancée of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, illustrated with several nice pictures by Tine Harden. The article was the result of a 25-hour interview conducted during seven sittings since December with Ninka, aka Anne Wolden-Raethinge. In the interview for the first time Mary's story is told in her own words. Mary says she is overwhelmingly happy, in love and looking forward to her life as a wife, mother and role model for her adopted country. She told about her conviction that her remarkable fate was destined, that she was meant to meet Frederik and embark on her fairytale journey. "I have always known that I would only marry if I met the one and only love," she says. "I have known that the most important thing had to be totally unconditional love -- unreserved -- and that you recognise it, when it hits you, and that love and happiness go together." About her first meeting with Crown Prince Frederik she says: "Frederik and I started to talk and we simply didn't stop talking. And that was that! A very long talk, which went on for a year or actually 14 months. He and his brother went to Melbourne the next day. But about a week later I met with him and his friends for dinner." Another meeting was cut short because of the death of Queen Mother Ingrid of Denmark in November 2000. Frederik returned to Australia in 2001. Mary told: "It wasn't like it went 'bang!' that first evening, that I knew I had met the man in my life. That point in time is hard to pinpoint. Also because there was this enormous distance between us and long spells between our meetings. "With this distance, both geographically and in terms of the family environment, you just can't tell that this is the right person. But we were constantly in contact with each other." The couple exchanged phone calls, letters and CDs of their favourite music. When in November 2001 their relationship became public "The time had come where we both felt it couldn't go on long distance. We decided to take the chance and see if we were meant for each other. That's when I left Australia." Mary started living in Paris and spent her weekends in the next five months at Amalienborg. About the first meeting with Queen Margrethe II she says: "Had the meeting been negative I have no idea what would have happened. But I don't think I would ever have asked Frederik to abdicate. He knows his role in life. He feels obligated to it and I think -- no, I know -- it would demand too much of him to give it up." Mary says about Frederik: "His vast energy -- spiritually and physically ... his attitude towards life -- he is a very interesting person with a complex personality. He fights many battles with himself, like many of us. He has a warm, warm heart, he is loyal and honest, almost to the point of being beyond reproach. He is funny. I believe Frederik touches people's hearts. He doesn't want me to say this but he is also a lonely person, like we all are." About divorce Mary said: "For us, divorce is impossible to imagine. It has always been my view that in love there is only one time -- and that is it. People today give up too easily and just say 'OK, we have grown apart'. I believe you can experience two or three 'great loves' in your life, but also that we really hope to find just one that will last." About her first appearance at the balcony at Amalienborg she said: "When we stood in front of the doors, I tried to relax and take a few deep breaths. I had a feeling I couldn't go out there . . . it was just so overwhelming. People cheered the Queen, Prince Henrik and Frederik and then also me, because he has chosen me and we have chosen each other." She also spoke about the loss of her mother and grandmother, and how their deaths transformed her spiritual beliefs and approach to life. Mary Donaldson says to dream of using her position to help the mentally ill.

Starmakers Video: YouTube

Mary Boganson's REAL route to Crown Prince Frederik's tortured soul:

Mary's first home on Morris Avenue in Taroona

Mary as a baby with her sweet looking mum. The spitting image of lille Josephine!

Cute little chubster!

Flannelettes and tinnies! Our Mares is a good time gal!

The photo Mary tore up into a million pieces and discarded in the green wheelie bin that the detective found and ransacked.

Mary graduating from the University of Tasmania with a dual degree in law and commerce. That's a chin to rival Victoria's! Despite this impressive sounding degree plan, Mary only found work in advertising, public relations and real estate before leaving Oz.

Mary travelled to Europe in 1997 after her mum died, ending up with rellos in Scotland and working for about three months for Young and Rubicam in Edinburgh.

Mary and her namesake granny (Jock's mama) whose letters she threw out before rolling the dice and betting on Fred's spinelessness. Granny Mary died in 2002 and Mary didn't go to the funeral. Mary's mother's mum Granny Elizabeth Gibson Melrose died at age 42 in 1959 long before her daughter Etta married Jock in 1963. Careful of those early death genes, Mary!

Mary at Young and Rubicam in early 2000.

Acting in a film advertisement for Victoria Rail.

The notorius "Slip It Right Inn"

The fateful night at the Slip Inn. The King of Spain's nephew Bruno Gomez-Acebo is on the left.

 Dancing with the royals. Fred's hand is around the waist of the woman in red.

After meeting the Crown Prince of Denmark, Mary knew she'd have to work on more skills than just the butterfly maneuver for Fred's thinggie.

