Monday, September 30, 2013

Bravo!: Prince Henrik And a Danish Rock Group Collaborate On a Recording of the King of Thailand's Original Piece, "Echo": Royal and Artistic Sensibilities To Honour Friends and Help Wildlife

Fantastic effort by Prince Henrik who recently collaborated with Michael Learns To Rock and Michael Hanson to record "Echo", a piece written by the King of Thailand himself. King Bhumibol is a noted jazz musician (saxophone mostly) who has played with Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Prince Henrik is a noted poet and pianist, and he tickles the ivories for this gentle and Asian-inspired melody (link to YouTube below).

In 2012, musician Hanson was invited to the Copenhagen Zoo by a former Thai ambassador to Denmark to celebrate the 50 years of the Thai elephant at the zoo. Prince Henrik's opening speech at that event inspired Hanson to "produce an audio CD as a gift from Denmark to Thailand to celebrate the relationship between the two countries", according to the Danish-Thai Chamber of Commerce. In August in Bangkok, Hanson presented Princess Sirindhorn with the CD as a gift to her father the king.

The music on the CD contains 2 tracks, the first is the poem Le Fleuve written and recited by Prince Henrik. The second track is "Echo", written by King Bhumibol. Both pieces were recorded in Copenhagen. Hanson said that he found Prince Henrik's poem very relevant for the essence of the relationship between the two countries. Hanson hopes to have a live performance of the music from the CD.

The profits from the sale of the music will be donated to an elephant foundation in the Surin province to support the elephants and the workers.

Bravo, Monsieur le Prince! This is a perfect example of noblesse oblige! Fred gave up on his piano lessons as a child, and when he's in Thailand, you'd be more likely to find him on Pat Pong Road!

Michael Hanson

Article: Euroman

People meet and make beautiful music together, as they say. And sweet music is certainly arisen in a new number, which is the result of a somewhat unusual collaboration.

His Royal Highness the Prince Consort, along with Michael Learns To Rock and music producer Michael Hanson recorded the track 'Echo'. And as if that phrase does not contain enough surprises (Prince Consort plays the piano! Michael Learns To Rock is still there!), a musical number has been presented as a gift to the Thai king, Bhumibol Adulyadej.

'Echo' was in fact originally composed by King Bhumibol, who is a highly regarded jazz musician and composer. And now the Danish emsemble led by composer Michael Hanson recorded a number of new and donated it to the thailanske king. According to the press release HRH the Prince Consort played the piano, and his particular piece of "binding instruments beautifully together." There is not a dry eye in the house.

This piece will be put up for sale on iTunes, 2 October. Until then, you settle for a recording of 'Echo' from Youtube
: Echo by Prince Henrik, Michael Learns To Rock, Michael Hansen

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  1. The queen fell in love with him because is artistic as her. Good for him. Joachim plays the piano too, since he was ten. I remember a presentation when he was about fourteen years old. It was like Christmas o New year, I can´t remember now, but it was nice to see him