The top she was wearing at the Slip Inn, except on that night she classed it up and wore a purple bra.


In November 2001, Anna Johannsen of Billed Bladet is the first to discover Fred's Aussie girlfriend as she left work with the blue Nike bag.

With Hamish Campbell, one of Xian's godfathers

Mary arriving at Heathrow to spend Christmas 2001 with her father in Oxford

Mary while she was in England, December 2001, plotting her next move with Pa and Suse.

Mary arrives in Copenhagen for New Year's 2002, ready to strike!

Mary was spotted in Denmark in February 2002

In April 2002, Fred took Mary to Verbier to ski. Mary looks a bit upset. Oh, yeah, she doesn't ski! Girlfriend wants the ruby ring so you know she isn't going to say anything! 

"Help? Freeeeeed!"

She wasn't spotted again until May 2002 at Marselisborg in Aarhus where Fred was to participate in a regatta. These long patterns of not seeing her in the springtime corroborate that she was not living in Denmark until May, and agree with the story that she was sent to Paris for five months, January to May.

Spotted leaving Marselisborg with Fred

May 2002 leaving Amalienborg

Mary in June 2002 at Christiansborg stables. Slowly but surely, her hobbies and clothing take on a "to the manner born" aura.

Out and about in Copenhagen, summer 2002. Maybe the duffel bag is for the freebies she's already figured out she can steal from local shops?

Mary and Amber join Fred at Emilie Heering's christening 29 June 2002.

Amber looks bloody awful!

20 July 2002, was the first wedding appearance in Denmark. Thomas and Tine Fabienke were wed in Lolland. That's a bit of flabby tummy poking out between the waist of her skirt and her too short top! Crazy cheap, witchie-poo shoes, too!

Future LIW Tanja's husband Chris Minh Doky is on the far left. Looks like Søren Jessen on the far right in the back!

Yikes, not too ladylike!

The debut of the chicken anus mouth!

Mary travelled to Cayx with Fred and some of his friends in July 2002. Amber got a free holiday out of it, too, probably staying in Europe from June through July.

The supposed lovey dovey shots from the terrace. Note that there is another person behind the corner vase. Not so romantic after all. But you have to love her facing away from him which totally feeds into their power imbalance.

The first rule of any clingy girlfriend is to actually CLING.

Leaving the supermarket and boom, there's the camera sighting!

Same clothes as worn on the Fortuna with the King of Spain later that July 2002.

On her way to the Cayx swimming pool.

Grainy photies make it look like a sasquatch sighting!

Mary shopping with Amber in Cahors and talking to Fred, asking him what the French word for bleaching cream is.

Fred and Mary leaving the royal yacht Fortuna after visiting with the King of Spain in Mallorca.

Back in Copenhagen, Mary was back out shopping. With some pink apron thinggie tied in front of her white pants.

Mary certainly enjoyed the benefits of staying at Amalienborg! She didn't have to ship her bike from Oz, there was one there for her to use! 

Fred knew that once Mummy kicked out the bogan in August 2002, Mary would make him find her some housing. Poor little Mary all stuck in Copenhagen without a place to go, pouty pouty.

This is the kitchen once it went back on the market in 2004. You know this part of the house was immaculately clean since Mary doesn't cook.

With Julie Mølsgaard at Birgitte handwork's hen party in August 2002. New pink top, old brown skirt from Oz.

"You getting the back side? How bout my round shoulders, eh? Yeah!" This was at Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk's wedding in Langeland.

"Hahahahaha, oh, Fred, you're so smart and funny! Hahahahahaha! I've never laughed so much! Hahahahahaha!"

Incredible knack she has for spotting the cameras even though she's quoted as saying that she never liked getting her photo taken.

It's like she's got a special radar! Note Caroline Heering and Julie Mølsgaard talking to each other on the right.

There's that peek-a-boo tummy again!

Poor Mary had nice brows and low key makeup back in 2002, but now she wants to pretend she's got lily white skin and gives herself a scouse brow and overly made up eyes, complete with false eyelashes.

Enjoying lunch with Fred's lifelong friend Ellen Hillingsø at a horse competition.

Leaving the lunch with Ellen in her cheap clothes.

Hologram Helle got married in Hillerød, and Mary set out to wow the press with her cheap polyester dress. Oooh, daring - cutouts!

Oooh, sexy - too much makeup!

In August 2002, Mary was seen with Birgitte Handwerk in Copenhagen.

Once Mary was moved out of Amalienborg by September 2002, she had to look like she was supporting herself, so Fred arranged for Peter Warnøe to give her a fake interview and fake job at Navision, a Microsoft subsidiary.

Coworkers said that she spent about five days on the job. That sounds about right, note all the flying around the world Mary and Freddie did later that year.

By the end of September 2002, she was spotted at Copenhagen airport, already off for a weekend away somewhere!

August 2002, she's out with Birgitte Handwerk and Julie Mølsgaard

In November 2002, Mary and Fred flew to Australia so that Mary could be a bridesmaid for former Potts Point roommate Kylie Matthews. Don't imagine Mary's Navision salary paid for those airline tickets!

"I'll look semi-interested in what the short people are doing so that this photie will go viral back in Denmark where I need to convince the slow locals that I'm a keeper!"

"You know I'm not really the kind of girl who fixes a friend's hair, but I want my boyfriend to think I'm sweet, so hold steady."

Sunnies are good for hiding the hangover, eh, Fred?

After the wedding with Kylie's mother. There must have been some local flooding that weekend.

Kylie's wedding was wonderfully timed with the Melbourne Cup (these girls know what they're doing). Amber was there, too. Nice brown shoes, olive dress, black hat and glaringly white bra.

While in Oz, they managed to find time to visit the beach.

Back in Denmark in December 2002, Birgitte Handwerk and Caroline Heering and a third gal took Mary to Tivoli for a night out.

That's a LOT of bronzer, Mary! Please, do stop and make love to the camera while your three girlfriends look embarrassed and head for the exit.

Wonder if these fur cuff coats were cast-offs from some of Fred's friends wives? They look like the kind of thing a toff mother-in-law would think beautiful and appropriate.

Also that month, Rose Gad went with Mary to the cinema. Rose is married to Holger Foss, Fred's friend who went to Harvard with him, after which time they travelled around the US together.

Rose was the poor girl in a bright blue beret who sat next to Amber at Xian's christening. These girls should charge Daisy a right sum for always being assigned as Bogan Minders!

With Rose Gad at Tivoli

In January 2003, Mary went to the christening of Ellen Hillingsø's son. She already scored the Chanel purse that she still uses to this day.

Julie Mølsgaard and Caroline and Peter Heering were there, too.

Mary was thrilled to return to Australia to watch Fred in a sailing competition with his Nanoq crew at the Royal Yacht Club in Hobart. That's a talented stalker: doing it on his dime when she can!

Jane had picked up Mary at the airport. Fred flew in separately.

Mary stayed at Jane's brick house (the one that preceded the glass house) while there. Fred was in a hotel with his sailing mates.

This crowd doesn't know boats. Look at Amber in her hard sole slip-ons. Mary learned from being around Fred.

Noice bra, Mary.

Day two of Fred's sailing competition.

Mary had lots of ear piercings back in the day!

"And them I'm going to tug THIS HARD on your crotch halyard until I get the ruby ring. Don't eff with destiny, Fred!"

At the post-competition regatta dinner. Noice titties, there Mary. Thanks for showing us.

And the nip action you missed in the previous shot.

She's getting good at spotting the cameras!

As usual, after his sailing duties, Mary drags Fred to the Salamanca Markets to see what's on sale, or better yet, what he could buy her. Under the guise of a souvenir, of course.

When it was time to go, Janie dropped Mary off at the airport in Hobart.

Returning alone to Denmark in late January.

Mary celebrated her 31st birthday on 5 Februarty in Copenhagen and got so blotto that she walked through the streets pretending to be an airplane!

Later in February 2003, Mary accompanied a rather underdressed Fred to the wedding of Ditlev Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and was greeted by his parents. Dad Preben sat next to Daisy at Daisy's 70th birthday dinner - the one where Mary accosted Fred with a surprise tongue kiss.

Hey Mary, the zoo called. The elephant wants his legs back.

With Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk

Mary attending a horse show in Herning with a friend nicknamed Curly.

15 March 2003, Mary attended Preben Kristensen's birthday party.

Preben is an actor married to Søren Hedegaard, Mary's eventual hairdresser. They both worked with Tina Jørgensen, Mary's late lady's maid.

Mary spent Easter 2003 at Marselisborg Castle, supposedly in the company of Daisy, and she and Fred ended up playing at round of golf at a nearby course. Don't think Daisy was sold on this girl at their meeting. She ended up arranging for Princess Gloria TnT's daughters Maria Teresa and Elisabeth to attend a royal hunt to distract Freddles from his bogan. Didn't take.

In late April 2003, Mary and Fred went to Verbier again to stay in Peter Warnøe's chalet.

Naturally, they were not alone. Julie Mølsgaard made the trip, sealing her fate to ultimately be the single, fat minder to Mary to make her feel prettier and keep her out of trouble.

Mary very likely made Fred do all the heavy lifting under the guise of being gallant and making her feel "special".

And to prove it, she did little bits on her own to seem balanced and not needy.

27 May 2003, Mary was spotted at Copenhagen airport returning from London.

In late June 2003, Mary was seen riding out in the countryside

Since she was accompanied by a stable master, this was one of the royal horses, so no independent pony club for Mary until the ring, she knew how to get Fred to give her anything

29 June 2003, they attended the Klampenborg Derby together with some of Fred's friends

With Jeppe and Birgitte Handwerk and Rikki Juel Brandt, Ellen Hillingsø's cousin and a big rider herself.

Mary soon attended another horsey event dressed as a hippie gypsy

In early July 2003, Mary and Fred went to a Rolling Stones concert

Here they're arriving at the VIP party

Where Mary's looking around nervously for Mick and Keith and the gang

But settles for Sanne Salomonsen who serenaded Mary with "Proud Mary" at the Rock'n Royal concert right before their wedding 

17 July 2003, Mary and Fred spent the weekend in Skagen with friends. This is where they'd gotten into a huge fight the night before with Mary getting jealous of Fred talking to another girl

Don't blow it now, Mary, you've almost got the ring!

By the end of July 2003, they were in France again, eating dinner at a Cahors restaurant

Amber and Caroline Heering joined them on the Cayx holiday

By 7 August, she was back in Denmark going riding

At the same time as Mary went riding, Daisy was giving her annual press conference in Cahors, France during which time she engaged Fred and Mary

Thinking Mary could be controlled like a normal person with a comfortable life and nice opportunities for travel and holidays was their first mistake.

On 8 August 2003, she was at the Malene Birger runway show with Julie Mølsgaard, Ellen Hillingsø, Rikke Juel Brandt, Birgitte Handwerk, Jean Ahlefeldt-Laurvig and Caroline Heering

If she looks extra happy, it's because SHE'S IN!

Those eye wrinkles have already started in earnest!

The day after the Birger show, she attended the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) with Hologram Helle Reedtz-Thott and Julie Mølsgaard

11 August she attended an equestrian event at Bernstorffparken with Charlotte Velin

In mid August 2003, Fred and the Nanoq crew headed out to Ireland for a Dragon class sailing competition. Mary came along and was a wonderful WAG with the other girls.

What's being passed between them? A doobie? A pill?

The palace sent out these heavily Photoshopped photies right after the engagement announcement in September.

Mary still uses this photo on all her Olympics ID badges! She's gonna get stopped one day from not being recognised!



  1. Well, as this was before the starvation diet, Botox, bleaching, excessive hair dying excessive hair products, nose job, etc., she looked natural, alluring, and beautiful with an athletic, curvy body. Back then, all she needed was a little help by way of tasteful makeup,/hair help.
    Unfortunately, she is now overdone and while age is a contributing factor, the weight loss/plastic surgery/skin whitening do no favors. Maybe it's the pressure of the spotlight, personal insecurities, or media pressure/expectations of how a trophy wife is supposed to look/remain glamorous or all of the above, but it is unfortunate that she now seems so different than her formerly pert and healthy looking self. The pressure to always look - if not be- perfect has taken a toll and she seems to channel most of the pressure into window dressing by working hard on her looks, clothes, and airs. Maybe I'm wrong on this. It's actually truly unfair to judge as it's hard to know how anyone would react under such expectation and scrutiny. Nonetheless,I enjoyed the pictures as contrast was amazing. She was lovely circa summer of 2002.

    1. These photos are a stark reminder of how handsome, youthful and sincerely happy CP Fred USED to look, compared to now where he always look deeply unhappy,even sorrowful; and he's unkempt and looks aged.

      As for Mary, she was an attractive, natural looking woman in these photos. She had a fuller figure which I'm sure Fred found very sexy, compared to the obsessively thin body she has now.

      What a shame to see what 10 years has done to them.

  2. I was thinking the same thing, Anonymous.

    Thanks, Cece, for this and the Prince Harry comparison montage. Pure genius all around.


  3. The woman knows how to manipulate. There's a lot to be said for that and its not like she wasn't bringing something to the royal table. She was educated and pretty and her father was a professor. She was presented w an opportunity and went all out to get it. Yes she has aged and had plastic surgery and lost weight and gotten arrogant w a fake accent. So what? Is she supposed to put herself on ice and never grow older after the engagement? The arrogance is her burden reflecting some sort of insecurity she feels about herself. She may think this blog is made up of people who are jealous. But the truth is that no other crown princess is as disliked as she is. So if she faces the truth people don't like her for who she is. Regardless. It appears that the Danish people want her and her red eyed depressed spouse on the throne according to various polls. That's the reality and I dont think the nasty comments on this blog will change that

  4. I forgot how ordinary she was. Her hair was horrible, her nose big, her eyes small. I am agree, she has a lot of plastic surgery work all over her. What an ugly wardrobe!!! The worst: her shoes. She changed a lot, but inside she still the same: An ordinary person, insecure, ignorant, with no authentic interest in social work. I can´t imagine her as our queen, no after this pictures. They shows us the truth. Is cruel, but is the truth. She needs to eat, she is in bones now. Fred does´t care, we can notice it. He does´t love her anymore.

  5. Good work Cece! So she "worked" (like she would "work" at <navision in Denmark later...) at Transfer School in Paris? Thank you for the find!
    And let's not forget Bettina Odum, Fred's girlfriend when he met Mary...Bettina was actually the one who broke up with him when she discovered Mary's existence in April 2001. More than six months after the Slip Inn night...
    Mary had no problem with Fred being unfaithful when it was with HER, the disgusting cow!

  6. great job!!! I enjoyed it very much

  7. Wow!! What an amazing photo montage of Mary stalking a 1000 year old monarchy. Here are my impressions from seeing this:
    1. Mary is very comfortable with her body and seems to see herself as a sexual creature for men's enjoyment. Not in the regular healthy way but with all the stories of her one night stands and doing it in the back of utes she seems to see her sexual currency as the only one she has to offer or the only really important one.
    2. She was kind of cute physically with the extra weight because it made her hard body and face much softer and thus prettier.
    3. She has always had a taste for cheap clothes (not expensive) and clothes that have shiny or see-through fabrics, sparkly details or embroidery or embellishments.
    4. You wonder if Fred's friends' wives give her clothes. I think they did. She had a base of clothing that was really downmarket, and probably didn't have much in the way of a winter wardrobe. I think they gladly used her to cast off clothing they didn't want or like.
    5. Why are Fred's friends' wives EVERYWHERE with her? That is so bizarro. They are always with her and they go with them as a couple, too. Fred and Mary are rarely alone. I think he was trying really hard to get her to be less clingy and get a life of her own and he mistakenly thought these girls would help get her out of her own head. I think Mary assumed it meant she was in the club. And now they're stuck with her.
    6. Fred's too nice. Straight up. I don't think he is someone who likes confrontation and Mary knew that and therefore put herself in his face knowing he would not do anything. I really don't think he can be rude to people. Fred has his faults but I think he has very lovely manners and is a genuinely nice person.
    7. Once she got to Denmark in May of 02, they were always on vacation! Even after she got her job! The pattern has continued despite marriage and children because Fred seems to do what he wants and Mary knows she can't go too far to make him or she'll be out. I think Fred must have a breaking point, but it will take forever to find it!
    8. Amber is everywhere! How does she afford to come to Denmark for a month at a time and also go to France with them? That is amazing that she is everywhere as the best friend but she never became godmother when people Mary doesn't even know very well become godparents. I thought she job-hopped like Mary. So how do you save money when you go from one dumb job to another??
    9. I see a whole lot of major stalking and emotional manipulation going on from Mary. It's hard to see that in one photo, but with all of these together a pattern emerges. It's kind of scary. I watched the engagement interview again and some of the Australian videos and ITA they are making up their story on the spot. It's pretty clear that this is no great love and that Fred's making a half-hearted effort to care.
    10. Fred used to look alive if not in love. He's just a shell of his former self. Mid-forties is usually a very nice and sexy time for men. They grow into their looks, even the boyish looking ones. Despite all the Ironman trials, Fred looks like he drinks too much and hasn't slept in months. I think he may have major depression and be a functional alcoholic.
    The whole thing makes me sad!

  8. She is still a butch and very down market.

  9. She looks beautiful, healthy, and natural here. She doesn't look bad now but it's clear that age and weight loss haven't done her once lovely self much justice.

  10. Good work. I think Fred saw Mary Boganson only as a f*ck buddy. Fred's not a cruel or mean person. He is naive in the ways of "regular people" so he probably doesn't know when he is being manipulated. Maybe he doesn't even care.. he does have a certain tolerance for high-risk, self-sabotaging behavior. Mary played her cards right and laid low under the radar. That's how she got the ring from Margrethe. She appeared harmless and genuinely into Fred. HA!!!!!!!! We know the truth! Mary's a clever b*tch!